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This morning the husband and I got up early to head to his sister's place to celebrate Christmas early. He was out earlier with the dog and noted that it was icy. We left plenty early, knowing that we would have to drive carefully.

As we drove down the street out apartment is just off of, the husband was indeed driving very carefully. Curves one and two were not so much a problem. It was the third one (it always is... third whatever- deer, curve, left...) that caused trouble. The road went to the right, and the car refused.

Honest, it just wouldn't go that way. We traveled in slow motion. The husband actually had time to warn me that we were going to hit the tree. The ABS brakes didn't kick on, the tires would not really turn. Mojo (my car) had had enough of this world and insisted on crashing into a tree.

We are not hurt. Seems like a good thing to mention. We sat there for a moment, and then got out to check the car. To go back, about a year (plus) ago my front bumper was hit in a parking lot while I was in the store. Because it was so cold out my car's bumper didn't dent in- it cracked. We have never gotten this fixed because it's purely cosmetic and not worth $500 to me.

So I see the major damage to the front end and the first thing I manage to do is quip that maybe now I'll get that new bumper. Husband chuckles, briefly, he was still in shock from Mojo's abrupt behavior. We walked around the car for a bit, and then got back in to figure out what next (see again- in shock). Calling people seemed good, starting with our insurance agent. He of course was not in his office, as it was Sunday morning. The call did not forward to the main call center either.

Oh, and during this time we had two people stop to see if we were okay, and the guy who owned the tree came out to check on us. He said that not an hour ago there was a two car collision not 50 feet up that same stretch of road. He also mentioned that this particular tree (fairly young too) had already been hit three times since he put it there. I'm thinking he might want to take the hint and move it...

I ended up walking home to get the phone number for the insurance so we could call them, the township police, and the tow company. I had just finished getting all this, when the husband called to let me know that the police and tow truck were there. The police happened by, and she called the tow company. At this point there was no reason for me to wander back to the scene of the car's suicide and waited for the husband to come back.

See, a deer decided to kill itself on my car about 5 years ago- hitting the front passenger side. At that point it was worth it to repair. Now that a tree had taken out the front driver's side, we're pretty sure they're just going to want to total it out. It is a 1999 Olds Alero with a previous front-end accident. It's likely going to cost more to repair than the car is worth. So yeah. Bubye Mojo. I've had the thing since 2001- I'm really going to miss it.

In order to cheer ourselves up, since we weren't going to be going to Hubby's sisters and thus no presents, we decided to go to lunch and then car shop. :) Afterall, if we're going to have to replace the car we need to know what's available. It was kinda fun, saw some cars that might work. Went to a dealership and was frightened by the circling salesmen. Though that place was good in that I got to sit in an car I wanted to see if I wanted to go to stage 2 (test driving). I didn't take any out today, we still don't really know what's going to happen. The roads had cleared up a lot though... of course.

All in all, it's been an interesting day. Not good really, but interesting. Car shopping wasn't precisely on our list of things to do... not to mention paying for a new (new-used) car. But we'll manage it somehow.

(ETA- oh yeah, and the airbags didn't even deploy...)

Hope you all had much better of a Sunday than I did.
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Round about 2:20 am last night I woke up because Kyle had barked. I was also thinking that I heard a knock on the door- but I couldn't be sure. Then there came another knock, and another Kyle bark. Well, more of a tapping than a knock. In any case, the husband was moving to answer the door- he's got an easier time getting there, what with me having to un-CPAP myself.

It was the cops. Someone thought it would be a fabulous idea to smash the back window of my husband's car.

Yeah... Hubby told me to go back to sleep, he would go outside to talk to the cops, etc. Sure, I was soooo able to just go back to sleep. He came back in- we talked a little more. Nothing was taken from his car- not even the golf clubs lying across the back seat. They just smashed the window and left. Hubby went out to clean up the area a bit, and turn his car around so it was backwards in the carport- hiding the damage.

It was a coincidence that cops were in the area. They were answering a noise complaint a couple buildings away- and I guess saw the car. I don't know, I'm fuzzy on those details- getting woken up in the middle of the night has that effect on me. I'm glad they were there though- it's possible that the person did intend to steal the golf clubs and then he saw the police car and it scared him off. Or maybe it was just a 'random act of idiocy' as the husband told the police officers (who found it rather funny). He car was the first in line for the carports (even though we moved two in from the outside edge) so maybe that's why it got hit. We don't know. We're not feuding with any of our neighbors (even the chick I got upset with for having her dog off leash seems cool with me now. And her dog is always on leash. ;) Besides, if she were that upset I would have thought she'd go for my car, not his.). Hubby isn't the sort to anger someone so much that they would retaliate in this way- and not realize that he was upsetting someone so much. So we really just don't know what motivated this.

Which of course bothers me. We've lived there almost 5 years, and this is really unusual for our neighborhood. We did have one guy whose car window got smashed- but it was determined that he did that himself, and it was three years ago.

This means I'm starting my Friday short on sleep, frustrated, and highly annoyed. This bodes well....

So I give you some dragons...
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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On this fine, sunny day, our Hero ([livejournal.com profile] lazycatsteve) ventured to Quiznos to fetch the lunch meal for himself and our Heroine (me). Hero decides to take the faithful canine companion along with him. Upon entering the establishment what haz da fud! our Hero sees Mr. Boss. At the time Mr. Boss is on the telephone with Mrs. Boss, and politely gestures for the Hero to order first.

It is only when exiting the establishment that our Hero realizes that disaster has struck! The tire of the vehicle is flat, flat. Woe! Having a cellular communication device- our Hero attempts to contact our Heroine. Alas, she has already departed from the work location. Mrs. Boss, who answered the telephonic device, insists that Mr. Boss can provide transport for our Hero. However, our Hero is concerned because of the presence of the faithful canine companion. Mrs. Boss, who has her own faithful canine companion insists this isn't a problem.

Our Heroine, being oblivious to anything not a vehicle on the road with her- drives past. In vain the hero waved to get her attention. But as he was not a vehicle, nor on the road, she did not see him. Mr. Boss agreed to provide transport for our Hero and the faithful canine companion.

Later our Heroine found out that during this transportation the FCC licked the back of Mr. Boss's head. *facepalm*

After consumption of the noontime meal, our Heroine dropped our Hero off at his vehicle. Wouldn't just leave it where it was after all.
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This isn't a grand revelation or anything, just something pointed out to me this morning. As background- my commute to work is pretty much as follows: Leave Apartment comlex, turn right onto Road M, drive for a couple miles, take traffic circle to the right to Road H. Drive down Road H for about 100 yards, turn left onto Road O. Drive for a couple miles, turn right into work parking lot. Quite simple, no?

While on Road M I was in the left lane, and everyone else started merging over, and slowing waaaaay down. This is in a school zone- so I had a feeling a nice officer had pulled someone over. Sure enough, we craaaaawled past two cop cars all lit up, having pulled over a minivan.

I know you should slow down when passing cops pulled over. I get that. But crawling? Oi. I get up to speed again, passing a car or two that apparently can NOT drive 40 mph. (new rule- if 40 mph is too fast- on a road with a posted speed limit of 40mph, you're not allowed to drive anymore.)

I notice that one of the cop cars is now behind me. Okay fine, no biggie because a- I'm not speeding, b- my lights all work (we just had to fix one), and c- my license is clean. Drive a little further, change lanes (because the traffic circle is coming up and the left lane merges right- and I like to do this in advance). Cop changes lanes too. Up the road a minivan pulls out from a parking lot on the left and heads right for the right lane. Again, fine, there was plenty of space.

Said minivan begins to slow down. Yeah, the road is crap. No, really, potholes that could eat Smarts... Large sections of road gone, missing posters have been put up. Most people drive more carefully through this section. The minivan slows, and slows, and STOPS! For no reason. No major holes in the road, no animals trying to cross. Just stops. I pull around and the cop lights go off- for the minivan.

Most people do this in reverse. They drive, the cop lights go off, THEN they pull over and stop.

Oh, and per usual, once we go from Road M (40mph zone) to Road O (30 mph zone) everyone who couldn't possibly drive 40mph before, is blowing by me going at least 40... In front of an elementary school no less!
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Could I have one? Friday night was fun though, so it can stay. :) Took Caracassonne over to [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty's house. Was much fun. Though earlier in the evening I took Kyle for a walk and managed to slip on the icy sidewalk. Ended up sitting cross-legged on the ground. Not exactly sure what happened- but I do recall having one of those moments of 'do I go with it, or try not to fall?' I decided to go with it, fighting to keep my footing probably would have ended with me hurting myself. ;) Like I said, I ended up sitting down, and Kyle trotted over with a 'Whatcha doin' sittin' on the ground, Mama?' look, and a healing lick to the face... As I was still in a 'it's FRIDAY!' good mood, I was able to laugh off the fall. Then like I said, went to [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty's and had much fun, laughter, all good stuff.

Saturday- woke up with a slight headache, snuggled a sleep hubby for a few, then got up EARLY! *gasps* to get myself ready to go to [livejournal.com profile] losgunna's place (the getting ready involves dog walking, and so on). I talked to her briefly, and said I would leave between 12-12:30. I actually left just a few minutes after 12:30pm. I was making really good time on the road- I was looking at actually being on time! Then traffic slowed... signs appeared for roadwork- a lane closed 12-13 and 12-14... Great. When the cars were actually stopped for more than ten minutes, I called [livejournal.com profile] losgunna to let her know what was up. This triggered cars to start moving again, and then a helpful person on my right pointed at my back wheel to let me know I had a flat. The noise did kind of give it away. Luckily! There was a ramp right there and I was able to get over and off the road. The idea of putting the spare on was NOT enticing- the wind was quite cold. But there was a gas station right there, so I filled the tired, hoping I could make it to [livejournal.com profile] losgunna's and from there to the tire place she knew of. Did manage to get there, took the car over, and settled in. Unfortunately [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 wasn't able to join us. :(

Go to pick car up (they asked us to be back by 4:30) figuring that since we hadn't heard from them that it meant that it was an easy fix. Umm, no. They hadn't actually gotten to my car yet- which is understandable, they were really busy. So we waited (they closed at 5) and got the news a few minutes later- there was a big ole nail in the tire (they showed me). Fix not possible, need new tire. Oh, and I have after-market wheels, so they had exactly 1 tire they could use. $135 later, I was good to go. Oww. That done, we went to dinner, when it began sleeting a bit. This cut my trip short as I really didn't want to be driving in really awful weather. And actually the drive home wasn't all that bad, no freaked out drivers, just people being reasonably cautious (for the most part).

Sunday was migraine day. Didn't get much accomplished at all. Did get a nap on the couch with the Kyle-dog. He was funny, laying next to me, belly up. That was a happy thing. Finally felt better about 8 pm or so... *sighs* But didn't sleep well, and had trouble getting myself moving this morning. :(

So can I have my week-end back to re-do?


Dec. 1st, 2008 11:31 am
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So I haven't really posted anything of substance for awhile now, my apologies. I'm just not really 'here' at the moment, and I'm not entirely sure when I'll be back. The ebb and flow of emotional energy is at a serious ebb at the moment.


* Thanksgiving was nice, got to see the immediate family- and my nephew, the cutest almost-two-year old little boy in the entire world. No really, he is. Very easy-going disposition, though when he's trying to figure something out he gets this adorable "serious face."

* Car is not so good. As soon as I got to Midland on Wednesday it starting to make this grinding noise (right front side) when stopping, and then when I let off the brake it started again until I had been driving for a minute or so. Then on Thursday when I went to move the car into the driveway- the interior lights wouldn't shut off. I was able to manually turn off the dome light, but the rearview mirror has two small lights on it, and those would NOT turn off. When I drove home Friday night I had to cover them with black electrical tape. *grins* This was a process. The first tape my folks found was old, no older than that. The adhesive was sticking to both sides, but not to much of anything else well. Luckily they found a newer roll and I was able to cover the lights. Oddly, the lights being on didn't drain the battery, for which I'm very grateful. The car is now at the shop, and hopefully I will soon get a call to let me know what's wrong with it.

* NaNo is done for another year. Did get to 50K, as reported, story is not done... Need to talk to locals about continuing writing meet-ups, and the where's and when's...

* don't want to be at work.

Lastly- have some dragons:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

EDIT- Car stuff isn't too bad, the light issue is a faulty wire, easily fixed and not too expensive. The grinding is a frozen caliper, and while it's fairly easy to fix, the brake pads and rotors wore unevenly and have to be fixed too. :(


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