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Birthdate:Jan 11
Location:Michigan, United States of America
At some point in time I'll get around to writing a better bio in this here box, something that is wonderfully witty and clever. I wouldn't count on it happening any time too soon. While occasionally witty, sometimes clever, I wouldn't user the word wonderfully with either word when describing myself.

In any case, I am Anne, a rather strange person. Often contradictory- yet somehow it all makes sense to me. I live with my dearest Hubby lazycatsteve (with whom I am very schmoopily in love) and our two cats, and a dog. The cats are thirteen year old Leopolde (formerly known as Danger Boy!! - and yes, he earned both exclamation points) and four year old Dafydd the Daft. The dog is Kyle, an eleven year old 55lb 1/2 miniature poodle, 1/4 samoyed, 1/8 lab, 1/8 dunno - per the Wisdom Panel genetic test. AKA, a medium sized black dog.

I adore cats- the real creatures that they are with all their flaws, foibles and purrs. There's nothing in this world like a cat purr. I like things related to cats- yet I do not like cat stuffed animals much and rarely will you ever see me cross-stitching a cat design. Generally cat imitations do not come close to the flesh and blood cat mystique- and thus I don't really like them.

Okay, on to other things, I like writing, though I won't claim to be very good at it. I have delusions that some day I will be published (though this requires me to learn a certain discipline and actually finish something), I spend a lot of time thinking about writing. Books written by other people are excellent time killers. Well written fan fic can be enjoyable to read. I cross-stitch- a lot. In the past I have indulged in tabletop role-playing games, though there are more games I'm interested in than I possibly have time to take part in. I have also dabbled in playing World of Warcraft, but am not much for other computer games.

I want to know everything. Failing that, I would like to know a little bit about a lot of things. Things like- what are the biological/chemical/hows to a headache? Psychologically speaking- are certain people really as stupid as they seem, and is there anything that can be done to educate them? How specifically do cameras work to take pictures? Stuff ranging from really mundane to rather esoteric.

That enough for now?

updated 12-20-16

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