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Apr. 12th, 2017 10:26 am
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It would appear that all my entries and comments have moved over from LJ. Not all my icons though, and that's okay, I have them saved on my home computer.

Overall, I'm going to miss LJ, but I just can't continue to use the sight with everything that's going on there. Shame too, since I was just getting back into visiting.
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So very exciting!! Oooh..

1. Work on House Organization Project - ongoing long term project. But now that the bookshelves are up and organized, I'm inspired. :)

2. Cross Stitch - hopefully will find some time to work on one of my HAED projects, or a Mira.

3. Test Drives - we're replacing our current Jeep Cherokee and looking for something similar that can handle Michigan Winters. So far the competitors we have driven are a Jeep Wrangler, and Nissan Juke. Yet to drive: Mazda something other other, and a BMW X1 (if we can find one used for a reasonable price). Should be fun, if slightly nerve wracking.

4. Pay much attention to the Kyle-dog. I have been gone nearly every evening this week, and he's starting to feel neglected.

5. Oh, and stalking my e-mail for notification that my new fountain pen nib has shipped. Very important this.


Jan. 6th, 2017 05:39 pm
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It would seem that a number of people are working the dual dreamwidth / LJ thingie. Apparently back in 2009 I created a DW account that still exists. I'm Jadecat over there too.

If you're on DW, please comment with your ID or message me- I'd love to add you over there too.
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Well well well... my account still exists! Nifty!
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*pokes her LJ with a stick* Hmm, it's not dead yet. Good to know.

so, HI! I'm attempting a comeback. Or something like that.

It's been far too long since I was here last, and I decided to read through my friend's list before commenting. Doing so was surreal, so many names that I absolutely recognize, but the details of the person have been blurred. In some cases I went back and re-read several of their posts to re-familiarize myself with them. All the while I should be working, of course.

I've missed you all- though some of you I still chat with via Facebook. A funny in it's own right, as I've gotten to know your real names but have forgotten the old LJ usernames.

While it's impossible to go back in time and re-create the sense of community, and belonging, that I felt before with LJ- I think it's entirely possible to create something new. Also? I think it's time. :)

A reminder/update for me. Name is still Anne, still married to Steve (lazy_cat_steve- though that LJ hasn't seen the light of day for even longer than mine). We live in Ann Arbor, MI, and still have no children, but do have a dog and two cats. The cats have changed, back in August 2012 we adopted a lovable orange fuzzball that I named Dafydd. Dafydd is... an interesting fellow. Brightest thing about the boy is his fur. Sadly, my beloved Sasha crossed the Rainbow Bridge 11-29-15. She was 18 years old, and had struggled with kidney disease for the last 4-5 years of her life. She was my soul-kitty, and I still miss her terribly. I do have my boys to distract me - Leo is still a pain, though he has mostly passed the Danger Boy!! mantle on to Dafydd, and Kyle is still my darling doggins.

Of course there's so much more. But I wanted to get an entry in, and get myself back into the habit of checking and updating. :) For those of you that are still around- thank you.


Jan. 7th, 2012 11:17 am
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IS HOME!! We found him last night, the house ate him... And then gave him back. He was in the basement the entire time. Now, my husband and I both looked down there, and since we just moved into the house in October, we don't have all that much stuff down there! It is clear that Leo got into the basement ceiling ((It's not finished) and managed to get between the three rooms that are down there, and closed from each other via doors.

Why this very noisy cat wasn't calling up a storm when it was time to eat is just beyond me. Where we sit in the living room we could had easily heard him had he wanted to come up.

The fun part- there's a cat door in the door to the basement. It came with the house, and the husband and I joked that it was one of the ways we knew that the house was meant for us. Neither cat has figured out how to use it... So while Leo was 'stuck' in the basement, he really could have gotten out at any time.

I'm just so glad that he's safe and sound. Of course, we did discover this after spending two hours in the cold with the dog putting up signs and trying to find him... (last time he got out it was Kyle that found him.) So now today we get to go out and about and pull those signs down.

(oh, and since he's been out of the basement he's been exceeeeedingly vocal about everything!)
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Well damn... My husband and I had lunch together today and we he got home he discovered that the furnace wasn't working right. So he called a repair guy, and by the time I got out of work we discovered that yes, it can be fixed- the part is under warranty, but it might not happen until sometime next week. This meant going out tonight for a space heater to keep some of the place warm. (Oh yeah, by the way, we bought a house in September. We loveses it, I'll post pictures soon)

In the coming and going of the repair guy- Leo decided to go walk about.

We spent over an hour walking around outside trying to find him- to no avail. He's not an outdoor kitty. The last time he got out he ended up hiding under/in a car. I'm afraid he may have done that this time, but he wasn't answering us. Kyle, the one who actually found him last time, was out with us part of the time, and didn't seem terribly interested in any particular place (like he did last time with the car). What's upsetting me even more is that I haven't gotten around to getting any of the pets microchipped. That's going to happen as soon as Leo comes home!


Jan. 2nd, 2012 11:43 am
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So it appears that I've had this journal for a little over nine years... and yet I haven't posed anything at all in a year. Does that mean it's really only more like 9 years old?

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year!!

I hope the year treats you all very well, and should the end of the world be nigh, I hope you enjoy the hell out of the year before it happens. :)


Dec. 12th, 2010 07:29 pm
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Just wanted to make a quick post, remind people that I'm still alive. :)

Have a new job, that seems to be going pretty well. However internet is tightly monitored, and evening computer time is limited. So I haven't been around much- sorry for that.
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I have been going through my NaNo buddy list and have removed a bunch of people. If I've removed you please know that it's not because I don't like you anymore. I do, I just don't know if you're doing NaNo this year or not. Or in a few cases it's because I've got someone on my list and I've forgotten who they are (Nano name not corresponding to real name or LJ name, something like that).

On the other hand, if you ARE participating in NaNo and would like to be buddies- feel free to add me- TheJadeCat (tough to remember that I'm jadecat on lj, I understand. ;) ). If you do, please comment here so that I know who you are. :)

Happy NaNo-ing!!

Five Years

Oct. 8th, 2010 10:36 am
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Five years ago today my best friend and I stood before our family and friends and became husband and wife. It was slightly chilly, and a bit overcast, but we still managed to get married outside in the garden of the Turner-Dodge house, right in front of the fountain (it's in the background of this icon).

They've been five of the best years of my life, full of love, laughter, and passion. We're neither one of us perfect people, but we're perfect for each other. I still don't always know where I'm going, but I take great comfort in knowing who will be right alongside me for the journey.
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that I didn't apply for?

Didn't get it.

They decided to go with an internal candidate. The staffing agency said they got great feedback about me, and will definitely keep my in mind for future opportunities.

Trying to see the good side. This gave me additional experience interviewing, I do now have an in with this staffing agency. Umm... well, I'll come up with more in a bit.

In the meantime the cold that managed to find me is making life annoying, so I'm going to go have some soup and tea.


Sep. 15th, 2010 02:27 pm
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So I posted awhile back about Kyle helping me to truly understand the notion of 'follows me around like a little puppy dog.' Today said puppy dog isn't content to just follow me, he needs to be attached to me. As I type he's sleeping on my foot, betwixt me and the coffee table. If I move/get up he will be right there with me. He's been doing this all day. *grins* He's my silly boy. :)
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Just finished watching "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on Netflix Instant Viewing. I started it awhile ago, and got interrupted before finishing it. At the point of interruption I was left unsure about whether or not I even liked the movie.

Ah but first, for those not in the know, this is a movie about a journalist who has been hired by a very wealthy older man who is looking for his niece's murderer. The title character is a young woman who works as a researcher and is initially hired to research this journalist. That's the simple version, there are many other bits involved, making it convoluted- but a fuller story.

In a way I am left with some of the same internal disquiet that I had after watching "Let the Right One In." But the more I think about it, the more I liked it. This taking into account the fact that there was one scene that I could not watch and had to fast forward through... If you're triggery about rape scenarios I would recommend NOT watching this movie.

What I've boiled it all down to, really, is the idea that the women in the story have refused to be victims and are taking control of their own lives. Lisbeth, the title character, is complex. The viewer learns about her past in bits and pieces, and the present version makes sense based on the past. She holds almost everything inside, but so much plays across her face. She's amazingly smart, and capable. A character you would like to take care of, to help her heal, but she would never let you. She's no one's "fixer upper."

Now I'm worried about what the American version of this movie will do to the story. There are some situations that I just don't think would fly for Americans on the big screen- some could perhaps work as implications.

Job Stuff

Sep. 10th, 2010 05:11 pm
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Today I had an interview for a job I didn't apply for. Fun huh? :)

Wednesday I got a call from someone at a staffing agency. She had seen my resume online and wanted to talk to me about a specific position they were contracting out. We spoke for a bit and made plans for me to come in Thursday. In the meantime I did some web searching on the company just to make sure she was legit, and found her company, and some reviews of same. Good, the place is real.

Thursday morning she calls and tells me that there's a Word and Excel test they would like me to take (Standard Procedure for clerical workers). However, this process has improved and I can take the test at home! I agree, and let her know I'll get it done before I head to her office (about a 45 minute drive away). A few minutes later she called back and said that she spoke to her contact at the client company and they want to do a preliminary phone interview- and if that goes well they would set up a time for an in person interview. Okay fine. Half an hour later the person at the client company calls, we talk for a bit and he says they want to schedule an appointment, but he has to find out when his office manager is free. He asked me how the staffing company was treating me, and I explained that we'd only had a short relationship, but so far so good! I call the staffing agency and she tells me that because of the interview the next day- I don't have to go to their offices. *shrugs* Okay. Good thing too because given all the delays and what not I didn't have time to get ready and get to her office by the original time we agreed on.

Yesterday was spent making sure I had all my stuff ready (copies of my resume, a print out of all my prior employers addresses/contact names/phone numbers, as well as my reference info), getting my Interview Clothes prepped, and general fretting/stressing. The staffing agency actually sent me a pre-interview document that had interview prep information (what to wear, not to wear, show up on time, etc.) as well as sample questions that may be asked, and sample questions I should ask. Generally stuff I already knew, but at the same time it was kind of good to read through to further prepare myself.

I went to the interview- and really like the sounds of the job, and the employer is one that I would like to work for. She says she has to talk to HR but I should hear something next weekish because they want to fill the slot soon. (it's a contract/temp to hire situation).

We're all good right? Then, to add to the sort of weirdness of how this is all happening- I check my e-mail and see that one of the job sites I'm on has sent it's daily list of possibilities. On it is the job that I'm up for. So I click the link (noting that it was put up yesterday) and see that it's expired... Not sure what to think about that. Could be good- yeah?

Still- job possibility! Keep good thoughts for me, aye? I've been out of work since the beginning of June and this would be really good for hubby and me!

A meme!

Aug. 24th, 2010 08:29 pm
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*dusts off the icon* I haven't done one of these for awhile... stole this from [ profile] tinhuviel, the results are interesting.

Though I must admit, days like today, I'm only sure of a brain being present in my skull based on a previous MRI that identified said brain. It seems to be on the fritz today.

Your Brain is Sensitive

You are very keyed in to the world around you. You are in tune with every feeling.

You understand your own emotions well. You integrate them into your thinking process.

You are very thoughtful and expressive. You are good at conveying your ideas.

You like being around other people but never in a superficial way. You like your interactions to have meaning.

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Whoa, two posts in as many days! Shocker!

Anywho, I don't remember when I first heard the phrase 'followed me around like a little puppy dog' but it has only been since we got Kyle that I truly understand it. At the new place we've abandoned the whole 'Leo's room is off limits to Kyle' rule, it just isn't necessary. Plus, it's where my computer is, and I spend a great deal of time at my computer while job hunting and writing. Every time I go to move my chair I have to first check to make sure that Kyle isn't too close to one of the wheels. I now know that phrase is quite literal as Kyle has to follow me *everywhere* including the bathroom. I do trip over him fairly often as he misjudges which direction I'm trying to move in.

There has also been some discussion with friends recently about whose dog Kyle is. Most dogs have one person in the family they prefer, growing up we had a German Shepherd who was quite clearly my older brother's dog. The assumption now is that Kyle is hubby's dog, looking at the fact that when we visit friends with dogs he's the first to play with them, and they allll go to him first (same rule applies for kitties and kids), then there's the whole 'Anne is a cat person' thing as illustrated by my login.

To answer the question I have a story. :) A few days ago the hubby and I came back from running errands. I carry the mail to the table and am looking through it while Hubby releases Kyle from his crate. He's talking to Kyle, telling him he's been a good boy, and so on. Kyle meanwhile completely ignores the offered hand and has to come greet me first, nudging my leg to get attention. Whenever there is tension in the household a certain black dog can be found hiding behind me. He even fits under my computer desk, if he curls up on my feet. The desk isn't that big... and while he's only 50lbs, that's not exactly tiny!

Hubs doesn't mind- he had a Leo cat. However, with me being home a LOT due to the unemployment thing I'm working on luring Leo to my side of the household. ;) Sasha has decided that she's my cat, but that dad has the better lap to try to get into. Recently when I've been in 'his' room Leo has been coming to the computer desk looking for affection, and I've been making sure that they get their afternoon treats. Soon I will have them all!!
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One of the "fun" things in having a dog, and no yard, is the multiple times a day dog walk. Generally the most exciting things seen on said walks are other dogs, and at the new place there are many more bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.

But they're not the point of my breaking radio silence today. Today I was walking Kyle and saw that one of the buildings was having some roofing work done. This building faced the pool, with the grassy area that surrounds it.

Walking across the grass towards the ladder was a guy who strongly, STRONGLY reminded me of Christian Kane (both on the TV show Angel -initially a Wolfram & Hart lawyer, and also on Leverage). They way he looked at the end of Angel and the first season of Leverage (I haven't seen anything beyond the first few episodes).

For those who do not know this means this guy was maybe my height- 5'6", with near shoulder length wavy dark blonde hair, and tan. He lost his shirt at some point, which allowed me to note that much like Mr. Kane, he was built. He may have heard of the term 'body fat' but he was definitely lacking in personal experience with it. Muscles on the other hand? Oh yeah.

Wowza. *fans self*

Since I am a happily married woman, I did not stop and stare, there was no drooling. Honest! I just noted the resemblance to Mr. Kane, admired his very fine physique and kept walking. Kyle on the other hand really wanted to say hi to him... Oh, and from him there was that "oh hey look, another person, I should acknowledge this person's existence" sort of smile nod of greeting.


Jul. 22nd, 2010 07:50 pm
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So I'm sitting on the couch with a Sasha-bear curled up in my lap, purring softly, her chin warm as it rests on my leg. I need something that isn't within immediate arm reach. Clearly I couldn't disturb her. Luckily this dilemma was easily solved as there was a husband also sitting on the couch. He kindly agreed to get me the item I needed.

As he was handing it to me, Sasha woke up suddenly and needed to leave my lap immediately!

And the item I wanted wasn't even the FURminator...

A Meme!

Jun. 21st, 2010 05:25 pm
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Been awhile since I've done one of these- this one I stole unrepentantly from [ profile] sexyscholar

Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler
Take Which Doctor Who companion are you? (girls) today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You're Rose Tyler!

You are spunky, determined, and as religiously devoted to your Doctor as you are to chips. (He's the only one who doesn't know how sweet you are on him, too.) You never stay put when you're told to stay put, but just when everyone expects you to get roasted by the monster of the week, you turn right around and figure out the mystery. You're sharp as a tack, but also sensitive, knowing when the Doctor needs someone to back him up or when he just needs a hand to hold. He seems to think he can get rid of you... you're quick to show him he's wrong!

I'm good with this result. :)


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