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Sep. 10th, 2010 05:11 pm
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Today I had an interview for a job I didn't apply for. Fun huh? :)

Wednesday I got a call from someone at a staffing agency. She had seen my resume online and wanted to talk to me about a specific position they were contracting out. We spoke for a bit and made plans for me to come in Thursday. In the meantime I did some web searching on the company just to make sure she was legit, and found her company, and some reviews of same. Good, the place is real.

Thursday morning she calls and tells me that there's a Word and Excel test they would like me to take (Standard Procedure for clerical workers). However, this process has improved and I can take the test at home! I agree, and let her know I'll get it done before I head to her office (about a 45 minute drive away). A few minutes later she called back and said that she spoke to her contact at the client company and they want to do a preliminary phone interview- and if that goes well they would set up a time for an in person interview. Okay fine. Half an hour later the person at the client company calls, we talk for a bit and he says they want to schedule an appointment, but he has to find out when his office manager is free. He asked me how the staffing company was treating me, and I explained that we'd only had a short relationship, but so far so good! I call the staffing agency and she tells me that because of the interview the next day- I don't have to go to their offices. *shrugs* Okay. Good thing too because given all the delays and what not I didn't have time to get ready and get to her office by the original time we agreed on.

Yesterday was spent making sure I had all my stuff ready (copies of my resume, a print out of all my prior employers addresses/contact names/phone numbers, as well as my reference info), getting my Interview Clothes prepped, and general fretting/stressing. The staffing agency actually sent me a pre-interview document that had interview prep information (what to wear, not to wear, show up on time, etc.) as well as sample questions that may be asked, and sample questions I should ask. Generally stuff I already knew, but at the same time it was kind of good to read through to further prepare myself.

I went to the interview- and really like the sounds of the job, and the employer is one that I would like to work for. She says she has to talk to HR but I should hear something next weekish because they want to fill the slot soon. (it's a contract/temp to hire situation).

We're all good right? Then, to add to the sort of weirdness of how this is all happening- I check my e-mail and see that one of the job sites I'm on has sent it's daily list of possibilities. On it is the job that I'm up for. So I click the link (noting that it was put up yesterday) and see that it's expired... Not sure what to think about that. Could be good- yeah?

Still- job possibility! Keep good thoughts for me, aye? I've been out of work since the beginning of June and this would be really good for hubby and me!
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