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Or how I'm starting Monday- Slightly sunburned face and neck (from standing in the sun talking to a neighbor about her family woes...), sleep deprived as I just could NOT stay asleep last night, very itchy eczema rash on my left arm, and let's not forget the two small burns on my left hand from my discovery that the oven was indeed hot... Oh, and I woke up with a headache and cranky!

But I did have a good weekend. *grins* The talk with the neighbor was good- she mostly needed reassurance that it wasn't her that was crazy. She loves Kyle too, so when I'm with him and we see her we have to stop to say hi- Kyle insists. I didn't even realize that my face had gotten sunburned until this morning.

The burns on my hand are really minor, just in a weird place to bandage. See, I was making a french bread pizza (yay Stouffers!) and some of the sausage had fallen off. In my effort NOT to burn my fingers as I put the sausage back on, I ended up jerking my hand up and hitting the top of the oven. -Reminder- My name =/= Grace. Under cool water the hand went, and then iced. These burns aren't nearly as bad as the ones I got in jr. high while making rock candy... I was moving the ladle from the stove to put it in the sink- but it was dripping, and being me, and stupid, I decided it would be bad to let it drip on the floor. So I put my hand under it... I caught all five drips. :) Again with the hand under cold water until I got some ice for it. I think the people in my home ec lab were freaking out worse than me. My reaction being more of a 'huh, that's interesting.'

Oh, and hubby's car window was fixed Friday by the time I got home from work. Just in time for HIM to go to work. Poor guy. Hard to work 12 hours (especially as it's a go-go-go job) after not getting any sleep before hand. Now, however, I keep finding myself checking to make sure the windows are okay.

Let's see... what else. Oh yeah, we went to Cancun Mexican Grill for a late lunch. Just in time for the Gold Cup 09 match between the USA and Mexico. We only say the end of the first half, at which point it was still 0-0. (for the record, the US lost 5-0 or something) Both teams were playing well, though there was some vision questions regarding the Jamaican ref. *laughs*

Not much else in the news. Kyle and the cats are well. My mood is improving- and here's hoping I can sleep tonight! The icon = where I would like to be right now.

How's by you?
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So, Monday morning, and I don't feel like I got a weekend. For good reason though.

Saturday morning I was actually up early because hubby had ACLS training (both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8am). Then it was off to Rocking Horse to meet [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 and take advantage of their 20% off sale. Much fun was had, and patterns purchased. :) Afterwards was lunch at the neat Irish pub-place across the street. We attempted to get dessert there, as apparently the bread pudding is really good. However this HUGE group had been congregating and finally got set to order. So the two waitresses were trying to get orders for like 30-40 people and thus we got neglected. After waiting for a bit it just seemed to make more sense to figure the bill, leave money and go. As we were leaving the other waitress hurried to our table to make sure we weren't skipping out on the bill...

Then it was time to drive to Toledo to pick up my sister. She's got a really cute apartment there. Visited for a bit before bringing her back to my place for the night. Took her to hubby's and my current favorite restaurant (Cancun Mexican Grill). :) Oh, and hubby and I watched "Tropic Thunder" for the first time Friday night, and my sis and I watched it Saturday night (I thought she would enjoy it, and I was right). That movie is SO funny. I laughed and laughed. Robert Downey Jr. is just such a fun actor. I don't recall his performance ever disappointing me- though I may not have liked the movie he was in. I'm curious to see what his Sherlock Holmes is like.

Anywho, yesterday Sis and I drove to Sparta to see our brother, and retrieve sister's car from him. Which meant we got to see Nephew E. He's 2.5 now, and totally rambunctious boy! Running and running, and throwing and oi. *grins* Good little lad, just so much energy! I met their pittie-mix Fisher, who was really shy/scaredy. I don't anything of his life prior to my bro and SIL getting him- but I'm guessing it wasn't good. At first he wouldn't even let us touch him, but about 45 minutes later I was sitting on the couch with his head in my lap. :) Then when E went running again Fisher tried to hid behind me. *laughs* He's an incredibly sweet dog, and soooo amazingly good around E.

The visit was fun- but after so much driving I just wanted to get home to my hubby. :) So I didn't stay terribly long, and headed home. Hubs and I had a very low-key evening. Just what I needed. He was happy to have passed his class so he's officially ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified. :) Still tired though, and looking forward to tomorrow.

That's the weekend in brief. I've been working on this off and on all morning, and now I think it's time to post. :)
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I find it interesting that at least three of my friends have posted this morning about rather weird dreams they had. For my part, I did NOT have a weird dream last night, mine was the night before. There were zombies, and lots of dead people. But it was okay because it was an action movie sort of thing and Jason Statham was my boyfriend. :) So it wasn't a bad dream by any stretch.

My weekend was pretty good. Saturday was the Rally of Writers, and I attended a couple of excellent workshops on writing/publishing. Though by the end of the day my brain was attempting to crawl out my ear. And my fingers hurt from all the notes I was taking. Notes I will probably type up to share with my writing peeps. :)

Yesterday was a total do nothing day. Oh, I don't think I mentioned here that a cold found me last week, I actually called off work on Thursday (had to go Friday). Thursday I was miserable. Friday was better- and I was very pleased as it meant that heading to AA to see [livejournal.com profile] jiffjenn, [livejournal.com profile] losgunna, and [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 (As well as J who no longer uses her LJ). Much, much fun was had. And Zingerman's, and cupcakes. :) Was very good. Which meant I stayed late, and thus got very little sleep before the rally. Which was an all day affair. Thus it makes sense that any progress I had made in healing regressed, and I spent most of yesterday feeling pretty yucky. Still not 100%, but I'm at least closer than I was.

Oh, and the hubby told me last night that there was a winter snow advisory in effect. This I declared impossible. Which got me a confused look. I calmly explain that it's spring, so we can't have a winter snow advisory. So he snickered, gave me a kiss and said 'yes dear.' :) However, it IS possible to have a spring snow advisory, and snow we do have. Well, something masquerading rather successfully as snow.
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The weekend disappeared on me, and I'm NOT happy about it!

Saturday it was off to the in-laws to celebrate the hubby's birthday. My step-daughter was supposed to be there (her husband had to work) but then due to car issues she wasn't able to make it- so we didn't get to see the grandkids. :( Very bummed about that. But it WAS fun seeing my parents-in-law and SIL. Good conversation- good food.

Sunday- the hub's actual birthday- was much fun. The weather was awful, but we enjoyed the day despite it. We attended to 49th Antiquarian Book and Paper show held at the Lansing Center. An entire hall full of OLD books and paper stuff (post cards, movie posters, etc). It was very nearly heaven. Save for the whole having to pay for them and all... ;) We spent several hours wandering through the booths, looking at all sorts of things. Ended up only getting one book each, and a poster that I really liked. My book was an addition to my small Honey Bunch collection. There's a neat note in the front about how it was printed during wartime, but follows the paper conservation rules. :) There were so many things that we wanted. Spending over $200 for a movie poster did seem a bit extreme.

Ordered Pizza House for dinner- hey, he chose it! *grins* Mostly because they brought the food to us- and it was cold and snowy outside. Once we got home from the book show we were pretty much just done. Soooo many books!

Watched Wanted and... I dunno. The action scenes were way cool. I really enjoyed them. The early 'training' sequence? I really didn't like. Perhaps I'm just odd, but I don't see how continually beating someone up is supposed to endear you to them. It would just make me so furious that once I finally got all my training- I'd kill the trainers! Anyway... Angelina was smokin' hot, per usual. McAvoy did well, I thought. So overall fun movie, just a bit of an uncomfortable few minutes for me. OH! Marc Warren was in it as 'the Repairman' hated the role, but I was glad to see him. *laughs* That and I had to laugh because he was the assassin Teatime in Hogfather (and was on an episode of Doctor Who).

Bad... did taxes last night. Not only aren't we getting a refund this year (I wasn't expecting one) but we owe, a lot. Mostly because my withholding through work was too high. *sighs, shakes head, tries to replace hair pulled out last night* I was NOT expecting that. We'll be okay, and can manage it- but it will significantly affect our savings. AKA- the Move To Ireland fund. Good thing we had delayed for a year anyway. I guess.

Okay, all in all, a good weekend. Not terribly relaxing, but saw people, had fun, and only a bit of extreme stress there at the end.
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Weekend- Thursday was dad's surgery, Friday was relaxing, Saturday and Sunday were stressful (for reasons I don't want to go into). However! The situation causing the Sat-Sun stress was quickly alleviated Monday morning. All is well. On that front. My work got a bit annoying (I was ALL caught up, and ahead in some areas and bossman tells me to be more productive? HOW?!)

I'm mostly over that. Last night was writing group. Was fun. Had an excellent conversation with [livejournal.com profile] thursday_kat about my NaNovel, which will help me with the re-write. Yay! Now to actually do this...

Also have come up with new words: Melodromantic/Melodromance. Meladrama + Romantic/Romance. See: Twilight. *laughs*

I'm feeling impatient...

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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The Weekend was good, mostly. ;) woke up Saturday, intending to hit the RH sale. Sadly there was a lot more snow on the ground than had been expected, AND I had a lovely migraine. :( However, rallied, and after a nap, felt almost human. The thing with me and migraines, that I do want to explain, because I don't think I ever have; most of the time I have a headache on some level, usually quite mild (and yes, I am seeing a doc about this). There are days that I don't have one- these are good days. :) When I get a really bad migraine and take meds- it's not the pain of the headache that prevents me from doing things, it's the mental/body weariness I feel once the meds have taken hold. Generally I manage to go out and do even with a headache, because if I didn't, I would never get to do anything. So know that if I do cancel something because of a migraine it's either really, really bad and I have no meds, or I know that I just won't have any energy after taking meds, but at least I won't be in pain. If I catch things soon enough I can manage to take meds and still go out and do, because my energy levels don't get so low. Just so you know.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Had a lovely Valentine's Day with the hubby. We were smart- instead of trying to actually eat AT Olive Garden- we called for take away. We had an excellent good meal (with easy cleanup!), in the comfort of our home, and didn't have to stand in their lobby for hours waiting for a table.

Sunday was kind of lazy. However, we are getting the new couch on Wednesday- and hubby works tonight and tomorrow. This meant that yesterday was the best day to get rid of the old couch, because both of us would be there. So we managed to get the couch out of the apartment without killing each other OR the door. :) Getting it downstairs was easy enough- as husband was good enough to make use of the assistance gravity provided. Plus, it really helps that we didn't care what the couch looked like when we were done. Since the sidewalks were snowy/icy, it was quite easy to just push it along. one of our neighbors was just coming home from somewhere, and he gave us a hand. :) Very nice guy with a cute, though not friendly, dog.

The living room was rearranged somewhat so we have seating for the next couple of days. We stole the cat's chairs for our use. ;) Hubby has a blue lazy boy type chair, and I have an eons old lazy boy type chair that's been Sasha's since I got her! (Hey Sis, if you're reading this, any idea how old that chair is?) The animals were all locked up for the duration of the moving, and were MOST confused to see the new arrangement. Sasha was Not Pleased! She told me so. She did get her exercise jumping from my lap to hubby's, since she could no longer just walk across us. Leo decided he just didn't care so much. Kyle adjusted quickly, deciding the pillows now on the ground were for his use...

Now we just need the new couch in! *laughs* While I like the two "easy chair" set up, I prefer a couch. Makes snuggling with my sweetie easier. :)

And lastly, dragons.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Apparently there was some sort of sports thing over the weekend... The only reason I know this is because of the special sale e-mail I got from a couple different cross-stitch stores.

The weekend was very good. :) Husband and I are both finally feeling better from our colds. I got up early-ish on Saturday to run some errands. Oh, I walked Kyle Saturday morning, and when I got back to our building the handle to the front door came off in my hand! Called the office to report this (luckily the building has two doors). As of this morning we still don't have a front door knob, one of my fellow tenants took the remaining bits off and left the hole there for us to pull the door open with. So much for safety locks...

After the grumping from the door, and running errands I was a bit tired. So, napped on the couch, and hubby napped in his chair. Three hours later... we were both wondering what happened. *laughs* Apparently we needed the sleep. Lost most of yesterday to sleep too. This explains why I wasn't able to sleep well last night. Even after going to bed late.

I had one of those nights where I had dreams that didn't so much end as morph into something else. All three (that I remember) were vaguely connected, but again, weird. The last one was rudely interrupted by my alarm clock. Right when something interesting was going to happen! ARGH! This is much better than last week when I again had three dreams in a row- but the first and the last were very bad, and the middle was just weird. The first one had me as a teen, at my parent's house, except my whole situation was different. My mom (who I'm pretty sure was played by [livejournal.com profile] tru2myart) and I were trying to come up with a plan to escape her abusive boyfriend/husband (who wasn't my dad). We did come up with a good plan, and were on our way- my hand on the door to get out to the car- when I woke up. *sighs* So I had to spend a couple minutes finishing what was a really nasty dream, making it come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Dreamland hasn't been great lately, I think being sick has something to do with it. Dreams always get weird when I don't feel well.

Back at work today, wondering where the weekend went. Not really looking forward to being at work. But whatcanyado?

Oh yeah, have writing group tonight! That'll be good. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone.

Not much else to report. The animals are all, well, the same old same old. Leo is Destructo Cat, Kyle is Pathetic Dog, and Sasha is Cranky Queen of the House. Although on more than one occasion over the weekend I did catch Leo grooming Kyle's face- and he debated going into Kyle's crate to cuddle him. He did eventually decide against it, but it was clear that he had considered it.
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So the weekend... was blissfully uneventful. Saturday hubby came home from work and we slept for a bit, before I was convinced to get up. Walked the dog, and chilled for a bit before getting hubby up. Then it was off to lunch! We did try to get air for one of my tires (it's a smidge low) but due to the weather, all the air compressors in the area were non-functioning. It was suggested that we try Discount Tire, but we were hungry, and it wasn't critical.

Spent a very low-key evening at home, watching the tele, played some Carcassonne... and yeah. Was good.

Sunday was more of the same, got up, went to breakfast, came home, watched "Hot Fuzz," laughed lots, hubby napped, and I knit. Hubby had to work last night, hence the nap. After he was gone I kept knitting (the 'scarf' I'm making is a total mess, but it's a learning experience...) and watched the rest of Doctor Who Season 2-3? (the season that ended with Rose's departure). I like Rose. Watched the first episode of the next season- did not like Donna. Sorry, but not all secretaries are oblivious idiots. Curious to see Martha. I started watching episode 2 so I saw a smidge of her, but I was informed by three fur-kids that it was bedtime! Well, in Kyle's case 'WALK TIME') Even so, I stayed up too late, I have a bad habit of doing that on Sundays. I think it has much to do with not wanting the weekend to be over, and definitely not wanting to go to work the next day. I'm grateful to have a job in this economy- really! I just don't like it much.

See? Totally exciting weekend.

I loved it!

Now it's Monday. *pouts* Least I have writing group tonight to look forward to.
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The weekend started off a little strange. See, Hubby was supposed to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, as he had the same cold I did, and a fever, Thursday night he called in. Then Friday he got what they call an 'AA' (Administrative Absence) which essentially means the patient/nurse ratio was skewed in the wrong direction. So he got to stay home. Saturday night he did work, but then Sunday he was offered an AA, took it, and then five minutes later they called back and said that no, he needed to come in. Boo on them!

Anyway, I got up earlier than he did on Saturday- because he wasn't feeling well (migraine + cold = not fair). Then I discovered a Kyle accident... Cleaned that up and took the boy for a walk. This however inspired a day of mad cleaning. Hubby was given a free pass because he really was miserable. We got him ensconced on the couch and I cleaned around him. One of those pick up one thing, put it away, notice something there that needs to be moved, and one and on, while removing everything that I could- temporarily- from the living room... Which in this case actually made for an efficient method, strangely enough. After a dose or so of meds, and another nap- hubby was ready to help. :) At this point that meant moving the couch to the dining area (I had already moved most everything else out of the living room). And good Lord there was a TON of cat fur under the couch! (note to self- vacuum under the couch more often!) Got all that cleaned up, took a break for lunch, and I wandered around

Then the aminals were locked up so I could put 'Zorb' (Dyson brand carpet cleaner) down, hubby helped 'groom' it in to the carpet... We waited the requisite half hour and vacuumed it up. Carpet looks SO much better now! So much so that I just had to make sure the two 'easy' style chairs, and the couch, got thoroughly vacuumed, and washed the afghan we drape over the back of the couch, and the blanket on Sasha's chair, so they wouldn't feel left out. All in all, I lost track of just how many hours I spent cleaning... I'm pretty sure I emptied the vacuum canister 4 times- now, lest you think we're slobs, we keep up with general vacuuming pretty well, it's the 'moving the furniture, vacuuming EVERYTHING' type job we don't get too all that often. The place looks pretty good now. :)

Hubby had to go to work, and I spent most the evening trying to relax, but kept picking up things. *laughs* Did manage to get some of my Netflix DVDs watched, and played around on the computer. Then it was Sunday. Kyle did NOT have an accident, but I still got up relatively early with him to take him for a walk. After that, it was time for Teh Shopping Trip of DOOM!

I had to go to PetSmart, get gas, Meijer, (brief pause at McDonalds for a McChicken sammich) Target, and finally Kroger. Took longer at Kroger than I had expected, but a shorter time everywhere else. Spent much money, but finally restocked up on foodstuffs. We've just been kind of lazy about shopping recently. Brought it all home, and managed to get most of everything upstairs before the Energy-Enhance! mode started to wear off. Luckily, Hubby woke up and was able to help with the last bit. He had to go back to sleep though, and I puttered around some more.

I was just waking him up for work, when work called. He accepted the AA, I did a happy booty dance... *grins* We were just deciding where to go for dinner (Okay, yes, I had gone grocery shopping, but we prefer to get out meat stuffs somewhere other than Kroger or Meijer, and I didn't make it there) when work called back. I was disappointed. :( So he went off to work, and I walked Kyle- at this point I should note that my legs were *quite* upset with all the work I had them do the past couple days... (this is why I need to get into better, healthier shape!) The evening was spent stitching, web playing and tv watching. Oh, and a trip to L&L to get meat stuffs. :) One more Kyle walk, then it was bedtime. (Oh, Leo and I played 'Spot' too- Spot is the official name for the laser pointer game.)

That Energy-Enhance mode that hit Saturday was quite impressive. Mainly it seems to be that actually getting restful sleep at night is a big deal- who knew!? ;) Seriously though, since I've been able to use the CPAP (first few nights of my cold were impossible), I've been sleeping better- less restless behaviors, but I still wake up at least once-twice a night. That's always been the case for me though. This increase in energy? I'll take it! Though I may eventually run out of things to 'Autumn Clean.' *laughs*

Today has been somewhat lower key- I stayed up a bit too late trying to get things done. But I still feel pretty good. The cold is relenting in it's grasp, and the CPAP seems to be doing some good. Yay! Oh, and Mint + Dark Chocolate Three Musketeers' bars = GOOD! Nice treat to have every blue moon or so. :)

Now, it's off to lunch with the hubby!

Local writer types- Internets Cafe tomorrow evening?
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Was very busy... But fun. It was Shop Hop time! Basically, 7 cross stitch stores around lower Michigan participate in the event. Shoppers visit each store and get their 'passports' stamped, at the last store they turn their passports in and get a chance at a grand prize- each store has in store drawings too.

The travelers on this adventure were [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77, [livejournal.com profile] losgunna, [livejournal.com profile] crwilley, and your correspondent. Saturday morning, way, way too early (I really don't like seeing 5:30 am on a Saturday...) we headed off! The mission- five cross stitch stores starting in Plainwell and ending in Tecumseh. Oh, and a stop at Sweetwater's Donut Mill. :)

We got to Plainwell in good time, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 driving, and [livejournal.com profile] crwilley for getting all the Google maps! The store was nice- a good place to start. I ended up getting several patterns that were marked down to $1. :) This was good. Well, for them. ;) I wouldn't mind going back there. Next was Kalamazoo... Yeah, not some place I would go back to. Just... no. But we saw four women who had been at the Plainwell store... Then it was time to go to Jackson, with a brief stop for lunch and donuts!! Fabulous, yummy donuts.

Hmm, I'm thinking about this, and am missing a store location. *laughs* I can remember four of the five we went to. Huh. Jackson was the one with the scary owners- right? K-zoo was the non-clean one. Tecumeh was the nifty one where I got the Nancy's Needle design... Where was the one with the cookies? (the first place with cookies)

Anyway. It was fun, but made for a long day. We returned to Ann Arbor, [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 and [livejournal.com profile] crwilley went home, and [livejournal.com profile] losgunna and I crashed at her parents place. We also contacted Mrs. M. who lives nearby and had a stitch-n-bitch. :) This of course meant we stayed up later than we had intended. But it was for a good cause. ;)

Middle of the night the migraine hit. :( A shower in the morning helped, and the breakfast we had at the shiny new IHOP went a long way towards recovery- but per usual- it was the Zomig that did the trick. There were only two stores left, but one was in Grand Blanc. We made good time, and found that this store was mostly a fiber store- lots of things, but nearly no patterns. Except for the needlework stamped patterns, and I'm not really interested in those. The last store was in Royal Oak, a cute little shop- but I think at that point I was just all shopped out. I was ready to head for home and see my hubby and the furry ones. It was there when I went to turn in my passport that we realized that one of the stores had missed stamping it! Luckily they noted that I had bee there with [livejournal.com profile] losgunna and were cool with it. I was willing to show them my sales receipt too! *laughs*

We parted with [livejournal.com profile] losgunna there, and headed back so I could get my car and [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 and [livejournal.com profile] crwilley could go home. My drive was good, quick though as I was in something of a hurry...

Got home, walked the Kyle, for which he was most grateful. Then crawled in bed with the snoozing hubby for an hour. Leo joined us and HAD to bathe my arm... according to hubby it was because he missed me. Aww. Then he had to go to work. :( But I spent the evening just doing lots of nothing. Was good. This morning was another migraine. *laughs* Almost seems like a hangover- save for the not having had the drinking fun the night before... Oh well. I went home for lunch and took a 25 minute nap with the hubby. That really helped, though I didn't want to get up afterward... tonight we're heading somewhere for dinner, and then lots of nothing. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Plus I have to show off all the nifty stuff I got...

Oh, and just to pimp for views...
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And NEW autumn dragon eggses: ETA- nevermind, apparently TJ took them away...
so I bred for a black:Adopt one today!


Sep. 15th, 2008 12:17 pm
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Weekend was wonderful! Okay, so it rained the entire time, and hubby and I didn't go to the Ren Fest like we planned... We stayed in and just relaxed and vegged. I got some stitching in... oh

I found my scissors!!

Okay, this may not seem like a big deal- but for the last month I have been without my stitching scissors. They're wonderful, I tried to replace them- and the pair I got just doesn't work well (doesn't cut neatly, etc.). Those of you crafty types understand how important a good pair of scissors can be! But I found them!! So very, very happy about that.

Yesterday I even did some more decluttering. I have a TON of clothes to take somewhere to donate. And a much emptier closet. Kind of depressing, but good at the same time. Now I have to figure out where to take everything. Mostly because I don't want to try to write it all up. I just want it gone! *grins*

It was just kind of nice to not have to really go anywhere, and just chill. We needed that. Got lots of sleep too- which is why I couldn't sleep last night and am very tired today... Ah well. ;) The animals were even playing slug this weekend! Well, Kyle wasn't Saturday morning (wanted to go out three times before noon!), but he wasn't impressed with the rain. After the third walk I think he just gave up hoping it would be dry out and crashed in his crate/in front of the windows for a few hours.

Look, dragon eggs! And I managed to get one of the new eggs- at NOON!
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