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Could I have one? Friday night was fun though, so it can stay. :) Took Caracassonne over to [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty's house. Was much fun. Though earlier in the evening I took Kyle for a walk and managed to slip on the icy sidewalk. Ended up sitting cross-legged on the ground. Not exactly sure what happened- but I do recall having one of those moments of 'do I go with it, or try not to fall?' I decided to go with it, fighting to keep my footing probably would have ended with me hurting myself. ;) Like I said, I ended up sitting down, and Kyle trotted over with a 'Whatcha doin' sittin' on the ground, Mama?' look, and a healing lick to the face... As I was still in a 'it's FRIDAY!' good mood, I was able to laugh off the fall. Then like I said, went to [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty's and had much fun, laughter, all good stuff.

Saturday- woke up with a slight headache, snuggled a sleep hubby for a few, then got up EARLY! *gasps* to get myself ready to go to [livejournal.com profile] losgunna's place (the getting ready involves dog walking, and so on). I talked to her briefly, and said I would leave between 12-12:30. I actually left just a few minutes after 12:30pm. I was making really good time on the road- I was looking at actually being on time! Then traffic slowed... signs appeared for roadwork- a lane closed 12-13 and 12-14... Great. When the cars were actually stopped for more than ten minutes, I called [livejournal.com profile] losgunna to let her know what was up. This triggered cars to start moving again, and then a helpful person on my right pointed at my back wheel to let me know I had a flat. The noise did kind of give it away. Luckily! There was a ramp right there and I was able to get over and off the road. The idea of putting the spare on was NOT enticing- the wind was quite cold. But there was a gas station right there, so I filled the tired, hoping I could make it to [livejournal.com profile] losgunna's and from there to the tire place she knew of. Did manage to get there, took the car over, and settled in. Unfortunately [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 wasn't able to join us. :(

Go to pick car up (they asked us to be back by 4:30) figuring that since we hadn't heard from them that it meant that it was an easy fix. Umm, no. They hadn't actually gotten to my car yet- which is understandable, they were really busy. So we waited (they closed at 5) and got the news a few minutes later- there was a big ole nail in the tire (they showed me). Fix not possible, need new tire. Oh, and I have after-market wheels, so they had exactly 1 tire they could use. $135 later, I was good to go. Oww. That done, we went to dinner, when it began sleeting a bit. This cut my trip short as I really didn't want to be driving in really awful weather. And actually the drive home wasn't all that bad, no freaked out drivers, just people being reasonably cautious (for the most part).

Sunday was migraine day. Didn't get much accomplished at all. Did get a nap on the couch with the Kyle-dog. He was funny, laying next to me, belly up. That was a happy thing. Finally felt better about 8 pm or so... *sighs* But didn't sleep well, and had trouble getting myself moving this morning. :(

So can I have my week-end back to re-do?
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Real quick- been busy, both with NaNoWriMo writing, and with work. The bosses are away, and I've been trying to get ahead on a few things in their absence. So far it's going well, but it means I haven't been paying as much attention to you lovelies. So I apologize for that.

News: last Sunday hubby and I went to see the grandkids and give them their prezzies. See, Baby B turned 3 on Saturday (not much of a baby huh?) and Baby J turned 1 yesterday. :) We arrived, gave them prezzies, all of which went over quite well. J is quite the Mr Independent. He walks really well, and hates to be fed- he much prefers to have things in J size pieces and feed himself- Thank you! It's really cute. Of course, both kids are absolutely adorable. :)

Write in tonight for my Nano group. :) Should be fun. I also have my (hopefully last) PT appointment tonight. I'm not sure I've mentioned it here, but I've been going to PT for the last few weeks to learn how to stretch and relax my neck and shoulder muscles- when I get a migraine they get amazingly tight, which means that my tension feeds my headache, which feeds my tension. I must admit that since I've been going and getting all stretched out, the couple migraines I've had haven't been as bad! This is good news. :)

Wrimo Widget: go me!

And lastly- and a huge surprise this: Dragons! (oh, and see [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty I can only get red GIRLS! ;) )
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So last night was my sleep study. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and was nervous (this is typical of me). The worst part is always the getting there- and by that I really mean the act of going from my house to the new location. What if I can't find it? Will it be hard to find parking? And so on. Luckily I had actually been to the hospital before, so that part was pretty easy.

The information they sent me suggested that I bring my own pillow... Which I did. It was very odd to be sitting around the admissions area to the surgery center with my overnight bag and a pillow. I got some very strange looks, and this amused me. Then it was time to go up and a very nice lady showed me to my room. The sleep center was dimly lit, and very quiet. I didn't see anyone other than the woman who took me to my room and then the tech I worked with. Kinda creepy.

The room, as I was told it would be, was set up like a hotel room- complete with it's own bathroom/shower, tv, all that. I watched a video on sleep apnea, and then worked on my needlework project while waiting. The tech I was working with was funny. She was sure I was working on the needlework project for her. *grins* Turns out she's decorating one of the rooms in her house in the same colors as in my project- she even brought in the paint sample card to show me. *laughs*

Getting all wired up was very, very weird. And did make things difficult. But as everything was getting set up I did get to watch Project Runway for the first time ever, and part of Tabitha Takes Over. Anyone else see that last night? I want to know what happened! The commercials were fascinating- as I never see them anymore... (for those not in the know, hubby and I do not have cable, nor do we receive any local channels- the TV is really the monitor for the entertainment center and shows DVDs, VHS tapes, and PlayStation 2 games. We do however subscribe to Netflix.)

I was able to fall asleep, only to get woken up part way through the night so the CPAP nose thingie could be put on... As it turns out, I do indeed have pretty severe apnea. Go me! Now, falling asleep with this thing on my face? Much more difficult, but as I was already halfway there, I managed. I still woke up a couple of times, but that's just me.

This morning she woke me up- with the comment that she would have woken me an hour earlier but I had to go and hold my breath, so she had to watch me go through another sleep cycle... The tech also commented that she saw three or so spikes (prior to the CPAP) that indicated headache/migraine. This very much interested me. I will be getting a CPAP machine and I've been hoping that it would help with my migraines.

Now for insurance fun- there are two big hospitals in the area I and S. My insurance insisted that I go to I for the sleep study, fine with me. However, for the actual CPAP I have to go through S's medical equipment group... o_O ? If S is who I have to work with, then why didn't I go to their Sleep Center? (Hubby thinks it's because S's center might be more expensive)

Overall, I'm glad I went, it wasn't horrible, and hopefully will be of major help. Came home, had breakfast out with the hubby, napped for an hour ('cause yes, I was sleepy) and then came in to work at noon. So it's been a very weird day for me over all.

And since it's been days since I posted them- dragons! ;)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Am home, have migraine from hell. Actually called in to work, even though it means Mr. Boss has to watch phones all day!

If we had plans today- I apologize but I am not going to make it.

Must go before head falls off and runs away.
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So... saw the brain doc on Wednesday. I know you've all been waiting on tenterhooks to see how that one went. Doc M. is highly amusing, I had forgotten just how eccentric he is. While talking I mentioned my dog, which prompted him to tell me about Bruno, the dog they rescued. Complete with pulling out his cellphone and opening it so I could see the picture he has... Bruno is a very cute, goofy looking dog. Mutt of some sort.

Anyway, we talked dogs, my brain, how anti-depressants depress me... He's very curious to see the results of next week's sleep study, as am I for that matter. We're doing away with the Prozac and neurontin. Since they're really not doing anything for me. At least, nothing positive. So I go through the sleep study and see. In the meantime I'm also going to start taking melatonin to help me sleep at night (Doc thinks sleeping issues could be a major factor in my head troubles) and he wants me to go to PT for my neck soreness. Basically- I start to get a migraine and my neck tenses up, which in turn feeds into my head pain. If I can work on the neck pain, and not feed the migraine- it should be better. So yeah, many things to do, not all pharmaceutical- which I like. Doc doesn't particularly like, but I'm stubborn. :)

One of my many reasons for not wanting to be on a ton of pharmaceuticals is that moving thing. I don't know how many of the meds he wants me one would be easily accessible in Ireland. Not only that, but if it's stuff I have to take daily- what would I do between leaving my current job and getting set up on the Irish medical insurance? If my migraines can be mostly managed non-pharmaceutically, and I have useful rescue drugs- I would prefer it.

However, while we're changing things- the brain chemistry is a little funky. And my sleep is even more messed up than usual... That should get sorted out fairly quickly though. I hope. This foggy mental state is just annoying. Especially as I tend to want to nap in the morning, and they frown on my doing that at work. Silly people.

Let's see... Oh yes, earlier this week hubby went to a staff meeting at work- and came out with a pen with a laser pointer on one end. This is now quite possibly the Best Cat Toy in Leo's eyes. He's been having a blast chasing that darned little red light all OVER! Sasha, is not so impressed. A couple nights ago, Hubby is standing near the kitchen/dining area, sending Leo running all over the apartment after the light (including under and over the Kyle). Sasha is on the chair near hubby, she gets up on her back legs- and bats the PEN! Why chase the light when you can get to the source? Much more successful and requires less actual work. *snickers* I love my cat.

Lastly- Yay for Friday!!!
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This is going to be one of THOSE posts... one of the ones with whine in them.

First the excellent- Saturday was much fun, first at the "Kill It and Grill It" at DK and BE's home. Saw some people, had some good food, left on a good note.

Then! I was lucky enough to be able to arrange to have dinner with [livejournal.com profile] robinskij and her brother!! That was a lot of fun. I'm so very glad that I got to meet her in person. :) Just goes to show how awesome my taste in friends is! *grins*

Then came Sunday, with the migraine... ate up most of the day.

Yesterday- same, except I was at work. Well, it wasn't as bad and Zomig made it go away so I could function. After work was dinner with the hubby and we were supposed to go to a movie- but my head wasn't sure, so we skipped it. Instead we went to Lane Bryant (restaurant and movie theater in large mall place). I needed new jeans, badly. There was an overly helpful clerk. I ended up getting two sweaters (very flattering, though I didn't think they would be), slacks for work, and jeans! I really, really like their 'right fit' sizing concept. The jeans fit amazingly well, and the work pants! I'm in love. Then The helpful clerk helped me be sneaky- I applied for the LB credit card- with the 15% off for applying, and charged it to me card (double points!) and then made a payment with my debit card. *grins*

Today- bad, bad, bad head. Neurologist and I will be having a LONG talk next week. To summarize my points- over the last year I have gained about 40lbs, despite walking daily and being more careful about what I eat, and my blood pressure is routinely coming up high. To the point where the NP isn't sure about letting me have Zomig- the only thing that works! The preventatives aren't preventing anything! And the anti-depressant SSRI migraine preventative- is depressing me!! I don't get daily headaches anymore, but I do get more migraines- and they hurt more. Seems like all the medication trials are making things WORSE! so yeah, long talk. In the meantime I hurt and am most grumpy about this.


Aug. 31st, 2008 12:02 am
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So... changing medications from one thing to another sucks.

I've been weaning off one med so I can switch to a new migraine preventative. This is not going well. I actually had to cancel my plans today because I was having issues with vertigo, and driving seemed like a bad idea. I really don't like this.

The only plus I can see right now is that my next appointment with my neurologist's office is actually with the Doc. I really think we're trying the wrong path with my migraine prevention. The anti-depressants and SSRIs don't seem to be working at ALL for me. Not to mention the side effects suck.

and yeah... have some dragons to look at- so the post isn't all whining. ;) Don't feel like you have to click or anything either.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Feb. 18th, 2008 10:06 am
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I would just like to say that when it comes to having a migraine- Zomig is a fantabulous thing.

Yesterday the temps went UP! snow began to melt, and there was rain. So of course there was head pain! It wasn't too bad for the most part- and then there was the trouble sleeping, and the pain got worse overnight. So this morning I took a Zomig...

Pain is mostly gone, but so is processing speed. There is a slight delay in the system... And do you mind if I just go ahead and take a nap now?

Wow... kinda fun, blood-reduced brain power does come up with some interesting thoughts.

In other news- Saturday was both cross stitch sale shopping, and Star Wars!! *grins* Fun game, I'm playing a grubby mechanic (think something like Kaylee from Firefly (minus her boy crazy stuff) and the chick mechanic from the new BSG). She happens to go by the nickname Sparks, and among other things is learning to be a Jedi. I keep telling people that the ability to use telekinesis while trying to repair a star ship is not to be underrated!

She's also building a droid army. Not quite on purpose, it's just turning out that way as she collects more and more droids. Some people count coup on their defeated opponents, she claims their droids, and reprograms them. Fun line for the day "Force Sensitive or not, he'll still die like one!" exclaimed before heading into direct battle with a cyborg on her ship, lightsaber pulled. First time she'd ever used a lightsaber in combat. Of course, the only reason she was actually in combat was because someone was ON HER SHIP! and trying to hurt it. This is bad. Truth told, she only got one good hit in, then took the brunt of his attack so someone else could kill him. She did salvage his mechanical bits though... Hey- you never know what could come in handy!

Sunday was the big day though... See several months ago I promised the Husband that once he got a job- we could get him a Mac. He's been wanting one for almost six years now. He almost bought one, and then didn't because his roomie talked him into a Vaio- reminding hubby that he wouldn't be able to participate in their LAN parties with the Mac. So hubby bought the Vaio. This was not a good decision. It didn't make it to two years old...

So Sunday we went to Best Buy because they now have a Mac Store. We wanted to look at a couple specific laptops, but there was a very, VERY non-computer literate couple taking up the salesperson's time. We were just going to look! So we waited and chatted with three other salespeople, and found out they were doing a '18 months 0% financing' deal. This is the same deal we used at Circuit City to buy Dylan. So we thought, played with all the Macs there, and then finally got to look at the MacBooks. They were pretty. Shiny. But, we left to ponder some more- and went to dinner. Talked over dinner. I was feeling puny at the store, but food, drink, and Tylenol helped. So we went BACK to Best Buy, got approved for their credit card (aka the financing) and bought this:
Our MacBook!

As of yet it does not have a name. I must remedy this, when I get around to loading all my iTunes and what not. So cool!! I'm really looking forward to playing with it. Last night all I really did was set up all the updates, and load iWork onto it. Must add OpenOffice.

So for right now we are a two laptop home! Wow! (well, two laptops that work, I have a third but the power input is broken) Not sure what we're going to do with the HP yet. Quite possibly sell it, or maybe give it to the step-daughter (they are computerless). Dunno yet.

So how are ya'll?


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