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So I'm sitting on the couch with a Sasha-bear curled up in my lap, purring softly, her chin warm as it rests on my leg. I need something that isn't within immediate arm reach. Clearly I couldn't disturb her. Luckily this dilemma was easily solved as there was a husband also sitting on the couch. He kindly agreed to get me the item I needed.

As he was handing it to me, Sasha woke up suddenly and needed to leave my lap immediately!

And the item I wanted wasn't even the FURminator...
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Sasha demonstrates the proper way to spend a semi-snowy Tuesday morning. :)


(please note that I had no hand in the arranging of blankets.)
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Twelve years ago today I dragged my Elder Brother J with me to Midland County Animal Control. They had featured a quartet of kittens in the newspaper the day before, and I wanted to go take a look at them. A look, that's what I had said. For some reason, Elder Brother J didn't believe that's all I had planned. This may have had something to do with the kitty carrier in the back seat. I can't be sure.

We got there, I looked. Four kittens had been abandoned, I was told that they were eight weeks old, but they were really closer to six. There was the all grey one, two grey (or possibly black my memory is fuzzy) and white ones, and a little tortishell kitten. The Torti was quite shy, and avoided any attempts I made to make friends. The two grey/black and whites were very vocal, and both were more interested in biting my fingers than in letting me pet them. The little grey one was quieter, and licked my fingers. There was a part of me that thought that I should take the shy Torti home with me, but I wasn't quite sure that I was in the proper place in my life to really work at bringing a shy cat around. The little grey kitten came home with me. On the ride back to my parents's house (to drop off the brother) before heading to the apartment I shared with my sister, Sasha got her name.

Here she is on the day I brought her home:
Baby Sasha

See? Resistance was futile! I had no choice. The very next day she went to the vet and we discovered that she weighed all of 1 lb exactly. She was also covered with fleas. We took care of that, dosing both her and my sister's cat- and we managed to ward off a major infestation. Oh, and sister's cat- NOT happy about the little grey intruder. When I brought her home Liska hissed at her, later that evening Sasha was in my room, and I was in the living room talking to my sister and Liska hissed at ME. It took a bit of time for the older cat to get used to having a kitten around. Especially when the kitten got older and somehow managed to overturn the papasan chair on top of Liska. I'm still not sure how a couple pounds of kitten managed that, but on more than one occasion we would come home to a trapped Liska. Liska did try to blame the 'eating of the flowers' on Sasha, which worked once, the second time was a bit harder for her to carry off, what with a flower dangling from her mouth...

Sasha tricked me too. See, she stopped being relatively quiet. That first night home she discovered her voice, and really hasn't shut up for long since. She's a cat with a lot to say, and will carry on conversations with me (and the hubby). For that matter, until we lived with him I had no idea that Sasha had such strong political views... She does, and will carry on at length about them. They say that cats have the ability to make 100 different vocalizations. I'm pretty sure Sasha knows most of them. Oh, and those first few nights with her were interesting- apparently my eyes did this moving thing (you know, that REM stage of sleep), Sasha thought it her duty to pounce on anything that moved. Yeah. That was fun.

It seems impossible that twelve years have passed since that first day. I look back and I'm just amazed at everything she and I have been through together. We've had multiple human roommates, and animal ones. Some she got along with really well, and others she really, really didn't care for. Through it all she's been my little Grey Girl, the Grey Ghost, Queen of the Shoe People. My Sasha.

At twelve she's a grumpy ole lady cat. Healthy as can be, aside from her fur having the tendency to mat if you look at her funny. She's feisty, not hesitating to go after Kyle when he gets out of line. She's incredibly loving, on her terms, and will insist at length that it's time for her to get the attention due to her. If you try to stop petting her before she's ready, she will grab your arm and bring it back to her, generally while yelling at you. At night she's an excellent ankle warmer, as she drapes herself over them to sleep.

She's my little girl, my college graduation gift to myself, and I love her dearly. That little baby kitten grew up to be a gorgeous lady cat.

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Warning if you do not like cute kitty stories then... well, wait, why are you reading MY journal again? I mean, it's not ALL kitty stories, but check out the username... I am the person who WILL point out every kitty I see, even stopping mid-sentence to point and exclaim "Kitty!"

Anywho, so Her Royal Majesty Sasha was perusing her domain via the open sliding glass door. A safety screen kept nature from actually impinging on Her Person. I'm not sure what precipitated what follows, but it must have been Quite Significant. Her Majesty felt it necessary to give the world a most thorough dressing down. She berated it up one side and down the other, listing ALL of it's myriad failings (rain, heat, bugs that don't listen when she tells them to leave, etc.). Generally speaking, Her Majesty only lectures the Husband and myself, informing us of her hunger, or impending starvation depending on how 'late' the meal was served, or letting us know that her water bowl had gone tepid, and so on. We are used to her mannerisms, and don't take her complaints to heart... much.

After her lecture was over, she turned her back and headed off to let my Husband know that dinner could now be served. Unfortunately for him, Kyle decided that he wanted to go to the screen door to see how the world reacted to Her Majesty's lecture. He got slightly too close to Her Person, and Sasha reacted quite strongly. Kyle got hissed at and whacked across the muzzle. After whining, and jumping away, Kyle looked up at his adored daddy, his eyes seeming to say "But I didn't do nuthin'!!" To which Her Majesty hissed again, speaking in cat something that roughly translates to "You're Breathing!" Because we all know, that's reason enough.

Meanwhile, Leo was trying to simply stay out of her way. Via hanging out on the counter top, being most helpful in showing my Husband where the food lives. Obviously, if Leo did not show us EVERY time, we would forget where it was, and they would starve.
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Waaaay back on September 22, 1997 I brought home This )

She weighed all of 1 lb and was guessed to be 7-8 weeks old by the County(I adopted her from Midland County Animal Control) and the vet suggested more like 5 weeks old... She was the most beautiful ball of grey fluff.

However, I quickly learned that when I saw the mohawk ) it was time to worry, because Sasha was about to go batshit crazy...

It's been an adventurous eleven years- we've been to many places, with many roommates, and many roommate's pets. Through it all, it's been Sasha and me. My queenly, cuddly baby girl. She's very sure on when it's time to be cuddled, and when it's NOT the appropriate time. She's an expert on the proper amount of exertion for the task.

Sasha was my graduation from college gift to myself. The first cat that was really 'mine' (Alex, the cat I forced my parents to adopt when I was 13 quickly became my mom's cat). As my roommates found out when I began to visit [ profile] lazycatsteve over weekends, Sasha was quite attached and would attempt to escape to find me.

The first time I drove with her up to Haslett to see our future apartment- I had a doe commit suicide on my car. I'm convinced that she was despondent because men were in the woods with bows and arrows trying to kill her. As I sat in the drivers seat, trying not to panic, Sasha's purrs rumbled through thr car interior. I'm not really sure if she was trying to console herself or me, but I know what the romantic part of me says. ;) She took to this apartment, and my future hubby, quite well. Though I'm still not sure if she's totally forgiven my for Leo and Kyle.

As a kitten she was all voice and energy. There were flying lessons at night when she tried to attack my eyelids for moving... Her racing around the apartment tormenting my older sister's cat Liska. As she's gotten older she's gotten a bit cranky, set in her ways. When the boys get too rambunctious she's quick to lay the smacketh down on Kyle (Leo just doesn't listen).

We have our routines, and she's quick to tell me what's on her mind... at length. And I love that, I love my little grey girl. :) We've had eleven years together, and I hope we have many many more, with bigger adventures still waiting for us.

And here she is now, with her friends )
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So... saw the brain doc on Wednesday. I know you've all been waiting on tenterhooks to see how that one went. Doc M. is highly amusing, I had forgotten just how eccentric he is. While talking I mentioned my dog, which prompted him to tell me about Bruno, the dog they rescued. Complete with pulling out his cellphone and opening it so I could see the picture he has... Bruno is a very cute, goofy looking dog. Mutt of some sort.

Anyway, we talked dogs, my brain, how anti-depressants depress me... He's very curious to see the results of next week's sleep study, as am I for that matter. We're doing away with the Prozac and neurontin. Since they're really not doing anything for me. At least, nothing positive. So I go through the sleep study and see. In the meantime I'm also going to start taking melatonin to help me sleep at night (Doc thinks sleeping issues could be a major factor in my head troubles) and he wants me to go to PT for my neck soreness. Basically- I start to get a migraine and my neck tenses up, which in turn feeds into my head pain. If I can work on the neck pain, and not feed the migraine- it should be better. So yeah, many things to do, not all pharmaceutical- which I like. Doc doesn't particularly like, but I'm stubborn. :)

One of my many reasons for not wanting to be on a ton of pharmaceuticals is that moving thing. I don't know how many of the meds he wants me one would be easily accessible in Ireland. Not only that, but if it's stuff I have to take daily- what would I do between leaving my current job and getting set up on the Irish medical insurance? If my migraines can be mostly managed non-pharmaceutically, and I have useful rescue drugs- I would prefer it.

However, while we're changing things- the brain chemistry is a little funky. And my sleep is even more messed up than usual... That should get sorted out fairly quickly though. I hope. This foggy mental state is just annoying. Especially as I tend to want to nap in the morning, and they frown on my doing that at work. Silly people.

Let's see... Oh yes, earlier this week hubby went to a staff meeting at work- and came out with a pen with a laser pointer on one end. This is now quite possibly the Best Cat Toy in Leo's eyes. He's been having a blast chasing that darned little red light all OVER! Sasha, is not so impressed. A couple nights ago, Hubby is standing near the kitchen/dining area, sending Leo running all over the apartment after the light (including under and over the Kyle). Sasha is on the chair near hubby, she gets up on her back legs- and bats the PEN! Why chase the light when you can get to the source? Much more successful and requires less actual work. *snickers* I love my cat.

Lastly- Yay for Friday!!!
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Michigan weather is doing it's thing- which means for the second day in a row I woke up with a migraine. Zomig to the rescue! Feeling much better now, but so tired! I did NOT sleep well last night, and in addition to the migraine I woke up grumpy.

Okay, so I had a mini-meltdown last night right at bedtime. I told hubby I just wanted to have a good cry. He told me to go ahead if I wanted and that he would hold me. (Do I have a great guy or what?) I didn't want to, really, because that leads to stuffy noses and headaches. But I ended up doing so anyway. And of course ended up with a stuffy nose and headache. There was one plus- after I quieted hubby realized he forgot to set coffee up for this morning...

I tend to cry when I get frustrated. And I've had several little frustrations pile on top of each other and... yeah, hello tears! I think I got most of it out of my system last night. A 'good cry' can be cathartic. So no worries about me- I'm better now (though first thing this morning... not so good. ;) ).

Not sleeping well, and migraine meds added together make for a sleepy kitty. Good thing lunch is coming up- I may be able to snag a 15 minute nap. For some reason they have a problem with me doing these things at work. I don't get it. ;)

In other, positive news, I'm actually feeling writing creative again, this is a big plus. The Chris/Claire story has much to do with that. I've been focusing more on Claire lately (as those who read [ profile] sashegrey have seen) so it may be time to give Chris some attention. Though should that be Chris from before or after? (this makes sense if you're me. ;) )

Hmm, hubby starts a three-evenings-in-a-row work series tonight. This means I won't see much of him this weekend. Which is never happy making. I may have to wander to the bookstore or internets cafe and do some writing on Saturday (so as to not disturb his sleeping).

Sasha was also being adorable last night. She kept trying to get in between hubby and I (while we were trying to cuddle) so SHE get get her share (and then some) of the attention. Being told no didn't bother her at all, she didn't listen, but that's to be expected. ;) Eventually we did have to kick her off the bed because biting and grabbing hands is not an appropriate way of 'requesting' affection. She did eventually forgive us.

So how's things by all of you?
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Right then, so I go to get the mail today and see that the post office tried to deliver a package to me... I wasn't expecting anything so- Mystery Package! Neat. :) Who doesn't love a mystery package?

The only thing is that It's addressed to Anne 'Maiden Name' not Anne 'Married Name' so I'm all kinds of confused. Here I am trying to figure out who has my mailing address, but doesn't know my married name? I'll find out tomorrow when I go to pick it up. But I'm quite curious.

On a totally unrelated note, here's yet another way we know Sasha is MY cat. We have two dining room chairs that we tend to use (The other is a coat stand / stuff catcher). Sasha likes to sleep on the two chairs we do have- especially when one of us gets up (warm that way). When the hubby returns and sees that she's taken his chair he tries to move her, and she yells and digs her claws into the chair mat. There have actually been times when he simply uses the other chair in order to not have to fight her. Me? (this just happened) I come back from say the bathroom, see she's on my chair. So I move the other chair, call her name, and if I'm lucky she'll get up and jump to the other chair. If not so lucky I have to pick her up to move her- but she doesn't yell or dig claws in. *laughs* Apparently Sasha has decided that she has seniority over DH....

Well, she HAS been in my life longer than he has....
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Dear Sasha,

When I adopted you no one knew your birthday, so I had to estimate based on your age at the time. I decided that August 17th was your official birthday.

You do know what that means right? Yes Your Royal Highness, that means that today you are officially 9 years old. NINE! Wow. This also means that it's just 5 weeks shy of nine years that we've been together.

It hasn't always been easy, we moved around a lot in those first few years so you've had to deal with many different roommates and their pets. You've always handled it beautifully my dear, with true style.

Thank you for 9 wonderful years (yes, I'm currently blanking on all those times I threatened to turn you into a muff), and here's to a hope for at least another nine years.

With tons of love,

The Mama

Her Royal Highness, Sasha The Grey )

(also in [ profile] note_to_cat)
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Except it's not, but it is and...

Yeah, very, very tired. Was up early yesterday and then stayed up very late. I had to finish my application, resume modification, and cover letter for the library job. Husband insisted. For which I am quite grateful (all had to be in to the library by 5 pm today). This was all done by 1 am (mostly because up until the evening I had procrastinated and didn't have much done), when the panic tried to set in- my new sexy Dylan does not have the right bits to connect to my printer! So there could be no printing. Hyperventilating may have taken place were the husband not there to keep me calm. In the end the final decision was for me to load things onto my flash drive and print the documents out at work. This was accomplished and the materials faxed in! :) So yay. Sleepy yay, but yay nonetheless.

Yesterday was also a trip to the parents' house with Good Dog Kyle. He quite impressed my parents with his gentleman-like behavior. :) He was also pretty good in the car, it took him awhile to settle down in the backseat, and we'll likely buy him a seat belt harness thing, but for yesterday he was fine. Fairly exhausted when we got home too, not so much that he didn't sneak his treats out of my purse... See, we brought some treats with us, and then didn't give him all of them. After we got home he pulled the baggie from my purse and into his crate he went to eat them all. Brat. At least the remains were in his crate. So far that's really the only thing he's done 'wrong' I think I can live with this.

In cat news- there's much improvement. :) Pan Cat is back. Which really, really made the hubby and I happy. Leo is still skittish around Kyle, but he's not just hanging out in his room anymore. He's taken his meal-time place on the organizer again- also a relief. So all around things are just calming down bit by bit. Not bad for Kyle only having been there one week. :)

Have I mentioned I'm really, really tired today? Oh, and it's Monday- right?
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Well, good news. Sasha actually came to collect cuddles last night, and slept with us for awhile. And when we had houseguests last night Leo actually came out to say hello. :) This makes for happiness.
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Oh! [ profile] jiffjenn, Princess Sasha wanted me to pass along her thanks for the very lovely gift you sent her. The image on the backdrop is completely to her liking. ;) In fact- she wouldn't even let Leo play with the outer box the prezzie came in!

So thank you! It's great. :)
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So here I am, the day before a three day weekend- which happens to include Christmas Eve and Christmas. So is it any wonder that I don't really want to be here?

Not to mention that I had typed up a client list (need to make some new labels for 2006, yes my work is exciting!) and saved it. Apparently that last part didn't happen. Have I mentioned that while we have a wonderful database we don't have a wonderful means of using that database to create an easy list of current clients? So I had to re-type all of it. Yeah. So now the labels have been printed, and all that's left is to apply them to folders, two hole punch them and put metal thingies in the holes.

Since that's waaay too exciting, I'm updating instead. :) Last night was on par with my usual excitement level- that is to say, oooh, lots. I did get Christmas presents wrapped- with no help from Sasha and only minimal help attempts made by the Leo. See, earlier in the day one of my sweaters had fallen on the ground near Sasha's favorite sleeping spot (under the dining room table). So she claimed the sweater as hers and wasn't moving. Leo was easily enough distracted by a jingly ball that I threw down the hall for him.

Ooh!! Cat Story!

So, Leo is racing around the apartment like someone set his tail on fire. He ran at Sasha- who was, per usual, under the dining room table. She chased him around the table, and having thusly increased his speed he went tearing down the hallway. It being boring down there by himself he came racing back towards Sasha. He leapt up in the air to tackle her. She, not having ANY of this, similarly leapt up in the air (I didn't know she could do this). They met in a mid-air collision, tummy to tummy.

Thusly did Leo get the smackdown. Sasha doesn't outweigh him by very much, but apparently it was enough to give her the advantage in an inertia contst. She landed on him and executed another maneuver I didn't know she could manage, leaping off him- turning mid-air and bounding back into her 'cave' under the chair, on my sweater. Leo looked at her, looked at me and headed back down the hallway.

In commenting to Sasha about how proud I was of her- I realized that as of three days ago, Leo had been with us for a year. On December 18th the hubby and I went to CAHS and paid for him- but we had to wait until the 20th to bring him home- he needed to be snipped. It seems like he's been with us forever, and the whole 'just a year' thing seems to short. Of course, since I had just moved in with the hubby, and it feels like I've lived with him forever (in a good way!) that we must have had Leo forever. So Leo is now 2 years old (and the pic from this icon is a year old...).


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