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2010-09-17 03:15 pm
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That Job...

that I didn't apply for?

Didn't get it.

They decided to go with an internal candidate. The staffing agency said they got great feedback about me, and will definitely keep my in mind for future opportunities.

Trying to see the good side. This gave me additional experience interviewing, I do now have an in with this staffing agency. Umm... well, I'll come up with more in a bit.

In the meantime the cold that managed to find me is making life annoying, so I'm going to go have some soup and tea.
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2010-09-10 05:11 pm
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Job Stuff

Today I had an interview for a job I didn't apply for. Fun huh? :)

Wednesday I got a call from someone at a staffing agency. She had seen my resume online and wanted to talk to me about a specific position they were contracting out. We spoke for a bit and made plans for me to come in Thursday. In the meantime I did some web searching on the company just to make sure she was legit, and found her company, and some reviews of same. Good, the place is real.

Thursday morning she calls and tells me that there's a Word and Excel test they would like me to take (Standard Procedure for clerical workers). However, this process has improved and I can take the test at home! I agree, and let her know I'll get it done before I head to her office (about a 45 minute drive away). A few minutes later she called back and said that she spoke to her contact at the client company and they want to do a preliminary phone interview- and if that goes well they would set up a time for an in person interview. Okay fine. Half an hour later the person at the client company calls, we talk for a bit and he says they want to schedule an appointment, but he has to find out when his office manager is free. He asked me how the staffing company was treating me, and I explained that we'd only had a short relationship, but so far so good! I call the staffing agency and she tells me that because of the interview the next day- I don't have to go to their offices. *shrugs* Okay. Good thing too because given all the delays and what not I didn't have time to get ready and get to her office by the original time we agreed on.

Yesterday was spent making sure I had all my stuff ready (copies of my resume, a print out of all my prior employers addresses/contact names/phone numbers, as well as my reference info), getting my Interview Clothes prepped, and general fretting/stressing. The staffing agency actually sent me a pre-interview document that had interview prep information (what to wear, not to wear, show up on time, etc.) as well as sample questions that may be asked, and sample questions I should ask. Generally stuff I already knew, but at the same time it was kind of good to read through to further prepare myself.

I went to the interview- and really like the sounds of the job, and the employer is one that I would like to work for. She says she has to talk to HR but I should hear something next weekish because they want to fill the slot soon. (it's a contract/temp to hire situation).

We're all good right? Then, to add to the sort of weirdness of how this is all happening- I check my e-mail and see that one of the job sites I'm on has sent it's daily list of possibilities. On it is the job that I'm up for. So I click the link (noting that it was put up yesterday) and see that it's expired... Not sure what to think about that. Could be good- yeah?

Still- job possibility! Keep good thoughts for me, aye? I've been out of work since the beginning of June and this would be really good for hubby and me!
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2010-03-21 07:21 pm
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As I may have mentioned before, the hubs and I are relocating in a couple months. Which brings up the hard part of trying to find a new job. I've spent not long enough, probably, revising my resume. Trying to make me sound fantabulous! Or at least someone a prospective employer should call. There's just one problem...


I have none. This will be a problem I think. See, the current bosses don't do recommendations. They'll verify employment start and end dates, and a few other pieces of information, but they don't do recommendations. They have their reasons, and it kind of makes sense. This just puts me in a really bad spot. My co-workers are off site the majority of the time. I'm sure they can get recommendations from the site coordinators they interact with. Me? Not so much. Plus with my coworkers always off site- I don't actually work closely with any of them at all. I can't imagine asking any of them to be a reference for me because to be honest- they don't know my work. So they wouldn't be able to comment on it.

Not only that, but I've been there almost five years- the people I worked with before are no longer at those employers (I tried contacting them awhile ago), and I have no idea how to find them. My last long term job before this one also had a policy of no references- it was a temp job and the person I worked with at the temp company left a week before I did.

I have no idea what to do. I'm not sure how to explain that I really don't have anyone that can be called as a reference.


(ETA- okay, apparently I haven't mentioned it here before, as has been pointed out. Hubby and I are going to be moving to Ann Arbor, MI. Back for me, new for him. :) )
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2009-12-05 10:23 pm
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Just got home from my work's Christmas Party, this after having had the NaNo TGIO party. Given the day I had Friday, I wasn't exactly looking forward to the work party.

First though- the NaNo party, was fun. There were a few people there that I hadn't talked to before, which was cool. Also there seems to be more interest in continuing to have a writing group, as well as more critique and less social club. Though the meeting and gabbing has been a LOT of fun, I would like to get more constructive writing stuff done.

The work party was more fun than I thought it would be. Mrs. Boss hired a murder mystery couple to come in and lead us. The hubby was cast as an actor who was pretending to be a doctor (the bit about him not being a doctor wasn't known to even him right away). His first few goals were to write as many prescriptions as possible, and second to flirt with all the women. He did a really good job with his character, and got their actor of the night award. I was cast as the assistant to the murder victim's son, former assistant to the murder victim as well. I was of course in love with my boss. My character's goals were fun, and I managed to accomplish all of them. At one point I was supposed to try to get three people to sign my petition to get my boss listed as on of People's 50 Sexiest People. I succeeded in getting four to sign. *laughs* And in the end I was pretty convinced I was the murderer. And I was right! A few people thought I was the killer, but not strongly enough to write it on their sheet. Sadly, I let my group go with the majority view and we listed someone else too. A well. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

One of the guys at our table was a klepto, and he was actually stealing my hubby's silverware. Even going so far as to ask the wait staff to bring him some more- just so he could eat. He was going around the room and no one noticed him taking silverware from various people- he amassed quite the collection! We later found out the wait staff were talking about him, and rather confused as to what he was doing...

So while I was dreading this party, it came off pretty well. Though if we hadn't had roles to play, it may have been different. Oh, and per usual I was in charge of getting the bosses' present, and since many of the guys aren't in the office at the same time I was- I had to buy the present in advance and then hope they got me their portion. Wonder of wonders, by the end of the night I had everybody's contribution! I was stunned.

All in all a pretty good day. Which wasn't what I was expecting...
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2009-06-02 11:25 am
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My first Tuesday at home, and so far I've managed to sleep in, walk the dog, and take a shower... And have the stirrings of a migraine. I've been dealing pretty well, I think, with this whole 'down to part time' thing. Except for today. I should be at work.

Okay, it didn't help that yesterday Mrs. Boss was asking me about terminating my health insurance benefits- and could I contact PHP and do that. *sighs and shakes head* I understand, I do, I'm the one with the paperwork and supposedly the ability to get online to make changes (this has proven more difficult that I would like, but that's my insurance co...). At the same time, it was just upsetting.

Anyway, home now, going to wake up the husband in a bit and he's going to take me to lunch. He worked last night so I figure I'll let him get a leetle more sleep. ;)

Another worry, since I'm talking about them. My dad is turning 70 this summer (I'm still a bit stunned about that) and he mostly seems to be in good health. I say mostly because I'm worried about his mind. This past Friday (at the funeral visitation for The Judge) he called me by his littlest sister's name. See, dad has three brothers, followed by five sisters. This isn't the first time that he's called me by her name- even once while telling a story from his childhood and asking me to verify something. So I'm a little concerned- my mom talked to his doctor, saying that she was noticing that he was having trouble with his memory, and the doctor's response was something akin to 'who isn't?' I'm not comforted. When I was a kid my dad was the kind of guy who could regale you with stories about his childhood- even so far as remembering who got off the bus at which stop, when a new person moved in, all these amazing details that always surprised me. Now? I get called K. from time to time. I dunno, maybe I'm making too much of it.

In good news land, Titania is almost done...

And I leave you with dragons.
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2009-02-24 12:08 pm
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Weekend and Bits

Weekend- Thursday was dad's surgery, Friday was relaxing, Saturday and Sunday were stressful (for reasons I don't want to go into). However! The situation causing the Sat-Sun stress was quickly alleviated Monday morning. All is well. On that front. My work got a bit annoying (I was ALL caught up, and ahead in some areas and bossman tells me to be more productive? HOW?!)

I'm mostly over that. Last night was writing group. Was fun. Had an excellent conversation with [livejournal.com profile] thursday_kat about my NaNovel, which will help me with the re-write. Yay! Now to actually do this...

Also have come up with new words: Melodromantic/Melodromance. Meladrama + Romantic/Romance. See: Twilight. *laughs*

I'm feeling impatient...

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2009-02-13 09:49 am
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Posty McPostalot

My telemarketer from last week? Called again!

o_0 ?

This time he asked for the CEO, I asked him where he was calling from, and I got his name and company. Luckily for me, I didn't have to lie when I said the CEO was in a meeting and could I help him. He simply said he'd call back and hung up. No drama.

But still- he called back!
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2009-02-03 08:44 am
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This morning the alarm went off a few times, per usual, and I got up feeling all chipper! I know, weird right? I go about my morning routine feeling quite alert, chat at the similarly awake! husband, and head to work.

I've been here for 45 minutes and the urge to nap is only growing... oi. Does this say something about me, or my job? ;)
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2008-09-05 04:25 pm
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So very glad it's Friday!! And that I'm working on a brand new computer at work! See, we lease from HP and the leases were up on the old ones. Here I am on a new, speedy machine. This of course means that I've had to spend quite awhile configuring it to my liking. And I'm not sure I'm done yet...

That's about all for right now. Very much looking forward to this weekend!

Oh, and I finally gave in- in the process of searching for a former roommate, I joined Facebook. If you know my name- feel free to add. If you don't, and would like to add me, email me at gmail- thejadecat.

Anyone know if they're going to be releasing Chrome for the Mac? (I've just downloaded it for this new computer and so far like it.) Especially since the guy here at work gave me the most recent version of Firefox, so SnapLinks doesn't work! *pout*

Speaking of SnapLinks, have some dragons.
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2008-07-23 12:19 pm
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Bad Morning

So, first of all my alarm went off- but I incorporated it into a dream I was having (I don't remember the dream, but I remember that in it a TV turned on to some news show). So I woke up 15 minutes late, which threw off my whole schedule.

Then I discover something awful- there is no coffee. Or rather I should say that coffee wasn't set up last night to brew this morning. Given how late I was running I also didn't have time to make any, nor stop on the way to work. At work we have coffee, but not the good stuff I have at home. So this wasn't good.

Then my boss IMs me, annoyed because two invoices didn't go out yesterday. Okay, they should have- however, I did the billing for our bi-weekly run (it's a long, complicated story of how I do these things). Anyway, three of the clients we were invoicing had an hourly rate change. This meant I had to jump through some hoops, and make sure I dotted all my t's and crossed all my i's. And the database was acting up- freezing every so often so I would have to 'end task' it and restart. So no, two of the smaller invoices didn't go out. I DID do them first thing this morning.

Oh, and I woke up with a migraine. Zomig has taken care of that, so it's fine now.

I fully expect the afternoon to be better! Or else. ;)

Oh, and draggies... feel free to ignore
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