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On a slightly chilly, mostly overcast day, I stood in front of the fountain at the Turner Dodge House with family and a few friends watching as I married my Dearest.

It's been a wonderful few years, though it still seems so very strange to realize it's been FOUR years. It can't possibly have been that long. At the same time, it seems like we've been together forever. In so many ways being with my husband has just made things so much better, made me want to be better. (Made me want, doesn't mean I've succeeded yet. ;) )

I remember going through the whole taking photo process and I couldn't stop smiling (which worked well for the photographer. ;) ). I was humming and merrily bubbling along, the heels of my shoes were getting muddy from tromping across the lawn, but I really didn't care. A good friend gave hubby an egg of Silly Putty, and whenever someone asked him something he'd produce it with a claim "Don't worry, I have Silly Putty!"

It wasn't as warm as I had wanted, nor as sunny- but after I walked down the aisle I really didn't care about that. I felt as though I were vaguely drunk, even though no alcohol was served at the reception. It was wonderful to see our friends and family there to celebrate with us. The house was a lovely place to have the reception, old fashioned and just us. We didn't have any dancing, nor a sit down dinner, no toasts, just food, family, friends, and laughter.

It was a beautiful day, no matter the weather, and started a wonderful married life with the best partner I could hope for.

four more years, four more... wait, forty more years! *laughs*
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The Big Day

(I meant to post this earlier, but the hubby and I are officially on vacation, and thus aren't around the computer all that much... See you in a few days!)
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Looking back, through the archives...

Friday, October 7- Wedding Eve
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Thanks everybody for the happy anniversary wishes. :)
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The Big Day - added 10-8-07 )
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That's Mrs. Nelson to you! :)


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