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One of the reasons that I have problems watching a lot of TV shows is simply lazy writing. By that I mean- fact check people, it's not that hard. I don't blame the actors- generally they're trying to do their best with the material given to them.

If you haven't watched Season Three of House, MD, and you plan to, I suggest you stop reading.

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I guess it irritates me so much because of all the writers I know- in real life and on LJ- who do spend time trying to make sure their facts are straight. That look to find out details so that they don't throw their readers out due to a 'Huh, what? that's wrong.'

*grumbles* I'll still watch House, but I will be SO glad when this stupid storyline about the cop is resolved.
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In my opinion.

First off- women are becoming stereo typical men. Hear me out. The butt kicking thing is cool. The “OMG EMOTIONS!! NO!!!” Freak out is not cool. Why is it that when you have a physically strong female character she has to be totally afraid of her own emotions? It's like sex is fine, except when emotions are involved. Or there is no sex because the woman is so paralyzed by herself, and so locked into being macho that she can't be open and express how she feels. But this usually leads to #2 below. Before I get to that though, this strength of body, weak in emotions, thing seems to be a harkening to the ‘men’ of old. These male characters were great testimonies to physical strength, but weren’t allowed to discuss their emotions. So came a shift, in writing and society, wherein men were supposed to talk about their emotions, but didn’t seem comfortable with them. This is what happens with the rules change. Now authors are putting female characters into this position, with the same uncomfortable result.

Secondly- domination. Sure, there are some women out there who like to be dominated, told what to do, etc. I'm not like that, it makes me cranky. So for once I would really like to see an equal relationship. I'm getting so sick of these female characters that can only go for men that can kick their asses. As if the authors are telling us “women really need/want to be dominated, even if they don’t know it,” and that we can't be happy in a relationship with our equal.

If a woman has power- the man has more. Simple, basic rule that’s infecting Urban Fantasy (among other areas).

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What this boils down to, for me, is the message that comes across.

Women will never be the equal to a man.

Women may be strong, but men are always stronger.

Women do not want an equal partner, they want/need a more powerful man.

Women want/need a man to force them to enjoy sex, if only because she can’t admit she wants him- for whatever reason, and he knows that she really does (or knows he can make her enjoy it).

I don’t like the message, and I refuse to accept the ‘truth’ of it.

Note- I am not blaming men, or trying to make a man vs. woman thing.


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