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Should write something here, just can't really think of anything.

Homewise- plans for moving to Ireland are building up steam again. As is the slight freakout. Must get the cats to the vet ASAP for chipping- though I want to make sure that it's the right chip! Would be awful to chip them and get over there and find out that we used the wrong kind and the one we have isn't scannable! So yeah, calling our vet, writing to people... Hubby is working on his CV... The fun- we may have to try to go over there for 3 weeks, for interviews, come home, and make the final preparations and then make the move. Which is more money than we were hoping to spend. At the very least I'd get a three week vacation in Ireland out of the deal!

Petwise- The boys (aka cat Leo and dog Kyle for those new to this journal) have taken to napping on our bed in the evenings. Every once in awhile I'll look around and realize that Kyle is nowhere in sight, head to the bedroom and 'catch' him curled up on the bed near Leo. Leo I expect to be there- he and Sasha (my girl cat) have worked out a timeshare plan for the bed. Evenings are his time. I'm not entirely sure how they came to this agreement, and that's probably for the best.

Not much else going on. The holidays were fun, I'm glad the stress is over but I liked the days off. *laughs*
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But this time just me. :) Now, to find something to say.

Oh! Writing Peeps- GW tonight? :) :)

Though sleepy again... was nearly falling asleep here at my desk. Then I had to wander around, and someone came in to talk to me, so I'm feeling more alert again. *laughs* The person who came in did comment on how quiet my office is. I like it that way! Preferably with the bosses out and about doing what they do. ;)

Anyhow. Had a lovely evening with the hubby last night- we finished watching Mansfield Park (the 1999 version). I had seen it before, but he hadn't. He even seemed to like it okay. *laughs* There were some interruptions in the form of laundry and phone calls. Ye gods the phone! Now, ours rarely rings, and we're beginning to wonder why we even have it (then recall that we have DSL...). But last night it just kept ringing! 'Welcome to election season' hubby joked. Indeed. Hates it. I answer the phone at work, I'm not so eager to answer it at home. Unless it's a friend. Thus I encourage all friends who wish to call me- call my cell phone, I'm much likelier to answer it as it has caller id. :)

In animal news... Leo is still opening the drawer- he's very proud of himself for figuring THAT out. There's nothing in there for him anymore, but he doesn't much care. It's more the 'I CAN!' than anything else. That and it makes getting onto the kitchen counter that much more of a challenge... Like he needs one. The other two are pretty much their typical selves.

Not much else to add... Heh, the icon illustrates what I would like to be doing. ;) hope all is well with you. :)
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Started off very well. :) Saturday morning was my first belly dancing class- and I liked it a lot. There are only two other women in the class- and the teacher is really neat. I was able to pick up what little we learned on Saturday pretty quickly- I may actually be good at this. One of the times when actually having hips is a benefit! ;)

Got home and the auntie L. was there to see Kyle and meet the kitties (who confused her a little as she lives with an Asha- who looks like Leo. So she kept wanting to call Leo Sasha). So we got her all situated, packed, and then headed out to celebrate our honeyversary.

We got to the B&B about 20 minutes early. But that was fine, we were able to check in and leave our bags in our room- the English Rose Suite and had a little time to settle in. Then, since we were in the area, we headed to the hubby's folks' place for dinner. It was nice to see them again. We didn't stay too long, being eager to get back to our lovely room- and make use of the jacuzzi! I so need one of those in my dream house. I was also quite tempted to snag the writing desk that they had in the room. Among other things. ;) Hubby said he thought they might notice.

Being a Bed and Breakfast- there was indeed food served in the AM. 9 AM to be specific. I rarely ever see 9 am on the weekend. But we made it to the food area (we were in the main 'castle' and the food was served in the 'Castle Keep' which was a short walk down a gravel road/path). Oh MY! the Food was amazing. Apparently the Mr. half of the owners does all the cooking from scratch. Day 1 was a fruit cup, a coffee cake thing and stuffed french toast. Day 2 was another fruit cup (but with different fruit), a scone, and this quiche with artichoke hearts, onion, Roma tomatoes, a little parmesan cheese and basil- with a side of sausage. So, so good! I even drank the coffee because it was so good!

Sunday marked the completion of our first year of marriage. Supposedly the 'paper anniversary' though I don't really get that. I bought some clothes for the hubby- he complains about not having clothes but then isn't willing to actually spend money on clothing... so I did it for him. He really liked, especially as my explanation of why I selected the things I had showed that I actually paid attention to his preferences. Plus the new jeans actually fit him properly and show off his cute leetle butt. :) He also showed that he pays attention- I got the 10th anniversary version of the A&E/BBC Pride and Prejudice, and season 4 of Gilmore Girls. :) (though now I need to actually purchase seasons 1-3, and finish watching season 3 from Netflix.)

A couple people asked what our plans were for the day- apparently they expected we would be going out and about... Our plan- to go for a nice walk after breakfast- enjoy some of the 65 acres they have, stare at the lake for a bit, then we went back to the room. After all, I now had a DVD to watch... ;p Later on we followed the innkeep's advice and headed to Plainwell to dine at the London Grill- which was a combination of Indian and English food. Rather fitting, and the hubby kept making jokes along the lines of 'ah yes, the Biritish, who conquered the world in search of decent food..' The London Grill was really, really good! Had a Woodpecker Cider- my first since I left Ireland over 10 years ago. Which reminded me that the last time I had it was my last night in Ireland... and that there had been too many pints, too many pubs, and the knowledge to rate the toilets in each of those pubs. Plus I learned that drinking on an empty stomach is just not a good idea...

But back to the good- the pace was a bit slower than the folks at the neighboring table liked- but hubby and I were fine with it. And the waiter confused our steak preferences (I prefer medium well, hubby just medium or sometimes rare) but it was so good we really didn't care. And there was peanut butter pie!! OMG! Yummy! I think it was bigger than my entree... Very tasty.

All in all a very excellent way to spend our honeyversary.

Then we came home... the animals looked good, and quite happy to see us. It didn't look like my aunt had spent much time there (though we later found out she had stayed over night both nights and just picked up after herself...), there was food left in Sasha's dish (!), Leo was still in his room though it was mid-afternoon, and she left a note that Kyle's tummy had been pretty upset while we were gone. Come to find out that my lack of writing down feeding instructions had caused a leeetle problem- see, Everybody gets one scoop of food- the cats three times a day, the dog twice. Apparently what auntie heard was- two scoops- three times a day. No wonder Kyle's tummy was upset! We didn't bother to tell her, there wasn't a point at that time.

So we chilled, and ended up talking to the auntie and making plans for me to come over to retrieve the key. Hubby had to work last night, and I needed to go get a sinuz x-ray. Yay. The results were in today- guess what- I don't have an infection. Which means all the congestion is just allergies and I'm going to have to yell and scream in order to get something done about it.

Later when I went to get the key from my auntie she managed to totally confuse me. It took me about 30 minutes to straighten out the started off 'do you still have Kyle?' to the 'called the cops about a peeper.' Apparently one of the auntie's neighbors is an ass who spends way too much time in his back room eavesdropping on my aunt's (their houses are a little too close together). Twice now he's called the cops and claimed my aunt was peeping on him. Both times the accusations were completely unfounded. Once there was a small opening in the blinds- at floor level- created by Asha. This guy claimed auntie was watching him through that cat-made opening... yeah. Well, this Prince Charming was visiting his friends- in our apartment complex- and saw Auntie walking Kyle. So he calls the cops on some sort of 'she's bothering the neighbors' sort of thing. They did come out and talked to my neighbors- who apparently didn't have a problem. One seemed confused that they were asking her anything since Auntie didn't even live there. Auntie heard this when she was bringing Kyle out for a last walk of the evening). The guy is just trying whatever he can do to get auntie in trouble with the cops. And he's a bit scary about it- so she's trying to find somethings that she can do to protect herself. I'm thinking- Privacy Fence and a PPO for starters. The guy sounds unbalanced.

Then I'm drving home and enter the complex- only to have to pull over because there are two firetrucks, and ambulance and a couple cop cars- with attending people running tither and yon- in the road and in one of the side parking lots. Never did find out what happened exactly- but it cleared up shortly after I drove up (at least enough for cars to get down the road. Also, it wasn't near my apartment- which, after the auntie discussion, was something of a relief.

Eh... have more but I actually have some work to finish up... laters.


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