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For the past week or so I have been bracing my right wrist because my tendinitis is acting up again. Apparently the left wrist has now gotten jealous. It hurts, a lot. Must go buy brace for it tonight. :(

In the meantime- CUTE! combined with WANT!! I'll buy, I'll take 12 free!!!

funny dog pictures with captions
see more puppies
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So I opened this window some time ago, and then never got around to posting. Will do so nowish.

The state of the Anne... Tired. Ooooh, shocker! And a secret- when sleeping, I snore. Hubby has gotten to the point where he's worried about me. So I tell my neurologist's NP last night. Adding in the fact that I'm not a mouth breather/snorer. This leads her to deciding that a sleep study might be good, to rule out apnea. Yippee... *bland face* I am so excited... Eh, but if it helps me to sleep better, I guess it's worth it, right?

Let's see, oh, and she DID give me samples of my Zomig, which should see me through until I can get my prescription filled. Though I'm still going to call my insurance company and complain. A lot. We're also going to switch my preventative- again. Since the Pristiq isn't working she wants to switch me to Prozac. *ponders* I'm not terribly thrilled with this, but she wants to try it. If it helps, I'll take it, but I've heard a lot of conflicting things about Prozac.

This morning didn't seem to want to start well. I didn't want to get out of bed, but Sasha was yelling for breakfast, and Kyle was giving me the 'needta go OUT' look. Tempting as it was to take Sasha out and feed Kyle, I did the reverse. ;) After all my 'going to work' prep was done I was leaving a minute or so later than usual, and was running down the stairs as someone was running up. It was hubby!! He got out of work a tad early (meaning his report to the nurse taking over his patients must have gone quickly). So I got to talk to him for a minute, and get a kiss or two. :) Most definitely improved my day.

Now I'm at work and bored... Bored and tired is not good. I have a couple things to do (which I've been slowly working on), but yeah. Of course, I did open this window at 8:23 am, and it's now 10:16, fun to see what time it will be when I actually post it... Not much else to say. so I leave you with an article and some dragons.

LONDON (Reuters) - Magpies can recognize themselves in a mirror, highlighting the mental skills of some birds and confounding the notion that self-awareness is the exclusive preserve of humans and a few higher mammals.

I just think this is way too cool. Just goes to show that animals aren't as dumb as some humans thought they were.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

And an eggie that [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty is holding on for me, until I have room. (Which would be about now.. you going to be around tonight [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty?)
Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
These two have been abandoned... I don't need a FOURTH red female, nor another old vine female...
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I just called the pharmacy to have my migraine med filled (I had dropped off a scrip to be put on file). According to their computer check with my insurance- I can't get anymore Zomig until September 3rd!! WTF? The last time I got a prescription filled I got 6 pills, which according to doctor dosing is like 9 days, according to my insurance it's 14+ days...

I did get a letter from them a few weeks ago saying that they would allow 8 pills to be distributed at a time, but I didn't see that amount as the monthly amount- and that doesn't even correspond to dosing schedules! So the one medication that really works for me - I won't be able to get for two weeks? And even then it'll be EIGHT pills for the whole month?! No no no no... this will not work. Sure... they'll give me 30 darvocet, no problem- but zomig? Oooh no...

The only plus I can see at this moment- I have an appointment with my neurologist's office tonight.
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Michigan weather is doing it's thing- which means for the second day in a row I woke up with a migraine. Zomig to the rescue! Feeling much better now, but so tired! I did NOT sleep well last night, and in addition to the migraine I woke up grumpy.

Okay, so I had a mini-meltdown last night right at bedtime. I told hubby I just wanted to have a good cry. He told me to go ahead if I wanted and that he would hold me. (Do I have a great guy or what?) I didn't want to, really, because that leads to stuffy noses and headaches. But I ended up doing so anyway. And of course ended up with a stuffy nose and headache. There was one plus- after I quieted hubby realized he forgot to set coffee up for this morning...

I tend to cry when I get frustrated. And I've had several little frustrations pile on top of each other and... yeah, hello tears! I think I got most of it out of my system last night. A 'good cry' can be cathartic. So no worries about me- I'm better now (though first thing this morning... not so good. ;) ).

Not sleeping well, and migraine meds added together make for a sleepy kitty. Good thing lunch is coming up- I may be able to snag a 15 minute nap. For some reason they have a problem with me doing these things at work. I don't get it. ;)

In other, positive news, I'm actually feeling writing creative again, this is a big plus. The Chris/Claire story has much to do with that. I've been focusing more on Claire lately (as those who read [livejournal.com profile] sashegrey have seen) so it may be time to give Chris some attention. Though should that be Chris from before or after? (this makes sense if you're me. ;) )

Hmm, hubby starts a three-evenings-in-a-row work series tonight. This means I won't see much of him this weekend. Which is never happy making. I may have to wander to the bookstore or internets cafe and do some writing on Saturday (so as to not disturb his sleeping).

Sasha was also being adorable last night. She kept trying to get in between hubby and I (while we were trying to cuddle) so SHE get get her share (and then some) of the attention. Being told no didn't bother her at all, she didn't listen, but that's to be expected. ;) Eventually we did have to kick her off the bed because biting and grabbing hands is not an appropriate way of 'requesting' affection. She did eventually forgive us.

So how's things by all of you?
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Or something. ;)

Hubby and I have massages schedule for Saturday. This is good. :) But man I could use it this morning! I don't know what I did yesterday, but my back/shoulders are killing me today.

In thinking about it, Kyle did give the leash a good yank last night... We were walking, and there was a cute Mallard couple enjoying the evening, huddled down in the grass, basking in the light from the lamppost... I saw them at least a minute before they got Mr. Kyle's attention. I thought I had a good grip on the leash, but he charged at them, the shortened bit I was holding slipped, the loop in my hand I DID have a good grip on, but he still was able to yank my shoulder. No worries though- for the ducks that is- he was still about 15 feet from them when he reached the end of his leash. Then he had to come sit by where I was standing so we could have a little talk. We walked by the Mallards, Kyle at a close heel, and while they got up and moved further from the light, as soon as we passed they went right back. (there's a marsh/pond area about 100 ft from where they were, and we see them often)

At the time I honestly didn't think he had tugged that hard... For the record- we use an Easy Walk Harness on Kyle- regular flat collars let him pull too much, chokes aren't something I like much, and didn't work, and the Gentle Leader head halter sorts of things didn't work with him either... The clip for the Easy Walk is in the front- so if Kyle pulls too hard he spins around - putting his back to whatever was making him crazy. It's kinda funny, but doesn't happen all that often anymore as he's learning to walk in a heel position.

In any case- my shoulders really hurt this morning. And because I'm doing the 'Prednisone burst' per my neurologist- I can't take any anti-inflammatories. I can has massage now? Oh, and I actually remembered to take my prednisone this morning! (I kinda forgot to take it yesterday... oops)

I do feel a bit more awake today... *grins* As my posting/commenting may attest... You may regret this...
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So yesterday I did something I've never done before... At 10 am I wandered to Mrs. Boss's office and told her that I wasn't feeling well and would it be too much trouble for me to go home? She said it would be fine, and looked rather shocked. (see: I've never done before... Matter of fact- in the three years (almost) that I've been here- I've called in twice).

Lesson learned: Zomig and Prednisone don't play well together. Especially if you're bordering on high blood pressure to begin with. (The blood pressure isn't a worry *yet* but we've got a thing at home now so I can keep an eye on it... bleah)

So I went home, since I was shaky, kept breaking out into a sweat, somewhat nauseous, and just in general feeling like crap. Slept for several hours and felt a wee bit better, other new meds worked to help me sleep. Hubby was home, and happy enough to play nurse for me. :)

Gotta love playing guinea pig for my neurologist's office. The idea behind the prednisone was to take it as a 'burst' (for two weeks) to get my inflammation down, and hopefully have some pain free weeks... I'm on day two and so far- my head still hurts. But I'm willing to give it a chance. At least for a couple more days. They also have me taking a new preventative med (the Elavil was NOT working for me), so we'll see how this one goes. I did tell her that unless people figure out how to control the weather- I'm going to get migraines.

Seems like prednisone is the 'do anything' med. A former roommate was prescribed it for her ulcerative colitis, a different roomie's mom took it for her health issues, even pets take it! Parent's pets Dutchess and Alex were at different times prescribed it! So... yeah.

I'm still shocked that I actually went home sick... It was needed though, I really couldn't concentrate. Today is much better than yesterday.


Apr. 16th, 2008 08:40 am
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Wow, slept like a brick last night! I remember going to bed, and then the alarm was going off. (which indicated a snooze button to be pressed- and then a dream about disasembling the clock. I was nervous about whether I could wake up on my one, but still managed to sleep.) A snooze later and I wasn't sure what the hell was going on. There was this noise, and then a Sasha meowing and walking on me...

This seems to be a result of the new migraine med they want me to try- and I took last night about an hour before bedtime. Great, helps me sleep. Still have a trace of a headache- but I don't think I should take this med at work. Sleeping on my desk might be frowned upon. Just a little. This means that I don't really like this med- I don't always get migraines at home, and/or right before bedtime... They're just rude like that. This other drug still has me feeling a bit- absent too... Zomig might make me a little silly and spacey, but still leaves me functional.

Oh! Mystery Package- was way cool. :) I was the recipient of one of [livejournal.com profile] bpalanonymous's altruism packages! Got neat stuff. Little box full of little wrapped things, was much fun to open. Made me sniffle a little bit- because someone had to have nominated me in order for me to get one. So to whoever that was- THANK YOU!!

Okay, must go work- seeing as how this is my last day here until Monday!! (and my brain is foggy... so must put extra attention on tasks at hand...)


Apr. 11th, 2008 09:32 am
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Thank goodness. Though the weather outside is frightful. (No snow, just grey and yucky) So of course when the alarm went off this morning I was right in the middle of a nightmare, and had a migraine. Great way to start the day, yeah? I was supposed to walk the dog, but I just couldn't face getting up right away. This meant leaving a note for hubby- who has previously said that he doesn't really mind walking Kyle when he gets home from work- it's going before leaving for work that can be a problem...

Migraine meds have been taken- and I'm feeling better. Though I swear, I think Zomig has a diuretic in it! *laughs* Very, very tired right now too. My neck and back are sore- but I have a massage tonight- yay!

In the land of good news! The animals have a reservation (boarding at our vet's) and the people have one too! We're not actually going out of town- just to a hotel for a few nights. :) I'm so looking forward to this!


Apr. 8th, 2008 09:15 am
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Hello there... How's things?

Right, a weekend wrap-up. Friday night was spent with [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty and there was excellent conversation, silly kitties, pizza, and movies. All was good. Well, once the pizza place actually got the order right... *laughs* The movies were "The Jane Austen Book Club" and "Akeelah and the Bee." I thought both were pretty good, the first was funny and the second was quite heart warming. I do think that the Jane movie is better if you have read all the Jane Austen novels. That said, I would love to read the novel the movie was based on.

Saturday- woke up with a raging migraine. But was not to be overly deterred! The Kyle had to be walked, and the [livejournal.com profile] losgunna had to be visited! So I got to her place later than planned, but that just meant that I was home when the mail arrived, and thus had a BPAL order to bring with me. Off to visit, and yarn shopped! Was much fun. Again, good company, silly kitties, and movie! *laughs* Same Jane movie...

Sunday- same migraine... really was annoying at this point. Settled on the couch for awhile with a heat pack on my neck and a cold pack on my face- cup of coffee close at hand. Figured all these steps would help. Did a bit- allowing me to get the dog walked and a shower (both of which also helped the migraine). Then it was time to pack the doggins up and head to see my folks! He was pretty good in the car, thank goodness. I did stop on my way out of town to pick up a new Nyla for him- to give him something to do in the car.

After having been 'home' for a bit my mom called Elder Brother J to let him know that 'Cousin Kyle' was there... He, wife, and 'cousin' Sophie showed up a little while later. Sophie being their new dog. She's got about 5 lbs on Kyle, and is only a smidge taller. They got along *fabulously* I was so pleased. Well, you know, once they decided who was boss.. and that would be Sophie... Poor girl is in heat- now when EBJ and SIL M adopted her they were told she had been spayed. Oops! So she had on a diaper... was really silly looking, but did the job. Luckily Kyle has no puppy-making bits, so it was fine to let them run around. Though my dad was flipping out as they were working out their dominance issues... See Kyle quickly learned that if he tried to mount Sophie she would get annoyed and then chase him around the yard. This was exactly what he wanted. So being a smart dog, he kept trying the behavior that rewarded him... So the backyard suffered a bit as she chased him 'round and 'round. To my brother's surprise- Kyle is faster than Sophie. Me? Not so surprised.

Sophie seems to be, for the record, a springer spaniel / black lab / border collie sort of mix- so a medium sized mostly black dog with white feet/legs (with black freckles) and a bit of white on her face. She's a very cute, sweet dog, with a not so happy past. But she's now with EBJ and his wife and all is good in her world. Already Sophie is very attached to them, and is quick to make sure they don't leave without her! I love that Kyle will have a playmate when we take him up there!

Monday- headache is better, but still around- plus side, doctor appointment in PM, other plus- get to see hubby!!! (he worked Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday) Saw nurse practitioner, got new prescriptions... she wants me to try some alternate meds because my blood pressure is a bit high. Must see regular doc about this. Spent a lovely, relaxing evening with the hubby. :)

Tuesday- migraine is gone, but neck and shoulders are sore from carrying tension! (note to self, schedule massage!) Should be going to Gone Wired tonight for writing, yay!

And that's about all..
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*feebly waves*

Hi, I'm around. Still alive... well, technically. I can tell by the pounding in my head that my heart is still beating.

Here's the deal- rebound headaches suck. Apparently when you take headache meds for too long they cause headaches. So now I'm not taking any.

Which means my brain is trying to pound it's way free from my skull.

The end result of this should be good- no rebound headaches. A move to change my 'lifestyle' so that I don't get as many headaches in general. I may *sob* work on giving up caffeine!! *clutches bottle of Diet Pepsi like a security blanket* In theory it's a good New Years resolution. Theories... reality... theories... reality.. yeah.

Hope you are all oh so much better than I. :) Oh, this means I'm reading journals, and may comment- but I apologize if I don't make sense, and don't post much of my life for a bit... Reading is easier than writing. Especially at work.
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Okay, this just isn't fair. Yesterday, head pounding, left brain/neck hurting agony. It sucked. Took lovely Z-Med. Mid afternoon... no pain. It was beautiful! I practically bounced on my way home. Yay no pain! Took a nap, no pain, talked on the phone to the Hubby and then my momma, no pain!

Mid-morning... guess who's back?! It's NOT FAIR! *whinewhimpermoancomplain*

More whining and some girly related stuff that it occurs to me not everyone wants to see )

Thanksgiving is going to be weird this year. For the first time I won't be spending it with either my family or the DH's. See, he has to work at 4 pm on Thanksgiving day. Thus nixing the plan to go to his folk's house. We have an alternating year plan and this year was his family's turn, next year would be mine. However, my family is almost 2 hours away and his family IS 2 hours away. So that just won't work.

But, work is giving each employee a free pre-cooked turkey. So.... yeah. We will have a mini-Thanksgiving at home with just the two of us before he goes to work. This will be weird for me- I will be all by myself the evening of one of my favorite holidays.

You see growing up Thanksgiving was always at my parents, and always with my dad's extended family. It meant a lot of noise, confusion, people, talking and lots and lots of laughter. That's the one thing I really remember about Thanksgiving- the laughter. Made it one of my favorite family times. Christmas was usually about immediate family- seeing extended family later. Thanksgiving was about a ton of people and food. Thanksgiving meant turkey (of course), nuclear waste in the form of a particular pickle spread, Hamilton's Bakery rolls (that Aunt K would always bring) and again- laughter.

The day spent with the DH's family is a smaller group, but still with a lot of love and laughter in the room. So while it's much quieter than I'm used to- it's still very nice.

So the fact that after the DH goes to work it'll just be me is kind of... strange and disheartening. I'd talked to my mom about driving up there after he goes to work- to see my grandpa and older brother J and his wife. But when I talked to her last night she mentioned that they were eating really early, and grandpa may not last long (as in upright- he had a bad fall last January and 91 year old men don't heal so quickly. ;) He's worlds better but still spends a lot of time in bed mostly reclined) and she mentioned the weather is supposed to be bad... and maybe I should rethink. Which isn't to say she wouldn't want me to drive up there- but it's a long drive and given that I might not see the people I wanted to, and with bad weather... So yeah, I am having to rethink the idea.

We'll see. Maybe I will be able to put the time to good use. Perhaps even get some writing done.


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