Dec. 10th, 2008 09:51 am
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So this funk I've been in for a couple weeks now? Seems to have possibly gone away. I woke up this morning in a not-pissy mood! Amazing really. I'm soooo glad to be back! I've missed me. It's nice to go from 'whine, whine, I neeeed!' to 'hey, how are you?' :) I feel like I can think again!

I wonder how long I'll stick around. ;)

In other things... this morning finished reading Ill Wind by Rachel Caine. It was fun, and I'm looking forward to more of her books. Summation- Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden, one of those people with abilities over weather that are charged with keeping the rest of of from the wrath of Mother Nature. (according to Amazon this is on page 31 "People who control water and air are Weather Wardens, and we're in charge of keepin the furious storms the planet stirs up from scouring mankind off the face of the planet. Earth Wardens keep us from joining the great march to extinction by diverting dozens of planet crushing catastrophes every year. Fire Wardens control - or try to control - the tendency of the planet to burn things to crispy ash Mother Nature is schizophrenic and homicidal , and the only thing that stands between you and hideous, painful death is a couple of thousand people worldwide hanging on by their fingernails." )

So, fun! Add in the fact that the rest of the wardens are on her tail, as is a nasty storm, AND a handsome stranger, and Joanne is having a bad few days. At least she has Delilah, her Mach 1 Mustang. :) It was fun, though some bits were a tidge predictable.

Lessee.. in other news. I can't really think of other news. Mentioning that I have the best husband in the world isn't really news... :) His work schedule has meant he's been off the last several days- so there's been home cookin' and he did the laundry! Like 5 loads! Ooh, and dishes after cooking! Plus taking the puppers to the park to romp... and it's all good. I just wish I had been in a better headspace during this time- better for us to enjoy the time together.

We have been playing Carcassonne a game my sis and bro-in-law gor hubby for Christmas many years ago. It sat in it's box until after this past Thanksgiving- since sis and her hubby brought it with them and I learned how to actually play... I've also ordered a couple of the expansion tile sets. It's fun! It's a tile laying game that creates towns and roads. You place little men down to claim varying things. Every time played the board ends up looking different. Leo is fascinated, but so far hasn't 'helped' us. Sasha doesn't care, and Kyle is just happy his people are sitting on the ground and he can cuddle up against their sides. Silly puppy.

Things are looking up, most of my holiday shopping is done, and yeah, it's good. How are ya'll?

ETA- dragons! ;)
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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First, dragons.... [ profile] zen_kitty was kind enough to pass an autumn egg on to me, and then almost by accident I got one from the cave! (I clicked on it and completely expected to get the 'this egg has already been taken' thing.) Now, that storm dragon at the end? Think girl thoughts, yeah?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Rambly bits... So things haven't been great in ye olde Jadecat's head. It's not even holiday related! Christmas isn't really worrying me, hubby had to work Christmas Eve, so we're seeing people after that. Somehow that just takes a lot of the pressure off. No, this ick is something completely it's own. I really am not enjoying it. *grins* But if I can't joke about it, what's the point?

*Aside- so hubby tells me about this guy in New Zealand whose wife has been nagging him to buy a lottery ticket, and he manages to get to the store just before sales close. Next day his wife mentions that she'd really like a sausage- but they don't have any money. He goes to the store thinking that he'd check on the lottery ticket- hoping to have won enough to get his wife a sausage. Turns out he won something like 7 million. Running home to show his wife the print out, she initially read it as 7K. When she realized it was 7 million, she fainted. When coming to her first words were "but all I wanted was a sausage."

This makes me laugh because it's so me. Hubby concurred that if a similar scenario were to happen in our house- that would be my reaction. "But all I wanted was a sausage" *giggles* When role-playing, a number of years ago, my character caught on fire, nearly died. Her/my reaction "Well I always did admire the Human Torch."
end aside*

Last night the hubby and I accidentally found ourselves at home (weather and all). Being bored, we decided to first watch Resident Evil: Extinction, and then were bored again. *grins* However, we decided to watch the Buffy Episode "Beer Bad" (from Season 4). Mostly because I had recently discovered that this kid I went to elementary school with was in it! So we're watching, and trying to keep an eye out for him... And laughing because we had forgotten how funny the episode really is. Then near the end- we spotted him! (Giles is looking for Buffy and is attempting to give a description to 'Stoner') It was Cameron! I laughed. Midland isn't exactly known for it's famous people... so seeing an elementary school classmate on TV was just neat! Now I have to work my way up through the Gilmore Girls to spot him (season 6 or 7 I think).

Now, to get some work like things done... and must try to remember that 6.5 hours of sleep a night really doesn't cut it- I can get more, I've just chosen not to. Sleeping at work is highly frowned upon. Ah well.
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Bits and pieces of one at least.

So yesterday hubby was supposed to work- but got a killer migraine. To the point where he was telling me in was meningitis and giving me instructions on what to do if it killed him. He even called off work! I did my wifely duty- got him drugged up, situated in bed with a hot pack for his neck, a cold pack for his forehead, kicked the animals out of the room, and went shopping. :)

What? That last part isn't part of the 'taking care of not feeling well hubby'? Hmm... I did buy more meds... And shoes. Got some very nice shoes. Though one of the pairs I tried on last night fit great, I bought them, and this morning they seem a little too tight? Weird. But yes, bought two pairs of shoes with heels. :) One pair for the work party Saturday (the pair I'm wearing today to break them in) and one for work. They're very cute. I haven't gone shoe shopping for quite some time, so this was fun. Trying on all sorts of shoes I knew I wouldn't buy, and then tromping up and down the aisles at Payless in them. Found some cute shoes, but they were way too big, found the half size down and they were a bit too small. Realized the ones I tried on first were in the wrong box and were a half size up. Went to that size, found the misplaced pair, put the right pair in that box, tried on the half size, again too big. But the wide version fit perfectly! (Had to ask if they had them, and luckily she found the single pair they had) All in all a successful shopping expedition.

Got home, continued to keep the animals from pestering the sleeping hubby. Leo was in FINE form last night... My lord. He did manage to survive until bedtime though. I'm not sure how... Played around on Facebook for awhile. Got ready for bed, the process of which woke up hubby. He was no longer convinced that he was going to die. Quite the relief. ;) Seriously though, he usually handles migraines pretty well- so when he was so miserable last night I could only imagine how badly it had to have hurt. Very glad that he's feeling better. :) So today it's my turn to have a nagging headache (not quite a migraine yet) argh! But things are good. Now if I could just learn to go to sleep at a reasonable time! Getting to sleep and staying there isn't a problem- I just can't seem to convince myself to get ready for bed when it's still 'early.'

I have seen a lot of requests for addresses for cards. While I love, LOVE getting snail mail, I know I don't have the wherewithal to do cards this year- so I don't feel right giving my address out. However, if you should want it for any reason- my gmail account is TheJadeCat, e-mail me and I'll give you my address.

*hugs* To you all. :)
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Something other than a meme! Oooh...

So Christmas is a week from tomorrow... how the heck did that happen!? Much confusion here. I was really worried about Christmas this year (what with the hubby being off work), but we're going to be okay and can even get real presents for people! (and I'm still annoyed that Firefox's spell checker doesn't recognize okay as being a properly spelled word...) Thanks in large part the generosity of my in-law's gift to hubby. Plus, now that he's graduated a whole host of jobs for 'nurse graduates' have opened up. So yay for that.

The graduation went well. We had fun- especially as I had to go on stage to pin him (after he got his cords and fake diploma). Apparently many people had trouble with the actually pinning part (it was one of those 'poke through, attach thingie on other side of fabric pins'). But hubby had misplaced the 'fake' pin they gave him, so I had to use the real pin he had purchased. (which was much prettier) I had just a little trouble (that gown material is tough!) but got the pin through the fabric twice to put onto the clasp. So it was good. Even if my entry was 'being pinned by his beloved wife Anne.' This got me a look from the announcer (who was really funny). There was a little girl of about 2 who, while mom was being pinned by dad, decided to wander around the stage. The announcer 'paged' her, which the little girl dutifully ignored, only returning to dad when one of the instructors stood up and kind of herded her back. It was cute.

Afterwards there was a reception with CAKE! and punch. :) The school colors are silver and blue, so they had blue frosting... Both my MIL and I had blue mouths for awhile... The in-laws had to leave after the reception, FIL does NOT drive after dark. Even though Hubby's step-bro was with them, and capable of driving, they weren't going to go to dinner with us. So it was just my parents and hubby. It is easier to find seating for 4 over 8, I must say (MIL, FIL, SIL and StepBIL).

Since we drove separately mom ended up going with hubby (and I have to point out that that woman was looking stylish! Black leather jacket and all... I wanna look like her when I grow up!) and dad came with me. Which meant that I got to hear a lot about his time at the hospital, and his new food/medication restrictions. And may I just point out that I really hopes he sticks to them? It was cute- at the restaurant (Olive Garden- hubby's choice) he kept asking my mom what he was allowed to eat. To my surprise- he didn't even eat his whole meal! Choosing to bring leftovers home! This is new. And good. Dad is feeling a little better, and seems to be avoiding Excedrin, again- good! The stuff is great- until you abuse it and become dependent. The resulting rebound headaches are awful! I went through them this time last year, and now dad is recovering from them.

In other news, we recently- saw the Golden Compass. We really liked. I won't give any spoilers- but having read the book (hubby's read all three) I liked their adaptation. Though hubby did eventually start giving me looks when I would whisper 'Kitty!' whenever I saw one... Oh, one quibble- the snow leopard should have been slightly larger. S'all I'm sayin'.

Snow- there is too much of it. Unless you ask Kyle, he likes bounding around in it. Yesterday we had to go to L&L (around the corner, not even a mile away, oh, and it's a locally owned grocery store). It seemed much easier to simply walk rather than try to dig the car out, chance the snow covered road up to the main road, and then deal with the hill. In some ways, I still think we were right. It was fun- and most of the sidewalks had been cleared (the city has those little side-walk sized plows they use on the main sidewalks) so that helped. We took Kyle with us and he had a blast bounding in and out of snow drifts. Got my prescription, the whole reason for our trip, only to later discover they filled the wrong one. To give them credit, they were only off by a number. And it was one of mine that needed refilling (a med I only have to take occasionally) and headed home, wherein Kyle took a long nap. ;)

Oh, and the misorder- it was a trend over the weekend. I picked up my Bob's Wife's Soaps order (I really recommend them! ) and found out that I screwed up somewhere and the entire order was moved up a line- so I didn't get the soaps I wanted. But I've worked it out with Bob, so I'll exchange what I got in favor of what I wanted (because they're local we can meet up to avoid shipping fees! wee). Then hubby and I ordered pizza- and it was right, but in trying to cut it (it was Chicago Stuffed Pizza, not regular) I dumped my plate on the floor... So yeah. Good times. Oh, and Nature's Miracle will get tomato sauce out of carpet, just so you know.

Back to the snow! Because we live in an apartment building with iffy plowing... the cars end up with snow mounds behind them. Not to mention the mounds in trying to get from the sidewalk to the car... or the snow between the cars. So we got out the shovel (it lives in my car's trunk) and went to cleaning off the cars (even mine in the carport!) and shoveling them free. Then I set up creating two paths from the sidewalk, between two cars, to the parking lot. I hope my neighbors appreciate it! I was thinking we should post notices next time and have a 'shoveling party' for all neighbors. Could be a bonding thing! Could at least be a 'get the parking lot cleaner!' thing.... 'Cause quite frankly I don't relish doing the whole thing meself (and I know maintenance won't get to it right away) but I also don't want to be dressed all nice for work and try to get through knee high snow drifts... Besides, it's exercise right? ;)

Okay, I think that's enough of a novel-update. ;) If you've read this far you deserve a cookie!
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Okay, I have many new friends- Hi there!

In order to, perchance, aid you in understanding my posts, I present the following cast list, with rather large photos: )

Non-photo list-

The DSD- dear step-daughter, to continue to borrow web-parlance. Daughter from the hubby's first marriage. She's 27 now, a wife, a mother to my beautiful granddaughter, and expecting another in November (two days before the Baby B turns 2).

Baby B- is the granddaughter, her brother will likely be referred to as Baby J (once he's here).

My siblings- Elder Sis M who happens to be married to [ profile] dagoski.
Elder Bro M, who is wed to SIL B, and mother to my nephew Baby E- who was born in December, 2006. (very kind of these people with babies not to give them the same first initial).
Elder Bro J, married to SIL M. (Are you keeping all the M's straight?)

Mr & Mrs Boss= the people I work for. The chairman of the company is married to the VP of Operations. As you may have noticed, I don't really like to list people's actual names, and I don't list the name of the place where I work. So the shorthand of Mr & Mrs Boss works rather well.

DK and BE, a married couple that I used to live with (along with [ profile] mightyafrodite). They're the ones who host the role-playing games the DH and I go to every few weeks.

Hmm, I think that's every one who is relevant- and who doesn't have an LJ.

Any questions?
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Heh, heh, opps, forgot to do an actual weekend wrap up sort of thing... Which I meant to do because stuff actually happened!

Kinda- Saturday and Sunday were kind of 'bleah' days because the hubby had to work from 7am-3:00pm. He was getting orientated at his new job. And Sunday he actually was there almost an hour and a half over because the RN he was working with was used to 12 hour shifts, not 8 hours, and didn't think anything about keeping him late. The only reason he was able to leave when he did was because he asked her if he would get in trouble for working OT during orientation. She was quite quick to let him go at that point...

However! Monday was different. For once we both actually had a holiday off! So we headed to the Renaissance Festival in Holly Mi. There we met up with the wonderful [ profile] devoosha, her hubby and a couple of their friends. That was really cool. (by the by, [ profile] devoosha and her hubby looked very good in their garb, and made me terribly jealous that hubby and I didn't have any.) Prior to meeting up with them hubby and I procured the requested item for [ profile] dagoski, though a phone call was needed to make sure we actually got the right thing. (by the by, they're not making them anymore after this year, [ profile] dagoski as the designer is retiring. But on future trips I'll keep an eye out for you. :) ).

At the Ren Fest we saw part of Zoltan the Adequate's show- much fun. But we had to scurry to meet up with the folks at the Ded Bob Sho. As always, it was really funny. One of the Bob-Zombies really got into it, that was cool. And there was a Joust!! We were sitting on the 'England' side, the others being Spain (the King of Spain was Queen Elizabeth Gloriana's guest and sponsor of the joust), Bavaria and Scotland. The Knight from Bavaria did have the most amazing hat, Scotland was quite funny, England had the best personality, and Spain had the prettiest horse (and apparently won the draw on 'who gets to win today?'). After the joust there was a conversation with the English Knigh, and he revealed that he'd actually rescued his pretty mare- she was being badly abused. It took him quite some time to bring her back to the light side, but now she's been working with him at the joust for 6 years and seems to really enjoy it. And she was perfectly fine with all these strangers coming up to her and petting her nose and cheeks. I was quite impressed with the man's efforts.

Hubby also dragged me into one of the garb shops because there was this doublet he really liked! We ended up looking for a minute, and then heading on, and then coming back. Actually got him to try it on- and oh my! The entire outfit was over $500, and we couldn't really justify spending that. But! We may start a 'savings fund' to buy garb. :) I did find a beautiful belly dancer skirt/top. However, it was WAY too expensive for what it was. The quality just wasn't there- not like with the place selling the doublet hubby liked. So I gave that a pass.

We also saw a lovely Raptor exhibition. Woman has three Harris Hawks and a falcon (though I now forget the specific breed- Peregrine I think...) and was explaining their history and showing how they maneuver and so on. Was really cool to watch. I had to laugh when I found out her boss Harris Hawk's name is Isabeau. (If you don't get that, why are we friends again? ;) I keed, I keed.)

Hubby had never been to the Faire, but enjoyed it and wants to go back. :) Yay!

edited to add: The whole garb thing did remind me how much I miss [ profile] jiffjenn, and the fun we had getting all garbed up to go to the Faire several years ago. 'Cause [ profile] jiffjenn rocks when it comes to the making of the garb!

On a lesser note, I was also reminded how annoyed I am with an ex-roommate who 'borrowed' the garb Jenn made and then only returned the outer dress, keeping the under shirt and skirt for herself. *growls* They were a perfect shade of cream to go with the dress (which is still in fabulous condition!) and I've not been able to replace them.

So yeah, that was the weekend- posted just in time for a new weekend to start. Oh, and to everyone who responded to my poll- thank you!

Last night

Aug. 28th, 2007 09:33 am
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Ya'll wanna know what I did last night, doncha? Terribly exciting.

We'll start the story with my leaving work and driving. Driving tends to involve me yelling at many people to 'Just DRIVE your car!' and my commute is about 4 miles... On the way home I had to go to the gas station. Thrilling, I tell ya. Luckily it was down a few cents from earlier (like 4 per gallon) and since Mojo was nearly at fumes, this was good. Got gas, no excitement. Was able to turn left out of the lot thanks to the mighty train up the road providing a screen.

Arrived home about 10 minutes later than usual and was greeted by two OMG STARVING!! cats. Sasha tried to convince me that she was mere inches from starving to DEATH! and was annoyed by it. Leo was just pathetic. Meanwhile, Kyle was thrilled I was home, and was happy to dance around and try to get pets. This after nosing each of the cats to assure himself that everyone was present and accounted for. He does this every night when I get home. I let him out, he noses my hand and then has to run and physically touch the cats before coming back to me to get more pets. When Leo gets nosed he generally just complains in a pathetic manner, or in true Futbol player style, falls over in a 'I'm killed! I'm dying! Oh wait... there's no one here...' manner. Sasha is a bit more dangerous to nose... she will hiss and swat the dog. More than once this has led to Kyle yiping as she's scratched his nose oh so slightly (never bleeds... I think Kyle is learning Leo's dramatic style... this can't be good). The routine was fulfilled and all was well, except for the starvation issue.

I changed out of work clothes while Sasha was explaining to me the dangers of an empty tummy. Leo, helpful boy, tried to show me where the food lives. Kyle was just running around happy to see me. Why do I prefer cats again? ;) Anyway, cats and dog were fed and laundry sorting began. Hubby has three new sets of scrubs that had to be laundered, and I wanted appropriate clothing for work. Kyle came to keep me company while Leo helped by holding down the laundry basket. They eat fast and I sort kinda slow. Leo objected to being removed from the laundry basket so clothing could be put in. I tried to explain that he really wouldn't like the washer. But it was no use and he stomped off to sulk. Boy doesn't take rejection well. I should be glad I'm a people and not a dog- cause when Kyle rejects Leo, Leo tries to kill him. Scissors, knives, plates... his tools are many and varied.

So, laundry was ready. Kyle was put into his harness, a stick of string cheese collected (for Kyle's rewards), as was a couple puppy poopy picker-upper bags. We were ready. Kyle and I trooped downstairs to start laundry before we went for a walk. Walking with Kyle is generally an adventure, as we never know what's going to catch his fancy. Or rather, what other dogs we're going to run into, and how to avoid them. See, Kyle's great with other dogs until that whole 'time to separate' thing, and then he acts a fool, and I just don't want to deal with it. There were a few dogs around yesterday, but no frogs, which is good cause they scare Kyle. The walk wasn't nearly as pleasant as I'd hoped- see 'acts a fool'- but the necessary was accomplished.

We got back shortly before the laundry had to go into the dryer, so instead of running up three flights of stairs we hung out in the laundry room for a bit. This is of course OMG NEAT! to Kyle because it's not the apartment. Anything not the apartment is OMG NEAT! to him... It's cute. Switched over laundry and headed upstairs. Got a few things cleaned up before getting on the Ellipse. I figured I could just manage 45 minutes before laundry was done.

About my Ellipse... It's a NordicTrack that works both the arms and the legs (Mrs. Boss apparently has one that just works the legs, no arm movement...). It's also a hand-me-down from my parents. It works great! Except for one little thing... the tension control is wonky. You can't change it. However, it changes itself on a somewhat cyclical basis. So sometimes it's pretty easy to move, others... not so much. Last night's workout started in an 'other' mode. Oi vey dios mio! I knew I was tired (and for the last few days have been Little Miss Cranky Pants) but this was awful! However, I did make the 45 minutes, and by the end the tension had released a lot. So it was all good. Stepped off the Ellipse and the alarm I set for the laundry sounded.

There I am, dripping sweat (it's humid around here just to add to the normal stuff) and throwing on a t-shirt so I can leave the apartment in something approximating decent attire. For the record, I work out in a sports bra, workout pants and running shoes (which need to be replaced). While the sports bra covers everything rather well (it has quite the job to do) I'm not exactly confident enough to leave the apartment with just that on. *grins* Maybe if the workout plan starts to actually, you know, work! I will.

Where was I? Oh yes, ran down stairs to get two loads of laundry to haul them upstairs. Didn't so much run back upstairs... more walked, and at that almost didn't make it. It wasn't as bad as the stairs at the hostel in Ireland (three flights there too, but I only got to the second before I was done! Long story short- I hit the wall, there was no going further. Luckily I was rescued by a nice Irish boy. More details upon request) Anywho, made it up the stairs without dropping anything or hurting myself. Yay! (It's been a long week, I take my victories where I can get them)

Next was the sorting, folding and putting away. Luckily Ringo was providing good music to accomplish this to. There was dancing while everything was put away, shooed the cats out of the closet a half dozen times each. Leo made it fun by showing off his 6 ft vertical leap- reaching the shelves on the first try. Had to evict him, while Sasha thought she could sneak by in my distraction and head for the corner behind my longer dresses. Removed her and then placed Kyle in the doorway to keep them out. How to tell the dog has low cat rank status... Leo jumped right over him for attempt #3. Poor the dog. No respect.

During all this it occurs to me that a banana eaten when I first got home doesn't count as dinner. Yet, it's 9 at night... I had left overs from Old Chicago... half a calzone that I split in half again to eat. Pretty tasty. Not ideal eating, time or substance, but sometimes you've gotta make due. Talked to hubby on the phone, had a brief conversation with his co-worker (hubby provided translation) and ended up getting a zucchini muffin (hubby to bring home) because I knew how to spell zucchini. :) Listened to hubby rant about school (the actual school and not his program) and played around online. We need to get DSL... luckily our dial up provider now provides it for our area! Who knew things like that changed over the course of a few years? So we talked until he had to actually go work! (his last day there is Wednesday... there's excitement and trepidation on his part, totally understandable.)

After a few more websites browsed (while a clip from YouTube finished... I started it when hubby and I were talking) the clip watched, and it was time for Kyle to go for another walk. So we geared up and headed out. It was a more enjoyable walk for both of us. No frogs and few other dogs and I got to ogle the moon (though I didn't wake up early to see the eclipse cause I'm lame like that).

Though I was up early this morning, Hubby had to be at school early and I had a dog to walk. Right now the plan is for Kyle to be 'my dog' during the week, meaning I see to all his walks so hubby doesn't have to even think about it. Then on the weekends hubby takes him out for walk #1 so I can sleep in a little. :) More exercise for me, can't be bad, right? Though I must learn to go to bed earlier since I'm now getting up about half an hour earlier. However, due to both of us being up early it's pretty guaranteed that there will be coffee! :) We have travel mugs. It's all good.

That was my evening... Don't I lead the exciting life? ;)

An Update!

Aug. 27th, 2007 03:03 pm
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Seems like I have the hardest time actually getting around to posting an update with any actual information... There is good, there is bad, and when there is bad I don't tend to feel like posting much.

The good- Hubby got himself an honest-to-goodness LPN job!!! YAY!! There was much rejoicing. The pay- it is better, the hours- are full time (after telling him they didn't hire students into full time positions). About those hours... they include every other weekend. Which is not so good, but manageable for the next 6 months.

The not-so-good, but manageable- School has started for the hubby again, and with this work schedule it means that our time together with be drastically decreased. We won't even be able to have lunch together most days (which is what really helped in the past with his working evenings). So this leaves me bummed.

The other frustration is the bigger one. So I've been trying to get healthier and drop a few pounds. Diet modifications (eating more fruits and veggies, watching portion sizes) and exercise are supposed to accomplish this- yes? Well apparently no, not if you're me. I've been careful about how much I'm eating (and what I'm eating) and getting on the Ellipse almost everyday- and I'm still gaining weight (not 'ooh, it's muscle', more 'ARGH! my stupid pants are too tight and I bought them a month ago!!'). This is what's reduced me to tears a couple times lately. It would be one thing if I were just sitting around complaining, this time I'm actually trying to do something (and have been for a little while now) and it's not working!

So what's a girl to do? At this point I'm just trying to keep on keepin' on and hope something turns around for me. I don't know of anything else to do!

In other news, I've been reintroduced to soap operas- via YouTube. Most recently I've started an interested in As The World Turns- which I never watched before. I've started watching a bit (again, from YouTube because I have no TV channels at home) because they've started a gay romance storyline. See, there's this character - Luke- who is a gay teen who came out a year or so ago. He's part of one of the central families, and is more of a 'main' character than former gay storylines have used. So they brought in a love interest- and as of a week ago Friday they actually kissed. Yup, daytime tv showed two boys kissing- and we're not just talking a quick peck either. About time, thinks I. So I'm keeping an eye out to see how far they take this confused and conflicted (in true soap opera style!) relationship.

This brought my to remembering the olden days (i.e. High School) when I thought it would be so much fun to write for soap operas, and when I was trying to keep up with somewhere between 3-6 soaps at any one time. Made possible by the 2 VCRs in my room (and yeah, I really don't know how that managed to be the case... something about siblings in college I think). Soaps were great fun because almost anything was possible, and the more emotional and twisted the better! What fun for a writer! One of the soaps I was watching was Santa Barbara, and I was so very bummed when it got canceled. So I've been searching YouTube for SB clips, and was so happy to find several for Warren and BJ, my couple of choice (the last episode of the show was their wedding). Sydney Penny played BJ- and was also the young girl in The Thornbirds- a show I was fascinated with as a youngin (ie when it first aired) but that I missed a lot of as I wasn't allowed to stay up for the entire thing every night. Warren was played by Jack Wagner, so there was a bit of an age gap for BJ and Warren.... is anyone sensing a theme here? ;)

But! There aren't enough SB clips! Ah well. I do have the last few episodes on tape, but I don't know how much longer the tape will last... and at this point I have no idea how to convert it to DVD... I should maybe learn. The VCR already has a few issues playing the tape.

So... yeah, that's the end of my ramble for now. How are you?


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