Sep. 15th, 2010 02:27 pm
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So I posted awhile back about Kyle helping me to truly understand the notion of 'follows me around like a little puppy dog.' Today said puppy dog isn't content to just follow me, he needs to be attached to me. As I type he's sleeping on my foot, betwixt me and the coffee table. If I move/get up he will be right there with me. He's been doing this all day. *grins* He's my silly boy. :)

An update!

Jul. 14th, 2009 09:44 am
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I know, you're all in shock. ;)

Last night I was supposed to do something productive. All I actually managed to accomplish was walking Kyle twice (once after work, and once before bed) and those were on the short side. What stole my time was Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. This is bad. A hole evening eaten by one minute game increments. And I stayed up too late to boot. Especially since this is a weird work week and I'm working today instead of being home loafing. ;)

Okay, so I also wandered around other web places last night (unicreatures, other Facebook bits) but I didn't get much done that I wanted.

Writing was supposed to happen. Really. I'm exploring this new-to-me program that [ profile] ilona_andrews wrote about. It's called Liquid Binder and it looks really cool. However, I appear to have teh dum because I can't quite figure it out. I'm having a hard time connecting bits to other bits. I keep telling myself to just take the time to mess around with it. Maybe I'll do that tonight. *grins* What's that about good intentions?

In animal news- because I know you're all dying to hear about my pets... Kyle is looking under cars again. Apparently he must check them all for cats. 'Cause you never know, twice now he's found cats under cars, maybe there are more! Or at least maybe his new Bestest Friend EVAH!!!!1! will be there. Personally, I'm hoping not because it would mean that Dexter is staying safely inside his apartment.

Leo lost his mind the other day. He was running pell mell around the apartment, bouncing off things, running along the top of the vertical blinds, all the while seriously disturbing Her Majesty Sasha, but got Kyle in on the fun. Apparently though Kyle thought they were playing tag and didn't understand why Leo wouldn't chase him. I asked Leo if it was a Triple I invasion (Invisible Interdemnsional Insects- Leo hunts them on a regular basis) and he ignored me. Asking him if had simply lost his furry little mind got me a yowl. I took that as a yes. I don't know if he eventually found it, or if he just wore himself out. I would be willing to bet that Sasha was involved with it's going missing in the first place. She's like that.

Oh, and just because an entry wouldn't be complete without them- dragons!
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Warning if you do not like cute kitty stories then... well, wait, why are you reading MY journal again? I mean, it's not ALL kitty stories, but check out the username... I am the person who WILL point out every kitty I see, even stopping mid-sentence to point and exclaim "Kitty!"

Anywho, so Her Royal Majesty Sasha was perusing her domain via the open sliding glass door. A safety screen kept nature from actually impinging on Her Person. I'm not sure what precipitated what follows, but it must have been Quite Significant. Her Majesty felt it necessary to give the world a most thorough dressing down. She berated it up one side and down the other, listing ALL of it's myriad failings (rain, heat, bugs that don't listen when she tells them to leave, etc.). Generally speaking, Her Majesty only lectures the Husband and myself, informing us of her hunger, or impending starvation depending on how 'late' the meal was served, or letting us know that her water bowl had gone tepid, and so on. We are used to her mannerisms, and don't take her complaints to heart... much.

After her lecture was over, she turned her back and headed off to let my Husband know that dinner could now be served. Unfortunately for him, Kyle decided that he wanted to go to the screen door to see how the world reacted to Her Majesty's lecture. He got slightly too close to Her Person, and Sasha reacted quite strongly. Kyle got hissed at and whacked across the muzzle. After whining, and jumping away, Kyle looked up at his adored daddy, his eyes seeming to say "But I didn't do nuthin'!!" To which Her Majesty hissed again, speaking in cat something that roughly translates to "You're Breathing!" Because we all know, that's reason enough.

Meanwhile, Leo was trying to simply stay out of her way. Via hanging out on the counter top, being most helpful in showing my Husband where the food lives. Obviously, if Leo did not show us EVERY time, we would forget where it was, and they would starve.
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On this fine, sunny day, our Hero ([ profile] lazycatsteve) ventured to Quiznos to fetch the lunch meal for himself and our Heroine (me). Hero decides to take the faithful canine companion along with him. Upon entering the establishment what haz da fud! our Hero sees Mr. Boss. At the time Mr. Boss is on the telephone with Mrs. Boss, and politely gestures for the Hero to order first.

It is only when exiting the establishment that our Hero realizes that disaster has struck! The tire of the vehicle is flat, flat. Woe! Having a cellular communication device- our Hero attempts to contact our Heroine. Alas, she has already departed from the work location. Mrs. Boss, who answered the telephonic device, insists that Mr. Boss can provide transport for our Hero. However, our Hero is concerned because of the presence of the faithful canine companion. Mrs. Boss, who has her own faithful canine companion insists this isn't a problem.

Our Heroine, being oblivious to anything not a vehicle on the road with her- drives past. In vain the hero waved to get her attention. But as he was not a vehicle, nor on the road, she did not see him. Mr. Boss agreed to provide transport for our Hero and the faithful canine companion.

Later our Heroine found out that during this transportation the FCC licked the back of Mr. Boss's head. *facepalm*

After consumption of the noontime meal, our Heroine dropped our Hero off at his vehicle. Wouldn't just leave it where it was after all.
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The couch/sofa that hubby and I have is over 10 years old... I actually bought it from a friend back in 1998 when I was moving back to Ypsi. She'd had it for a few years at that point- though it wasn't getting used. Over the years it has been a good couch! Very comfy, good to sleep on when needed, and I've liked it. However, it had gotten tattered and the threads in the fabric are coming apart. It was looking like it needed to be replaced- but we didn't really want to do that because we're still planning to leave the country in a year or so.

Kyle intervened, helping us make the decision... Apparently, he suddenly took exception to the couch. He displayed this, when we were out, by attacking the cushions, and throwing them off the couch. This wasn't really a problem, until he actually went for ripping holes in the cushions, oh and removing some of the stuffing... We repaired as best we were able. I'm pretty sure there's some smell there that he's all gaga over... Especially as we've had him almost 3 years, he's been uncrated for almost 1, and this is a new things for him. Also, it has begun to smell faintly of cat pee in that area. So yeah.

The time had come. This meant shopping, checking out Criagslist, etc. We checked out one store that was going out of business, but didn't fall in love with anything. Art Van has pretty good prices, so we went there last night. We had few qualifications- it had to be long enough to lay down on, wide enough for cuddling, and I preferred microfiber. We found a couple we liked in the main area, but then I found one I really liked in their Clearance section. I think our salesperson was disappointed. ;) After much dithering- we bought it! *laughs* So next week we will be taking possession of a new sofa/couch/thing. :) Clearance center = good prices. In total (tax, delivery, etc) it came to about half of the other one we liked. I think we did good! It will be interesting to see how the animals react. (oh, and Kyle has gone back to being crated when we're not home, no more couch rearranging for him!)

In other news- finally got around to seeing some movies: Wall-E and Mamma Mia. Loved both of them! We got them both from Netflix, but I have since gone out and bought Mamma Mia. I grew up with Abba, so knew that I would have to see Mamma Mia eventually. With Wall-E I just loved how they managed to make all the robots so expressive while only really using sounds. I think Mo was my favorite. *grins*

Hmm, there was something else... But I'm forgetting. Ah well, I've been working on this post in bits and pieces all morning, I should get around to actually posting it!

Oh, I remember- locals, I'm sorry for the rain. It's hubby's fault- he washed my car yesterday. ;)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
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Christmas Kyle
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The weekend started off a little strange. See, Hubby was supposed to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, as he had the same cold I did, and a fever, Thursday night he called in. Then Friday he got what they call an 'AA' (Administrative Absence) which essentially means the patient/nurse ratio was skewed in the wrong direction. So he got to stay home. Saturday night he did work, but then Sunday he was offered an AA, took it, and then five minutes later they called back and said that no, he needed to come in. Boo on them!

Anyway, I got up earlier than he did on Saturday- because he wasn't feeling well (migraine + cold = not fair). Then I discovered a Kyle accident... Cleaned that up and took the boy for a walk. This however inspired a day of mad cleaning. Hubby was given a free pass because he really was miserable. We got him ensconced on the couch and I cleaned around him. One of those pick up one thing, put it away, notice something there that needs to be moved, and one and on, while removing everything that I could- temporarily- from the living room... Which in this case actually made for an efficient method, strangely enough. After a dose or so of meds, and another nap- hubby was ready to help. :) At this point that meant moving the couch to the dining area (I had already moved most everything else out of the living room). And good Lord there was a TON of cat fur under the couch! (note to self- vacuum under the couch more often!) Got all that cleaned up, took a break for lunch, and I wandered around

Then the aminals were locked up so I could put 'Zorb' (Dyson brand carpet cleaner) down, hubby helped 'groom' it in to the carpet... We waited the requisite half hour and vacuumed it up. Carpet looks SO much better now! So much so that I just had to make sure the two 'easy' style chairs, and the couch, got thoroughly vacuumed, and washed the afghan we drape over the back of the couch, and the blanket on Sasha's chair, so they wouldn't feel left out. All in all, I lost track of just how many hours I spent cleaning... I'm pretty sure I emptied the vacuum canister 4 times- now, lest you think we're slobs, we keep up with general vacuuming pretty well, it's the 'moving the furniture, vacuuming EVERYTHING' type job we don't get too all that often. The place looks pretty good now. :)

Hubby had to go to work, and I spent most the evening trying to relax, but kept picking up things. *laughs* Did manage to get some of my Netflix DVDs watched, and played around on the computer. Then it was Sunday. Kyle did NOT have an accident, but I still got up relatively early with him to take him for a walk. After that, it was time for Teh Shopping Trip of DOOM!

I had to go to PetSmart, get gas, Meijer, (brief pause at McDonalds for a McChicken sammich) Target, and finally Kroger. Took longer at Kroger than I had expected, but a shorter time everywhere else. Spent much money, but finally restocked up on foodstuffs. We've just been kind of lazy about shopping recently. Brought it all home, and managed to get most of everything upstairs before the Energy-Enhance! mode started to wear off. Luckily, Hubby woke up and was able to help with the last bit. He had to go back to sleep though, and I puttered around some more.

I was just waking him up for work, when work called. He accepted the AA, I did a happy booty dance... *grins* We were just deciding where to go for dinner (Okay, yes, I had gone grocery shopping, but we prefer to get out meat stuffs somewhere other than Kroger or Meijer, and I didn't make it there) when work called back. I was disappointed. :( So he went off to work, and I walked Kyle- at this point I should note that my legs were *quite* upset with all the work I had them do the past couple days... (this is why I need to get into better, healthier shape!) The evening was spent stitching, web playing and tv watching. Oh, and a trip to L&L to get meat stuffs. :) One more Kyle walk, then it was bedtime. (Oh, Leo and I played 'Spot' too- Spot is the official name for the laser pointer game.)

That Energy-Enhance mode that hit Saturday was quite impressive. Mainly it seems to be that actually getting restful sleep at night is a big deal- who knew!? ;) Seriously though, since I've been able to use the CPAP (first few nights of my cold were impossible), I've been sleeping better- less restless behaviors, but I still wake up at least once-twice a night. That's always been the case for me though. This increase in energy? I'll take it! Though I may eventually run out of things to 'Autumn Clean.' *laughs*

Today has been somewhat lower key- I stayed up a bit too late trying to get things done. But I still feel pretty good. The cold is relenting in it's grasp, and the CPAP seems to be doing some good. Yay! Oh, and Mint + Dark Chocolate Three Musketeers' bars = GOOD! Nice treat to have every blue moon or so. :)

Now, it's off to lunch with the hubby!

Local writer types- Internets Cafe tomorrow evening?


Sep. 13th, 2008 11:24 am
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So what to do on a rainy Saturday morning when the hubby is still asleep? Take pictures of the animals! See, I was bored and sitting on the floor in front of the computer (on the coffee table). Leo was on the couch. My camera was nearby...

Beeeeg pictures behind the cut.

Starring Leo! With Kyle cameo )

Bonus- dragons!
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Well, like that's any surprise given who his people are...

Anyway, hubby and I have taken to leaving him out of his crate at night- kind of as a test. So far he's been doing beautifully! No trouble at all. Though it was weird that first night when I got up to go to the bathroom and discovered I had a shadow. Followed me from the bedroom, into the bathroom, and back. *laughs*

Now the 'he's weird' part. The past two nights he hasn't slept in the bedroom, and last night when I got up (I only very rarely sleep the whole night without getting up) he wasn't around. Then I heard him getting up- from his crate.

Yup, he had chosen to sleep in his crate. My dog is weird.

Further proof: This is the website of his groomer- he's the doggins on the far right (duh). Wet, in the bath, and smiling... Did I mention he doesn't like swimming, or sitting in wet grass? When *I* give him a bath his ears are back in the 'poor, pathetic me' posture... when Karina bathes him he's all smiles and happy silly dog. This is why we take him there. Plus she does his nails so I don't have to. ;)
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Wow, I so don't want it to be Sunday night already! The weekend was nice and relaxing, mostly, but I'm still not ready to have to go back to work tomorrow!

Yesterday hubby and I went to visit his family- the annual August Birthday get together, his sis and step-brother have birthdays very close together in August. It was fun to see everyone, though we were all disappointed that my step-daughter and family weren't able to make it.

Today hubby and I spent some time trying to find a new dog food for the Kyle... It's an ongoing problem. We solved most of his digestive issues by switching to a vegetarian food. However, now he's scratching a LOT, and shedding like nobody's business. This is a problem. We are vacuuming everyday- and there's STILL clumps of hair lying around. This is also a very new issue. I mean, yes, he used to shed before, but never this much! However, do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a dog food that doesn't have chicken in it?! It's a staple ingredient! We finally found California Natural- they have a salmon and sweet potato canned food and a herring and sweet potato kibble, so we're going to try that- see if it keeps the digestion problem at bay, AND helps control the shedding issue. I will be so happy once we find something he can eat on a regular basis, and be healthy!

This was the excitement for the day. Well, there was a migraine too, but I'm very tired of writing much about that problem!

Hmm, oh yes, watched "Buckaroo Banzai" which is quite funny. Though can be a little confusing at the same time. Haven't watched much else recently.

Books: finished Eclipse- haven't really started Breaking Dawn yet, I got distracted by Cry Wolf. I really, really like that book! I cannot wait until the second one comes out. Though that probably won't happen for a year. Bah. Patricia Briggs, the author, does a really good job, I think, writing about wounded women. Women who have been hurt- but aren't exactly victims. This can make reading it difficult (especially the end of Iron Kissed), but well worth it- in my eyes. I enjoy the way she handles the idea of werewolves, and what it means to be in a pack- it works for me. Though it does make me want to work on a shapeshifting story. *laughs* I could always pull out Jessica (my werejaguar story from two nanos ago) and work on editing/finishing it.

Oh, and see some pretty dragons.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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A few days ago I posted this detailing Peter Parker's story.

and here is an update from [ profile] bluesgirly

"Dear Kind and Generous Readers:

I have great news for you today as I was advised that the Paws for Love rescue organization was so impressed with the money we raised for Peter Parker's surgery - they've decided to kick down the rest of the money. This means Mary can make an appointment for his ear surgery and it means that we came together to right a wrong and got it done in less than 4 days time. Thank you to every single one of you! I have an appointment to meet Peter Parker next Thursday when I will show up to interview him ...and of course post the video. Here he is giving you a "WOOT!" shout out."
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[ profile] bluesgirly posted about this, and I'm complying by spreading the word to you.

There's a love of a dog named Peter Parker, a former 'bait' dog (BOO!!!!), that's been rescued (YAY!) but needs to have some expensive surgery done.

His story is here

I will be making a small contribution on behalf of my rescue dog, Kyle. :)


Jun. 6th, 2008 09:09 am
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Thank goodness! *laughs* I'm very much looking forward to a weekend of... *thinks* no plans... All right! There will be sleeping, and DH cuddling, and possibly crafty stuff. Oh, and must start actually working on the plans for the parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Yeah, my parents have managed almost 40 years together. That's longer than I've been alive!! *laughs* Okay, that amuses me... Probably not anyone else.

In other news... Night before last (I didn't say it was really RECENT news...) DH was in the process of putting the fur-kids to bed. For Kyle this means playing a game of keep-away with his Greenie. Finally Kyle is allowed to have it and races off to his crate! DH (or I, if I'm putting him to bed) run after him and shut the crate door. It's a game, as Kyle will go into his crate without the inducement of a treat. However, on this occasion there was a slight problem... Namely, one Sasha the Grey sitting right in front of the crate door. So when Kyle went racing to the crate- she was in the way.

He actually skidded to a stop, dropped his treat in front of her, and backed up! He laid down and just looked mournfully up at DH, who was laughing and told me what happened. DH had to move Sasha, as asking her to move resulted in no movement... Then re-offer the Greenie to Kyle, who was relieved to be able to get into his house. *laughs* I feel compelled to point out again- Kyle=45lbs, Sasha=12lbs. And yet she wins... That's Cat-itude for you.

And now for dragons... feel free to ignore

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Or something. ;)

Hubby and I have massages schedule for Saturday. This is good. :) But man I could use it this morning! I don't know what I did yesterday, but my back/shoulders are killing me today.

In thinking about it, Kyle did give the leash a good yank last night... We were walking, and there was a cute Mallard couple enjoying the evening, huddled down in the grass, basking in the light from the lamppost... I saw them at least a minute before they got Mr. Kyle's attention. I thought I had a good grip on the leash, but he charged at them, the shortened bit I was holding slipped, the loop in my hand I DID have a good grip on, but he still was able to yank my shoulder. No worries though- for the ducks that is- he was still about 15 feet from them when he reached the end of his leash. Then he had to come sit by where I was standing so we could have a little talk. We walked by the Mallards, Kyle at a close heel, and while they got up and moved further from the light, as soon as we passed they went right back. (there's a marsh/pond area about 100 ft from where they were, and we see them often)

At the time I honestly didn't think he had tugged that hard... For the record- we use an Easy Walk Harness on Kyle- regular flat collars let him pull too much, chokes aren't something I like much, and didn't work, and the Gentle Leader head halter sorts of things didn't work with him either... The clip for the Easy Walk is in the front- so if Kyle pulls too hard he spins around - putting his back to whatever was making him crazy. It's kinda funny, but doesn't happen all that often anymore as he's learning to walk in a heel position.

In any case- my shoulders really hurt this morning. And because I'm doing the 'Prednisone burst' per my neurologist- I can't take any anti-inflammatories. I can has massage now? Oh, and I actually remembered to take my prednisone this morning! (I kinda forgot to take it yesterday... oops)

I do feel a bit more awake today... *grins* As my posting/commenting may attest... You may regret this...

Last Night

May. 9th, 2008 12:15 pm
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Ah morning… now if I could only WAKE up! Had the full dose of my new nighttime med last night- though I stayed up too late, which means I took it late, which means waking up was interesting this morning. Mainly in the head foggy, balance off kind of way. Sasha almost ended up getting showered in kibble. Not that she really would have objected… Usually I’m able to cope with her meandering walking pattern, this morning, not so much. I did, however, manage to get the dog walked so Hubby didn’t have to do that when he got home. The walk helped clear my head a bit. But now I’m at work, and not moving, and really wanting to go back to sleep. But this is frowned upon at work…

So last night. Was actually kind of fun. I saw hubby off to work (packed him a bizarre lunch- banana, fruit cup, Fiber One bar, pudding, and a cookie. *grins* He might eat half of it...) had leftovers for my dinner, and sat down to watch TV. Then my cell phone went off- and I actually heard it! This led to an hour long conversation with Elder Brother M. Apparently his wife and son were off for the evening, so he needed the company. *grins* It was nice to catch up, hear how the nephew was doing. Hear how the nephew was doing with the dogs. Little lad loves his doggies! and the puppy they have now is really good with E, puts up with his 'grabbing' pet. See, E will walk over and sit himself down next to a dog. With Fischer he can grab his fur, getting some extra puppy skin, and puppy doesn't care! E is learning to pet, but he's only 17 months old. Funny- Fischer is exactly one year and a day younger than E. E's b-day is 12-30-06, Fischer's is 12-31-07.

It was very good to talk to the brother, but Kyle was giving me the ‘momma PLEASE’ look, so after hanging up with the Bro, I had to get ready to take him out. It wasn’t supposed to be a long walk, but I was feeling pretty good, so it was an hour later when we stumbled back into the apartment. Note- when I walk Kyle I keep a pretty good clip going, especially if we’re doing a ‘structured’ walk and not a loose lead wander. By ‘structured’ I mean that I keep him at my side in a near heel (he’s learning) and we walk quickly and there’s no stopping wherever he wants. I will stop from time to time and let him sniff a particular area- of my choosing, but in general we’re walking to walk!

Did pretty good until we got into the park and some people were walking their dog Anna off leash. I made Kyle stop, as I saw Anna lumbering towards us. I called out to her people that Kyle isn’t really friendly. (Point of fact- that isn’t quite true, he’s better off leash, but when on leash and he’s with another dog he gets really weird when the other dog has to leave. For whatever reason that part makes him go nuts and he bark/growls, and seems to snap, though not really. It’s hard to describe, but like most dog issues- it sounds a LOT worse than it is.) So Anna's people called her, and like a cat she ignored them completely. It was okay when Anna came over to give Kyle a quick sniff, because then her male person passed us and she went to him- This was FINE with Kyle. Then her female person said something to Kyle, so Anna came back- because male person hadn’t been able to get her leash on her… *rolls eyes* At which point male person inserted himself in between the dogs to get Anna away. At which point Kyle lost his mind. The people did move quickly, must say that. Being a prepared Anne, I had a firm grip on his shortened leash so there was no actual danger beyond him sounding fierce. They apologized and I apologized and we went our separate ways.

But still- getting between the dogs? Not good! Even *I* know that!

Other than that, the walk was good for both of us. Than it was home, playing on the computer and time for bed. New med taken (note to self: take it earlier in the evening!), and dreamland found.

I hope the rest of you had good evenings. :) (and good mornings seeing as how it’s afternoon where I am.)


Apr. 8th, 2008 09:15 am
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Hello there... How's things?

Right, a weekend wrap-up. Friday night was spent with [ profile] zen_kitty and there was excellent conversation, silly kitties, pizza, and movies. All was good. Well, once the pizza place actually got the order right... *laughs* The movies were "The Jane Austen Book Club" and "Akeelah and the Bee." I thought both were pretty good, the first was funny and the second was quite heart warming. I do think that the Jane movie is better if you have read all the Jane Austen novels. That said, I would love to read the novel the movie was based on.

Saturday- woke up with a raging migraine. But was not to be overly deterred! The Kyle had to be walked, and the [ profile] losgunna had to be visited! So I got to her place later than planned, but that just meant that I was home when the mail arrived, and thus had a BPAL order to bring with me. Off to visit, and yarn shopped! Was much fun. Again, good company, silly kitties, and movie! *laughs* Same Jane movie...

Sunday- same migraine... really was annoying at this point. Settled on the couch for awhile with a heat pack on my neck and a cold pack on my face- cup of coffee close at hand. Figured all these steps would help. Did a bit- allowing me to get the dog walked and a shower (both of which also helped the migraine). Then it was time to pack the doggins up and head to see my folks! He was pretty good in the car, thank goodness. I did stop on my way out of town to pick up a new Nyla for him- to give him something to do in the car.

After having been 'home' for a bit my mom called Elder Brother J to let him know that 'Cousin Kyle' was there... He, wife, and 'cousin' Sophie showed up a little while later. Sophie being their new dog. She's got about 5 lbs on Kyle, and is only a smidge taller. They got along *fabulously* I was so pleased. Well, you know, once they decided who was boss.. and that would be Sophie... Poor girl is in heat- now when EBJ and SIL M adopted her they were told she had been spayed. Oops! So she had on a diaper... was really silly looking, but did the job. Luckily Kyle has no puppy-making bits, so it was fine to let them run around. Though my dad was flipping out as they were working out their dominance issues... See Kyle quickly learned that if he tried to mount Sophie she would get annoyed and then chase him around the yard. This was exactly what he wanted. So being a smart dog, he kept trying the behavior that rewarded him... So the backyard suffered a bit as she chased him 'round and 'round. To my brother's surprise- Kyle is faster than Sophie. Me? Not so surprised.

Sophie seems to be, for the record, a springer spaniel / black lab / border collie sort of mix- so a medium sized mostly black dog with white feet/legs (with black freckles) and a bit of white on her face. She's a very cute, sweet dog, with a not so happy past. But she's now with EBJ and his wife and all is good in her world. Already Sophie is very attached to them, and is quick to make sure they don't leave without her! I love that Kyle will have a playmate when we take him up there!

Monday- headache is better, but still around- plus side, doctor appointment in PM, other plus- get to see hubby!!! (he worked Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday) Saw nurse practitioner, got new prescriptions... she wants me to try some alternate meds because my blood pressure is a bit high. Must see regular doc about this. Spent a lovely, relaxing evening with the hubby. :)

Tuesday- migraine is gone, but neck and shoulders are sore from carrying tension! (note to self, schedule massage!) Should be going to Gone Wired tonight for writing, yay!

And that's about all..

An update!

Feb. 15th, 2008 08:59 am
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Yesterday I came home and Kyle's crate was clean! Yay!! We went for a walk, and everybody had their dinner. Then it was off to the vet's. He got all worked up at the vet's, but it was all that 'OMG must say hi to EVERYONE!!!' and licked the vet tech when she was trying to get him to sit... We laughed.

Vet thinks he has a mild infection/colitis type thing and gave us some antibiotics for him. We also talked about his general umm, state of being and she had some suggestions about that as well. In part trying the whole probiotics sort of thing rather than trying human stuff (too often, I asked about Immodium and she said that would be okay if not given too often and wrote out a dosage scale for him). She's a good vet, and Kyle likes her. *grins* I was trying to get a sample to bring in- but of course he didn't cooperate- but during his exam she, well, got some on her glove and said it was enough to test. I didn't hear back from them last night- so no parasites in him poop. This is good.

They were also selling catnip pillows. I bought one. Should have bought two... I threw it on the floor and there almost became a battle royale between Sasha and Leo. Now I know I cannot leave it out, and that when it is out they must be supervised. But the reason I bought it is for grooming purposes. See, I was reading this npr site- and they have an animal show with Patricia McConnell on it (I didn't know this until recently, but she's an amazing animal behaviorist- wrote some REALLY good books on dogs- Other End of the Leash, For the Love of a Dog, etc.) and one of the things they recommended for grooming cats that hate it- is to distract them with a catnip pillow. Give them the pillow and usually they're too busy with it to object to you brushing. I don't know if this will really work or not- but given Sasha's behavior- it's worth a try.

Also, Whiska's Temptation hairball treats seems to have ipecac in it. *grins* We've given them to the cats a few times, and it seems like after every time we give them some we get hairballs! Yes, better out than causing obstructions, but still! Ipecac, I'm tellin' ya.

Wow, this journal is just gross lately!

In non-gross. My day did kind of suck until about 7:20 or so. At that point I was leaving the vet's, had a good notion of how to make my dog feel better, I had picked up chicken for dinner with my sweetie, and said sweetie called to let me know that he was leaving work! :) So we were able to have a very nice Valentine's Day dinner together. Then because he had to be back at 7pm tonight, we had an early night... And no, it was just for sleeping. *grins*

However, now it's FRIDAY!!!! And tomorrow will be good, I'm determined, and then Sunday is some shopping (da hubby needs new scrubs). Then next week he has orientation (for the hospital in general I guess) so will probably be only working 8a-5p. :) After that starts nights, but I'm not thinking about that today. :)


Feb. 14th, 2008 01:49 pm
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Great day so far... but let's go back to yesterday.

Gross dog stuff )

Heh, I wasn't going to cut this, then realized some people might be grossed out by this stuff. I just think it means I'm qualified to handle more aspects of parenting. ;)
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We got to the dog park rather late yesterday (later than planned...) and walked around the oval twice, talking to people. The group we were with was going to make another pass, hubby and I decided to just leave as it was getting too dark and seeing was an issue. On the way out we stopped to talk to a really nice couple with a Great Dane that Kyle wanted to play with. We chatted for awhile until we heard a police siren and laughed about how it was apparently time to leave. We knew that the park closed half an hour after sunset- but weren’t all that concerned about. This apparently is where we made our mistake.

As we walked out of the park to our car, chatting with the people- who were on their first visit, so we were talking up the place- the deputy stopped us to ask if we were parked there. We said yes. He informed us that the park closed half an hour after sunset, which we did know. Then he wanted to see the id of one of us (per car).

So yup, we got a ticket from the Ingham County Sheriff Department for being in the park after hours (has a fine of $75)... The Deputy, I might add, was not terribly nice about the whole thing- and couldn't even tell us when sunset officially happened. So if he didn’t know when sunset was- how did he know we were there too late? His smart ass answer, “Sunset’s when the sun goes down.” Duh. However, without being able to see the horizon, are we really expected to know the minute the sun has slipped over it? Or are we supposed to check either a newspaper or website every day so that we know to the minute when the park closes? I also feel bad that the couple we walked out with got a ticket- so the first time they go they end up getting a ticket for staying too long. Would make me want to go back…

I wrote about this (stealing many of the phrases in this post) on a Yahoo! Community I’m on and found out something else. Apparently deputies (because it’s a county park) have been patrolling inside the park and can’t tell the difference between playing dogs and those that are fighting. They’ve actually threatened to SHOOT dogs that are playing, telling the owners to ‘break up the fight or the dogs will be shot.’ Um WTF?! Granted that there was a time when I didn’t really see the difference between play noises and fight noises- but after a few times at the dog park I learned! Kyle makes noise when he plays and sometimes looks like he’s baring his teeth, then he moves, his lips go back to normal and it’s clear that it’s a play thing. The deputies don’t listen to the owners explanation that ‘they’re playing’ and insists the dogs get separated.

A deputy a few days ago was intimidating a woman, who had just arrived, because her Boston Terrier was occasionally humping other dogs. Now this can be a problem, but she was working on training him- and the people there with their dogs were understanding and NOT complaining about it. The dogs getting humped didn’t care either. As an aside- humping dogs are a problem, and they should be stopped as some dogs react badly to it. However, when you can see someone is trying to train their dog you cut them some slack. This guy was telling the woman that she would have to go as her dog was breaking the rules. A lie, as the official posted rules say nothing about humping.

When the park first opened there were a few comments about deputies checking licenses- which I’m good with. In our county in order to get a license you have to have proof that your dog has been vaccinated for rabies. Checking for licenses is fine, we’ve been asked a few times and have shown the licenses on Kyle’s harness, I have no objection to that. However, a deputy stopped a woman and claimed her license was out of date as it said 2006. Her license expires in December, when her dog’s rabies vaccination expires. So every December she renews both. The deputy wasn’t going to believe her, but finally checked in with the office (who had someone check that her story was plausible) and she was allowed in.

I just don't see why the Sheriff's Department is being so awful about this park. I get the checking for licenses- that's fine. But threatening to shoot playing dogs? Writing tickets for leaving the park ten minutes past closing- when the time of closing really is subjective? I'm wondering if a letter should be sent to the Sheriff going over these details. Someone has said they'll let the organization responsible for the park- they're paying for upkeep and so on- know, and has suggested that they need to sit down with the Sheriff's office. I'd love to be in on that meeting. *smirks*

With the after-hours thing, I know that technically we were there too late (the deputy said sunset was 6:45- though he didn't know that off the top of his head and had to check something in his car after being pressed on the issue. He was wrong since according to a Navy astronomy website sunset was 6:44pm. ;) ), however many of us who go to the park are new to the county park thing. Is there no leniency possible? We left just a few minutes after the park closed- it's not like we were trying to stay for another hour. We misjudged when exactly sunset was- if they don't post an exact time do they really expect people to just know? We asked Deputy Stump and his response was 'Well when it's pitch black like this...' Uh yeah, but it wasn't pitch black when we left, it got that way while we were waiting for him to write the ticket! Does the Sheriff's office just not like the idea of the dog park and want to discourage its use?

Just a little frustrated about this. I love going to the park- seeing everyone and giving Kyle a chance to run- but the Sheriff’s deputies seem to be doing their best to ruin it. At least there’s another dog park opening this weekend in East Lansing. I just really liked the space the other one is in, with the trees and the pond.

On a personal whine- Hubby is still out of work. While we're doing okay we certainly do NOT have an extra $75 to pay the fine.
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So... [ profile] bettybaker is a bad influence... No really. She's got me wanting to refresh my Spanish knowledge. And of course, I have no idea where to begin. *grins* I remember bits and pieces, enough to occasionally dream in it (though it's been awhile since that happened). I did take Spanish for 4 years in jr high/high school, and a semester in college (their 4th semester course). So I'm not sure where to look for a refresher... LCC is in the middle of semesters, so that's not a good source. So that's the new thing on my mind.

This weekend, as a non-sequitor, went well. We took Kyle to the dog park a couple times- which was much fun. Save for the slightly stressful moment when he decided to roughhouse and subsequently roll an intact male 9 month old South African mastiff... The mastiff did NOT approve and freaked out- so for a few moments it seemed like the play was going to get serious. Of course Kyle is standing over this dog (mastiff on his back, Kyle standing with front feet on one side of mastiff, back feet on the other in perhaps the most dominant pose there is) just grinning and thinking it's all fun. *facepalm* This 'puppy' was already twice Kyle's weight- though not much taller, and a total klutz (as many puppies are). The height/weight/feet size ratio meant that Kyle was able to trip him up pretty easily. So the second time he rolled the puppy we decided that walking on would be good... I do have to say that I haven't seen any real fights break out while we've been there, and the only time it gets tense at all is when we hang out near the main gate for too long. That's an area a lot of people linger by, so there are a lot of dogs, and it just gets to be a tense place when the park is crowded. If you walk away and around the path things are so much better.

Well, except when Kyle gets infatuated and tries to run off with a beautiful boy boxer like he did yesterday. He's been so good lately, but he met this boxer and that was that. He forgot his name, forgot who he came with, and just wanted to run with his new love... Which meant that I had to backtrack, leaving the group we were walking with, and go hunt his butt down. I couldn't even yell at him because he finally turned and saw me and started running full tilt at me. All the dog trainers I know (and respect...) say to never punish a dog who comes when you call. If I had to go to him- then I could chastise him, but no... the little brat finally learned to hear and came back. I did insist on him walking at a heel with me- off leash no less- and succeeded. Totally blew ME away...

One of the things I really like about the dog park is that there are people we go to meet, and others we've met there that we see time and again. A group will form and we'll walk and talk and laugh at the dogs' antics. So my social needs are partially seen to. *laughs* See- for those that are new, I would generally go home from work and just stay there by myself as my hubby would be at work. Now he's home (though hopefully not for much longer, we need him to be working!) and I'm going to the dog park and meeting peoples. It's nifty.

On the way home from the dog park yesterday we stopped by L&L (local grocery store) and were looking for dinner. We see a 'free fixins' bag, and were intrigued. Deal was- you buy a roast over 3 lbs and you get a bag (intfoil like roast pan, taters, carrots, onions and gravy) for free. So we decided to do that. This did mean that on the way home I had to call my mom and ask her how one cooks a roast... In the end we opted to use our slow cooker for the first time. We've had the thing for over two years and never used it, mostly because the plastic turner thing (to change it from off to low to high) broke when I was pulling the cooker from the box. We never did anything about this. Oops. The plastic broke- not the cooker itself, so pliers work. The timing didn't, but the roast made and *excellent* lunch...

In other news, the hubby and I have been talking about the fact that we've always just assumed that once he graduated that we would move back to Ann Arbor. But we've stopped to consider, and realized that we don't *have* to move there- though we do have friends in the area. We could move somewhere else... So we pondered this over the weekend and the only conclusion we came to was that if we weren't going to move to Ann Arbor the only other place we'd want to live is in Dublin, Ireland.

We've done some research, and we could move there for two years (with a work visa). These work visas are harder to come by for US citizens- and really easy for EU folks. However! There are certain classes of people that can get expedited visas. People like RNs... There are also spousal visas for people who are married to people on other types of Visas. So we could get jobs there. And with the new pet policies we could get all three animals there without quarantine (or at least not the 6 month, bill on us quarantine that is the alternative), we just have to jump through several hoops and plan way in advance. So we're actually considering moving to Ireland... For two years and then we'd have to come back. (Mom said she'd store some of our stuff for us if we help her get rid of my dad's newspaper obsession.. er collection. :) ) I don't know how likely this is, really, but we're seriously considering it.


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