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I see friends doing this and now you get the Jadecat & Hubby edition.

Me: Wait, watch out.
*hubby nearly backs into a waitress with a full tray of drinks*

Hubby: Well sweetie, you know I only have eyes for you.

Me, laughing: Well I guess it's a good thing I have a wandering eye.
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Round about 2:20 am last night I woke up because Kyle had barked. I was also thinking that I heard a knock on the door- but I couldn't be sure. Then there came another knock, and another Kyle bark. Well, more of a tapping than a knock. In any case, the husband was moving to answer the door- he's got an easier time getting there, what with me having to un-CPAP myself.

It was the cops. Someone thought it would be a fabulous idea to smash the back window of my husband's car.

Yeah... Hubby told me to go back to sleep, he would go outside to talk to the cops, etc. Sure, I was soooo able to just go back to sleep. He came back in- we talked a little more. Nothing was taken from his car- not even the golf clubs lying across the back seat. They just smashed the window and left. Hubby went out to clean up the area a bit, and turn his car around so it was backwards in the carport- hiding the damage.

It was a coincidence that cops were in the area. They were answering a noise complaint a couple buildings away- and I guess saw the car. I don't know, I'm fuzzy on those details- getting woken up in the middle of the night has that effect on me. I'm glad they were there though- it's possible that the person did intend to steal the golf clubs and then he saw the police car and it scared him off. Or maybe it was just a 'random act of idiocy' as the husband told the police officers (who found it rather funny). He car was the first in line for the carports (even though we moved two in from the outside edge) so maybe that's why it got hit. We don't know. We're not feuding with any of our neighbors (even the chick I got upset with for having her dog off leash seems cool with me now. And her dog is always on leash. ;) Besides, if she were that upset I would have thought she'd go for my car, not his.). Hubby isn't the sort to anger someone so much that they would retaliate in this way- and not realize that he was upsetting someone so much. So we really just don't know what motivated this.

Which of course bothers me. We've lived there almost 5 years, and this is really unusual for our neighborhood. We did have one guy whose car window got smashed- but it was determined that he did that himself, and it was three years ago.

This means I'm starting my Friday short on sleep, frustrated, and highly annoyed. This bodes well....

So I give you some dragons...
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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My dearest, darlingest husband likes golf. I know, I know. But I did rather know this before we got married. He even inherited my dad's old clubs, mostly because mom wanted them out of the basement...

Anyhow, he's gone a leeetle bit golf crazy this year. Anytime he can be he's either out at the range, or at one of the local public courses (no country club for him, thank goodness- we're just not that kind of money). He even got new irons, and a couple clubs made specifically for him. (which apparently wasn't strictly necessary as he's pretty much the standard height and wrist to floor length they design clubs by. Why do I know this? *shakes head*)r

I tell you this to tell you that this past weekend he was listening to the end of the British Open online. This Open was a pretty big deal because A- Tiger Woods didn't make the cut for the final round. I know! Tiger didn't make the cut. We were shocked. Then the other thing was this guy Tom Watson, who at 59 stood to be the oldest winner. Pretty neat, thought I.

I actually got caught up in the listening to GOLF! Tom Watson came down to the last hole, in a position to win! Very exciting. Then he didn't, but he tied with someone else! This meant a golf-off (okay, that's not what they called it). Watson and Cink had to play four holes, and the winner would be the champ. At this point the announcers kept repeating that both players were American, and how everyone would be rooting for Watson to win because it was such a Cinderella story.

Honestly, I think it was the announcers' fault that I got so involved. At one point in the golf-off I had to walk away, I just couldn't take the intensity. I know! Intensity about GOLF! Poor Watson just fell apart. It was awful to hear. At one point he hit a ball into the crowds. Cink just played a great four holes.

What amuses me is how wrapped up in it I got. I really do blame the announcers, they got so excited, and so eager at every stroke. So yeah, I got all excited, and then bummed over GOLF!

Think there's any hope of my recovery?
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On this fine, sunny day, our Hero ([livejournal.com profile] lazycatsteve) ventured to Quiznos to fetch the lunch meal for himself and our Heroine (me). Hero decides to take the faithful canine companion along with him. Upon entering the establishment what haz da fud! our Hero sees Mr. Boss. At the time Mr. Boss is on the telephone with Mrs. Boss, and politely gestures for the Hero to order first.

It is only when exiting the establishment that our Hero realizes that disaster has struck! The tire of the vehicle is flat, flat. Woe! Having a cellular communication device- our Hero attempts to contact our Heroine. Alas, she has already departed from the work location. Mrs. Boss, who answered the telephonic device, insists that Mr. Boss can provide transport for our Hero. However, our Hero is concerned because of the presence of the faithful canine companion. Mrs. Boss, who has her own faithful canine companion insists this isn't a problem.

Our Heroine, being oblivious to anything not a vehicle on the road with her- drives past. In vain the hero waved to get her attention. But as he was not a vehicle, nor on the road, she did not see him. Mr. Boss agreed to provide transport for our Hero and the faithful canine companion.

Later our Heroine found out that during this transportation the FCC licked the back of Mr. Boss's head. *facepalm*

After consumption of the noontime meal, our Heroine dropped our Hero off at his vehicle. Wouldn't just leave it where it was after all.
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The weekend disappeared on me, and I'm NOT happy about it!

Saturday it was off to the in-laws to celebrate the hubby's birthday. My step-daughter was supposed to be there (her husband had to work) but then due to car issues she wasn't able to make it- so we didn't get to see the grandkids. :( Very bummed about that. But it WAS fun seeing my parents-in-law and SIL. Good conversation- good food.

Sunday- the hub's actual birthday- was much fun. The weather was awful, but we enjoyed the day despite it. We attended to 49th Antiquarian Book and Paper show held at the Lansing Center. An entire hall full of OLD books and paper stuff (post cards, movie posters, etc). It was very nearly heaven. Save for the whole having to pay for them and all... ;) We spent several hours wandering through the booths, looking at all sorts of things. Ended up only getting one book each, and a poster that I really liked. My book was an addition to my small Honey Bunch collection. There's a neat note in the front about how it was printed during wartime, but follows the paper conservation rules. :) There were so many things that we wanted. Spending over $200 for a movie poster did seem a bit extreme.

Ordered Pizza House for dinner- hey, he chose it! *grins* Mostly because they brought the food to us- and it was cold and snowy outside. Once we got home from the book show we were pretty much just done. Soooo many books!

Watched Wanted and... I dunno. The action scenes were way cool. I really enjoyed them. The early 'training' sequence? I really didn't like. Perhaps I'm just odd, but I don't see how continually beating someone up is supposed to endear you to them. It would just make me so furious that once I finally got all my training- I'd kill the trainers! Anyway... Angelina was smokin' hot, per usual. McAvoy did well, I thought. So overall fun movie, just a bit of an uncomfortable few minutes for me. OH! Marc Warren was in it as 'the Repairman' hated the role, but I was glad to see him. *laughs* That and I had to laugh because he was the assassin Teatime in Hogfather (and was on an episode of Doctor Who).

Bad... did taxes last night. Not only aren't we getting a refund this year (I wasn't expecting one) but we owe, a lot. Mostly because my withholding through work was too high. *sighs, shakes head, tries to replace hair pulled out last night* I was NOT expecting that. We'll be okay, and can manage it- but it will significantly affect our savings. AKA- the Move To Ireland fund. Good thing we had delayed for a year anyway. I guess.

Okay, all in all, a good weekend. Not terribly relaxing, but saw people, had fun, and only a bit of extreme stress there at the end.
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Didn't sleep terribly well last night, and had 'ugh' dreams. They're not nightmares, they're just annoying and grumpy inducing. When the alarm went off I initially resisted getting up, hitting snooze per usual. I was vaguely aware that my head was starting to ache in that pre-migraine way, and then there were the grumpy dreams. I usually hit snooze a couple times, just my habit, though I know you're not supposed to do that. I wake up slowly, and if I don't hit snooze at least once my whole day feels off.

Finally do make moves to get up. This involves turning off the alarm clock, turning off the Stupid Machine, taking off the mask, and then I sit at the edge of the bed and do my neck stretches. Today was not good, a forewarning. During all this Sasha is serenading my about her hunger pangs, and death via starvation. There are dance steps too. Some scenery changes, really, quite the production.

I tell husband, who has been woken by the alarm and the Serenading Sasha, that I slept badly with grumpy dreams. He then starts to tell me about a dream HE had. I don't have time for this, I have timed my morning routine out in order to maximize sleep time. Add grumpy in, and I snip at him that "I don't have time for this." He murmured something about understanding, and I tromped off to feed the Starving Sasha.

Knowing I had been snippy, and that he didn't deserve it at all, I returned to offer an apology to the hubs, and a kiss. He told me not to worry about it, but I still felt bad for snapping. Off to the bathroom for the preparing. Migraine wasn't fully there, but was definitely poking around the perimeter looking for weak spots to take advantage of. Emerging later when clean and made presentable for work. Hubby had gotten up, prepped my purse (adding snacks), and was getting my coffee ready.

After apologizing again, I sat down to put shoes on. Hubs tells me what snacks I have, and that he put a Zomig in my purse with my phone. During the entire morning I never mentioned to him that I had a migraine brewing. I tell him this. Get smile and kiss on forehead and he tells me "I know you." *melts*

So while I'm eating the toast he made for me- I ask him about his dream, and get all the details. Suffice to say it WAS weird, and more annoying than grumpy making, but still not good. Then it was actually time for me to go, but I was feeling a bit better. I got my hugs and goodbye kisses, grab everything and head out the door.

Hubby followed me out to tell me that I looked especially good today. :)

From a less than good start to a warm fuzzy feeling. :) I think I'll keep him.
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It seems "cool" to be vehemently against Valentine's Day, to mock it, and the people who celebrate it. This came up on a friends journal, and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna said the following about celebrating, which really hit home for me.

"Ritual exists to pass the time until death and there is nothing wrong with ritual colors and actions and holidays--I love them. I celebrate as many as I can. We need MORE days of joy and celebration that we experience as a culture, not less. Random presents are great, but holidays give us something to look forward to, to plan around, to bedeck ourselves in Lupercalia and Parelement of Foules and celebrate our medieval Catholic weird-ass roots. I feel like th tradition of Grinch-ness surrounding Valentine's Day is sad and misguided and it makes me wonder why so many people are determined to both /take a holiday full of joy away from others/ and make themselves look superior by claiming to make every day special.

If every day is special, none of them are. Ritual exists to make us more human, and I'll never give up on it. Yes, pop culture makes that ritual lame, but that doesn't mean the red colors aren't blood and passion in the midst of snow, it doesn't mean that Valentine's Day isn't a prayer for fertility in the midst of barrenness, and that the whole day isn't fire in the cold, a hint of the new world to come. "

My husband is very good at showing me that I'm loved, yet we do go out of our way to celebrate every little 'holiday.' Anniversaries are celebrated, birthdays, and yes, Valentine's Day. We don't go crazy commercial and buy huge gifts, if he gave me jewelry I would be stunned. It's not the commercial aspect that we're celebrating. We're celebrating the love we share. I'm sorry that not every one is in a relationship, and I do try to be considerate of that. However, because other people aren't in a relationship, is that asny reason I shouldn't celebrate mine? Should I not say anything, not praise the man I married, because other people don't have someone to talk about?

As far as how we DO celebrate, what we try to do is simply step up our attempts to let the other know how loved they are. We buy sappy cards to exchange, and generally go out to dinner to celebrate. Husband may give me a rose, but certainly not a dozen. (while romantic, the thrifty part of my personality freaks over the cost) Why is that something to be reviled and made fun of? It's not as though Valentine's day is the *only* day we're romantic, it's just a chance to put a touch more effort in to it.

The day can be celebrated in whatever way works. If a couple doesn't like chocolate and fancy schmancy dinners out- and instead would like to celebrate at a con- good for them! If friends want to get together and celebrate their friendship- isn't that good too?

Lastly, I just want to thank [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna for writing out so clearly, what was nebulously floating around in my head. :) And for saying I could quote her here.
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The weekend started off a little strange. See, Hubby was supposed to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, as he had the same cold I did, and a fever, Thursday night he called in. Then Friday he got what they call an 'AA' (Administrative Absence) which essentially means the patient/nurse ratio was skewed in the wrong direction. So he got to stay home. Saturday night he did work, but then Sunday he was offered an AA, took it, and then five minutes later they called back and said that no, he needed to come in. Boo on them!

Anyway, I got up earlier than he did on Saturday- because he wasn't feeling well (migraine + cold = not fair). Then I discovered a Kyle accident... Cleaned that up and took the boy for a walk. This however inspired a day of mad cleaning. Hubby was given a free pass because he really was miserable. We got him ensconced on the couch and I cleaned around him. One of those pick up one thing, put it away, notice something there that needs to be moved, and one and on, while removing everything that I could- temporarily- from the living room... Which in this case actually made for an efficient method, strangely enough. After a dose or so of meds, and another nap- hubby was ready to help. :) At this point that meant moving the couch to the dining area (I had already moved most everything else out of the living room). And good Lord there was a TON of cat fur under the couch! (note to self- vacuum under the couch more often!) Got all that cleaned up, took a break for lunch, and I wandered around

Then the aminals were locked up so I could put 'Zorb' (Dyson brand carpet cleaner) down, hubby helped 'groom' it in to the carpet... We waited the requisite half hour and vacuumed it up. Carpet looks SO much better now! So much so that I just had to make sure the two 'easy' style chairs, and the couch, got thoroughly vacuumed, and washed the afghan we drape over the back of the couch, and the blanket on Sasha's chair, so they wouldn't feel left out. All in all, I lost track of just how many hours I spent cleaning... I'm pretty sure I emptied the vacuum canister 4 times- now, lest you think we're slobs, we keep up with general vacuuming pretty well, it's the 'moving the furniture, vacuuming EVERYTHING' type job we don't get too all that often. The place looks pretty good now. :)

Hubby had to go to work, and I spent most the evening trying to relax, but kept picking up things. *laughs* Did manage to get some of my Netflix DVDs watched, and played around on the computer. Then it was Sunday. Kyle did NOT have an accident, but I still got up relatively early with him to take him for a walk. After that, it was time for Teh Shopping Trip of DOOM!

I had to go to PetSmart, get gas, Meijer, (brief pause at McDonalds for a McChicken sammich) Target, and finally Kroger. Took longer at Kroger than I had expected, but a shorter time everywhere else. Spent much money, but finally restocked up on foodstuffs. We've just been kind of lazy about shopping recently. Brought it all home, and managed to get most of everything upstairs before the Energy-Enhance! mode started to wear off. Luckily, Hubby woke up and was able to help with the last bit. He had to go back to sleep though, and I puttered around some more.

I was just waking him up for work, when work called. He accepted the AA, I did a happy booty dance... *grins* We were just deciding where to go for dinner (Okay, yes, I had gone grocery shopping, but we prefer to get out meat stuffs somewhere other than Kroger or Meijer, and I didn't make it there) when work called back. I was disappointed. :( So he went off to work, and I walked Kyle- at this point I should note that my legs were *quite* upset with all the work I had them do the past couple days... (this is why I need to get into better, healthier shape!) The evening was spent stitching, web playing and tv watching. Oh, and a trip to L&L to get meat stuffs. :) One more Kyle walk, then it was bedtime. (Oh, Leo and I played 'Spot' too- Spot is the official name for the laser pointer game.)

That Energy-Enhance mode that hit Saturday was quite impressive. Mainly it seems to be that actually getting restful sleep at night is a big deal- who knew!? ;) Seriously though, since I've been able to use the CPAP (first few nights of my cold were impossible), I've been sleeping better- less restless behaviors, but I still wake up at least once-twice a night. That's always been the case for me though. This increase in energy? I'll take it! Though I may eventually run out of things to 'Autumn Clean.' *laughs*

Today has been somewhat lower key- I stayed up a bit too late trying to get things done. But I still feel pretty good. The cold is relenting in it's grasp, and the CPAP seems to be doing some good. Yay! Oh, and Mint + Dark Chocolate Three Musketeers' bars = GOOD! Nice treat to have every blue moon or so. :)

Now, it's off to lunch with the hubby!

Local writer types- Internets Cafe tomorrow evening?
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Lunch today was great! I asked hubby to cook- not wanting take out lunch again. So we had bbbq chicken breasts with couscous. Yum!

And then, and then- hubby jumped up from the table, in the middle of lunch, because he had forgotten something! He rushed from the room, coming back with a bouquet of flowers in a vase. :) Just because he saw them when he was at the grocery store and thought I would like them. *beams* He's the best. And yes, I do love them- the vase is purply-pink and so are all the flowers!

Then! the mail-lady showed up with more presents! The t-shirt and travel mug I ordered from NaNo showed up. And are very cool. AND I got the tank tops I ordered from Coldwater Creek (they're the kind with the shelf bra in them... and the one I have from there is getting a bit worn out. I wear it all the time, very comfy to lounge around the house in/sleep in.) arrived! Wow. Oh, and the tanks were originally $24 something and I paid $11 each. :) Go me! Thirdly! Yes, there was a thirdly, I was stunned! The cross stitch fabric I bought from [livejournal.com profile] geekjul arrived! (oh, and [livejournal.com profile] geekjul they're beautiful! Thanks. :) )

So yeah, many packages. This does NOT happen every month much less every day. I am a very happy Anne, and will be lounging comfortably, drinking my coffee in an 'author' mug, and stitching this weekend! *laughs* While admiring my lovely flowers of course! (I brought them to work because a certain Leopolde Allen Fogg would chew on them if I didn't. He is also the reason the hubby had originally put them in the closet and had to retrieve them when I got home...)

It's a wonderful beginning to the weekend (even if I have to be at work for a leeetle while longer. :) )

I hope everyone has a very enjoyable rest of the day and weekend!


Mar. 27th, 2008 09:44 am
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Da Hubby:

Profession : Nursing Type : RN
Permanent ID # Status Issue Date Expiration Date
(cut) Active 03/26/2008 03/31/2009

There will be much celebrating this weekend! Plus it's his birthday Saturday! The culmination of YEARS of hard work is here!!! *screams and runs around while trying to happy dance*

He just called on his way home to give me the good news! His coworkers insisted on looking up his info on the state website and then said they HAD to take him out to breakfast to celebrate. His mentor nurse even printed out the page so she could tape it to their supervisors door. :)

Then he tells me that he has a floor meeting tonight so he will be gone when I get home from work. Which means I won't see him until tomorrow. :( But! We focus on HAPPY!!!

I'm so incredibly proud of him (and told him so!)
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So... about that blood work, I was showing my hubby my arms in an attempt to figure out which to have them draw from. Hubby, in nursing school and all, and VERY tired, looks at my arms. He poked at the elbow area... Then popped out with this gem:

"You're just not a good poke, Love."

And I promptly burst out laughing. It's a credit to how tired he was that it actually took him a moment to figure out just why I was laughing that hard.

(and he was right, she couldn't get the vein on my right arm, and managed barely on the left... so I have two elbows bandaged currently Bad vampire!)


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