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It seems "cool" to be vehemently against Valentine's Day, to mock it, and the people who celebrate it. This came up on a friends journal, and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna said the following about celebrating, which really hit home for me.

"Ritual exists to pass the time until death and there is nothing wrong with ritual colors and actions and holidays--I love them. I celebrate as many as I can. We need MORE days of joy and celebration that we experience as a culture, not less. Random presents are great, but holidays give us something to look forward to, to plan around, to bedeck ourselves in Lupercalia and Parelement of Foules and celebrate our medieval Catholic weird-ass roots. I feel like th tradition of Grinch-ness surrounding Valentine's Day is sad and misguided and it makes me wonder why so many people are determined to both /take a holiday full of joy away from others/ and make themselves look superior by claiming to make every day special.

If every day is special, none of them are. Ritual exists to make us more human, and I'll never give up on it. Yes, pop culture makes that ritual lame, but that doesn't mean the red colors aren't blood and passion in the midst of snow, it doesn't mean that Valentine's Day isn't a prayer for fertility in the midst of barrenness, and that the whole day isn't fire in the cold, a hint of the new world to come. "

My husband is very good at showing me that I'm loved, yet we do go out of our way to celebrate every little 'holiday.' Anniversaries are celebrated, birthdays, and yes, Valentine's Day. We don't go crazy commercial and buy huge gifts, if he gave me jewelry I would be stunned. It's not the commercial aspect that we're celebrating. We're celebrating the love we share. I'm sorry that not every one is in a relationship, and I do try to be considerate of that. However, because other people aren't in a relationship, is that asny reason I shouldn't celebrate mine? Should I not say anything, not praise the man I married, because other people don't have someone to talk about?

As far as how we DO celebrate, what we try to do is simply step up our attempts to let the other know how loved they are. We buy sappy cards to exchange, and generally go out to dinner to celebrate. Husband may give me a rose, but certainly not a dozen. (while romantic, the thrifty part of my personality freaks over the cost) Why is that something to be reviled and made fun of? It's not as though Valentine's day is the *only* day we're romantic, it's just a chance to put a touch more effort in to it.

The day can be celebrated in whatever way works. If a couple doesn't like chocolate and fancy schmancy dinners out- and instead would like to celebrate at a con- good for them! If friends want to get together and celebrate their friendship- isn't that good too?

Lastly, I just want to thank [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna for writing out so clearly, what was nebulously floating around in my head. :) And for saying I could quote her here.
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Okay, this just isn't fair. Yesterday, head pounding, left brain/neck hurting agony. It sucked. Took lovely Z-Med. Mid afternoon... no pain. It was beautiful! I practically bounced on my way home. Yay no pain! Took a nap, no pain, talked on the phone to the Hubby and then my momma, no pain!

Mid-morning... guess who's back?! It's NOT FAIR! *whinewhimpermoancomplain*

More whining and some girly related stuff that it occurs to me not everyone wants to see )

Thanksgiving is going to be weird this year. For the first time I won't be spending it with either my family or the DH's. See, he has to work at 4 pm on Thanksgiving day. Thus nixing the plan to go to his folk's house. We have an alternating year plan and this year was his family's turn, next year would be mine. However, my family is almost 2 hours away and his family IS 2 hours away. So that just won't work.

But, work is giving each employee a free pre-cooked turkey. So.... yeah. We will have a mini-Thanksgiving at home with just the two of us before he goes to work. This will be weird for me- I will be all by myself the evening of one of my favorite holidays.

You see growing up Thanksgiving was always at my parents, and always with my dad's extended family. It meant a lot of noise, confusion, people, talking and lots and lots of laughter. That's the one thing I really remember about Thanksgiving- the laughter. Made it one of my favorite family times. Christmas was usually about immediate family- seeing extended family later. Thanksgiving was about a ton of people and food. Thanksgiving meant turkey (of course), nuclear waste in the form of a particular pickle spread, Hamilton's Bakery rolls (that Aunt K would always bring) and again- laughter.

The day spent with the DH's family is a smaller group, but still with a lot of love and laughter in the room. So while it's much quieter than I'm used to- it's still very nice.

So the fact that after the DH goes to work it'll just be me is kind of... strange and disheartening. I'd talked to my mom about driving up there after he goes to work- to see my grandpa and older brother J and his wife. But when I talked to her last night she mentioned that they were eating really early, and grandpa may not last long (as in upright- he had a bad fall last January and 91 year old men don't heal so quickly. ;) He's worlds better but still spends a lot of time in bed mostly reclined) and she mentioned the weather is supposed to be bad... and maybe I should rethink. Which isn't to say she wouldn't want me to drive up there- but it's a long drive and given that I might not see the people I wanted to, and with bad weather... So yeah, I am having to rethink the idea.

We'll see. Maybe I will be able to put the time to good use. Perhaps even get some writing done.


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