May. 16th, 2008 03:10 pm
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I am in SUCH a good mood today. There are several factors conspiring to keeping me smiling.

First off- yesterday was Stupid Day at the Nelson home. Today is already markedly better- so happy making. Yesterday, husband was very, very sleep deprived. This makes him cranky. Oh, for those new... My husband is an RN, he just graduated in December, and got his license in March. He works nights at a local hospital. So, he worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm to 7:30 am. Now, his foolish wife set up an appointment for the dog to go to the groomers at 2 pm yesterday. Just wasn't thinking.

He forgot about the appointment- thus didn’t go to bed right when he got home. When I came home for lunch he’d had about 2 hours of sleep. But, he took the dog in, 'cause he's a good husband that way- and he would have hated to inconvenience the groomer, 'cause he a generally considerate guy that way. Later though, there was a tripping/falling incident that took out some of our vertical blinds (I don't really know exactly what happened, but he's fine now), followed later by a cell phone dropping incident (phone d-e-d dead), and overall extreme crankiness ensued. By the time I got home, he was sleeping, but I was annoyed that I tried to pick Kyle up from the groomer- because hubby didn't call me to tell me he had. Note- miscommunication number something for the day, hubby thought he was supposed to call me to tell me if I needed to, I thought he was going to call if I didn't. I woke him up- at first to cuddle a bit like we do, but then we snipped at each other a little (which is unusual for us). I shut him in the bedroom (so the animals wouldn’t bother him, as they are prone to do) so he could sleep.

I had plans to meet my writer crew (thank goodness!) so I left the slumbering beast and went to chat. Writing was intended- and I did get there before everyone else, so I did get some done- but then talking happened, and really was what I needed. :) Thanks [livejournal.com profile] thursday_kat and [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty!! The evening was much fun, but I headed home early (before the store announced their closing!) and hubby was still sleeping. This was good, and I logged in to kill some time on the intarwebs before going to bed. (HAD to check on my Dragons!)

Finally, I was ready to go to bed and I was JUST putting Kyle to bed (he gets a treat that he runs to his crate with) when hubby woke up. We chatted for a few minutes, apologized to each other for being snippy, and all was well with the world. Sleep happened- and it was good. One of those nights where I lay down, fell asleep, and woke up just before the alarm- but feeling really good. Usually I’m the sort that wakes up several times a night. Hubby got up with me, feeling MUCH better. So I had company while I got ready- and breakfast made for me! Ooooh.

This morning has just been good. My dragon matured. *laughs* I know, I know, they're silly. But they make me smile, so I'm going with it. Hubby has called work like 3 times (short calls, and the bosses weren't here), and it was just good to talk to him. He's already gotten a new cell phone. As of May 1 we actually had an upgrade eligibility that we hadn't planned to use- but are glad we had available. Plus, we have massages to look forward to tomorrow morning. :)

Oh, and for those in the Lansing area- I highly, HIGHLY recommend Classy Canines dog grooming. Karina did an excellent job on Kyle! He apparently was so good for her that she took pictures of him *in the bath* because he was so happy looking! She's going to put them on her website. :) Also, she tied a red bandana with little puppy prints on it, around his neck. He was so cute!!

So, in general, things are good. The sun is shining, the weekend is almost here… I’m happy.

How are YOU?
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In honor of [livejournal.com profile] popfiend's DFT post...

Things that have made this week special:

1- Writing Group on Tuesday- I got some writing in, AND got a chance to chat with friends. :)

2- My hubby- okay, he pretty much makes my life better just by existing... but yesterday he was very sweet in taking care of me when I felt like crap.

3- Leo, while he's insane and way too clever- he's also exceedingly cute and has a very adorable meow. Along those lines, Sasha napped with me yesterday, and was very soft (seriously, this cat has amazingly soft fur!), snuggly and purry. How can this not make someone feel better? Kyle is always a snuggle slut, but it's happy making.

4- I'm actually writing on a more regular basis. Considering I've been unhappy about my lack of writing- the increase is good.

5- I think this goes with 4- but I'm reading more, which does inspire more #4 and yeah...

6- "Magic Bites" by Ilona Andrews ([livejournal.com profile] ilona_andrews) is much fun. The main character makes me laugh, and read bits out loud to the husband. Kate Daniels is too cool, and what a mouth on her! Curran is also way cool as leader of the Shapechangers, and I like Mahon too. *grins* I'm looking forward to getting the next book, "Magic Burns."

7- My lj peeps- you are such an amazing, and talented group- I'm honored to know you.

(And I stole another dragon egg...
Adopt one today!)


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