Mar. 20th, 2009 03:36 pm
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No, not here...

Here at [ profile] devoosha's place.
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Went very well, despite the weather. Friday was the finishing of the cleaning frenzy. The place looks so much better now! Part of the cleaning involved de-cluttering, and that's going well. I do have something like 6 boxes of books to get rid of. (I know! I can't believe I'm saying that either! But rather than let them languish in the closet, I figure it's best for others to have a chance to enjoy them.)

Re: Books, if I were to post a list online (a few at a time) for people to claim- would anyone be interested? I may have to ask for some shipping costs, but wouldn't ask for anything for the books themselves. The collection of books spans just about everything...

Right, Friday was cleaning- got almost all of it done, just have to finish vacuuming. Unfortunately on Saturday the Dyson made a weird noise when we were almost all done, but not quite. Didn't have a chance to look at it to figure out why. Saturday started okay, and then it began to snow, and then just kept snowing. In the end, the Ann Arbor contingent had to bail on coming to visit- the roads were just too bad. A bummer, but I understood, and given my view of the snow, I wasn't surprised. Luckily [ profile] zen_kitty and her hubby, who were planning to come over too, don't live that far away and were able to make it. So we feasted on turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.

There was a great deal of conversation and laughter- an excellent evening. Oh, and games! We played Guillotine ([ profile] zen_kitty brought that one) and Apples to Apples. One of the things I like about Apples to Apples is the laughs it provokes. (especially when things happen like my attempt to claim that Red Raspberries were 'Charismatic' :) )

Then the Big Day! *laughs* Turning 29 for the 6th time (making me 34...), I'm getting pretty good at it now. Okay, the turning 29-again thing started a few years ago... and lives despite my not encouraging it any further. given that, I think I'll keep saying it until people just give me the 'humor the crazy old lady' look.

I did wake up with a migraine, but took some Zomig and Aleve, and went back to bed. Hubby took the dog out, and then fed the critters before coming back to snuggle with me for a while. Getting up was lazy, but so nice. Futzed around for awhile- had coffee and mint-chocolate cake stuff for breakfast... 'Cause it was my birthday. :) Lunch/dinner was at Outback. It was yummy. Though the hostesses (there and at many other restaurants) don't seem to understand what we mean by 'as far from the smoking section as possible.' Once at Applebees they said they had tables in the bar available- even though smoking is allowed AT the bar, but not at the tables.... o_0? That's 'not as far as possible' in MY book. But perhaps I'm not speaking English. In the end yesterday, I was persistent, but really nice about it, and got a booth that met our approval. Lunch was very yummy!

Then it was home- and prezzies! *laughs* Hubby is very good about how we celebrate my birthday, something I'm very grateful for. Since we're not going to Ireland this year, last week he mentioned that we could think about getting me a Mustang. I said no. (*gasps* I DID! I'm not sure I was feeling well...) So instead he got me a little Mustang (2006 GT! in RED!) that's about 3-4" long- wrapped in a box with an envelope with a gift certificate for an hour long massage. :) I've been to this place before, and their massages are sooo good. And I got a pretty dress w/sweater/jacket that I had been admiring. It's wonderful for work, and I think very nice. But the biggest prezzie was in the box we were expecting from UPS last week. It's this that I've named Lucy (as in Van Pelt). Lucy is beyoootiful, and I got an extra 1GB of RAM too. I was able to install that myself! (ooooh) She's so light, and the screen is just amazing. Typing is easy too- something I was worried about with a laptop of that size. (I did get it with XP, NOT Vista. *blech*). So a great deal of time was spent over the weekend playing with Lucy.

(Dylan, my HP is a little too unstable. Also, for a laptop, it's pretty big and not all that portable. I have since learned my lesson about naming computers after unstable characters. Lucy may be something of a meanie to some, she's also consistent, and smart. ;) )

So that was the birthday weekend- excellent by most accounts. The Ann Arbor folks have been rescheduled, and all it good.

I was very touched by all the birthday greetings I received here and on Facebook- thank you all so much! :)
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Good bye [ profile] meglimir you will be missed.


Jul. 10th, 2008 08:16 am
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So this guy, [ profile] celticboy is having a friending frenzy- go on over and say hello. :)
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This one complete with pictures!! Over at [ profile] bluesgirly's


Sep. 14th, 2007 03:03 pm
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Part III

[ profile] beldar says there's a friendzy going on at [ profile] eriksangel15's journal. Here, specifically:

Cuppa Tea?

Oct. 27th, 2006 01:59 pm
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Since I have many lovely people on my friends list- both newcomers and those that have been around for awhile- I thought it would be nice to combine a 'get to know you' tea with a sort of friending frenzy.

So please, come on in, tell a little about yourself- get to know some of the other peoples who think I'm fabulous... Or at least interesting enough to keep around. ;) We've got all sorts of teas, some coffees, some additives for said drinks that aren't legal in all counties... Oh, and munchies.


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