May. 28th, 2008 10:11 am
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One thing I am really good at making is a plan. Yup, very good at making plans. Keeping them? Heh, that's another story.

Oh, and I should clarify- I've finally gotten better about making plans to see people- and following through. No, the lack of follow through I'm talking about is more along the lines of the 'I need an exercise plan' or 'I need a cleaning plan' sort of thing.

What usually happens is that there will be a meltdown of some sort. Then, in the recovering from said meltdown- a plan will be devised. The cool part is, it's usually a 'workable' plan. I'm big on making the plan doable. Hope follows, in the 'I hope this time it works!' sense.

What follows will be several good days- the plan is in effect!

Then something happens. Just what that something is varies. But the plan gets side aside, never to see the light of day... until the situation provokes a new meltdown. At which point the plan gets brought out, dusted off, re-examined, tweaked a bit, and put into place for a few days...

This is the cycle. Annoying and frustrating. Things that have also been known to cause meltdowns.

However, as I am still in the 'few days past meltdown' stage- I have high hopes that THIS plan will work. (actually there are two- one involves keeping what's already clean tidier, and the second de-cluttering. I expect the latter to fail. ;) ) The second plan is about the whole 'eating better and working out' thing. I think it's plan 22 for the year... But I stopped counting awhile ago.

This time, I think I may finally have the DH on board. See, my DH is very adamant about not wanting to control me, so he's not going to say 'Anne, you can't eat that' or 'Anne, go spend some time with the Ellipse.' If he did those things, I'd probably get angry anyways. So that 'help' would just make both of us upset. And when I get cranky and upset I also get childish in the 'well fine then, I'm just going to do what I want, and damn the consequences!' with pouting involved. Never attractive.

However, there are times when we're sharing a meal, and he can't finish his so he asks me if I want it. Or when he cooks, he's always giving me the larger portion of whatever. In a way it's very sweet. But from a 'I need to eat more sensibly and watch my portion sizes' it's not so helpful. On Monday we talked about it- and I think I've finally gotten it into his head that giving me the larger portion isn't what I need, and counters what I'm trying to do. (which is lose some weight so I'm healthier.) Though he did offer me the rest of his salad last night... *sighs* It's a work in progress. The second part is to have him offer an alternative when I get in the 'I don't care, let's go out to eat so I can get something fattening!' mood. Offering an alternative doesn't make the choice FOR me, which he's very against, and so am I really. It just makes me think, and chose. If I still chose to go out, he's not going to say no (unless he really doesn't want to go out to eat), because he's done what I've asked of him and I made my own decision. Hearing the alternative will be a big help I think.

As for the exercise portion- my new plan requires something done daily. I'm just not moving enough! So last night I spent quality time with my Ellipse, and did some strength stuff (crunches, free weight work- as suggested by Sparkpeople). Tonight the plan is to test out the belly dancing DVD I got from Netflix (try it before you buy it. ;) ). Told hubby this, which simply got the question 'can I watch?' *laughs* Dog walking will continue to be a part of it, but it just doesn't seem to be helping enough. Plus, as I told DH, Kyle would be so much more fun to walk if he didn't go nuts every time he saw another dog. But like me, he too is a work in progress. ;) (oh, and he seems to be feeling better... dunno what cause the latest bout of stomach/intestinal ickiness.)

So yeah, I have a plan. At some point one of them has to work, right?

And my dragons, because I am addicted )


May. 18th, 2006 12:04 pm
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That whole 'exercise and eat right' thing is currently in a slump. I'm feeling discouraged and whiny. This week's weigh-in had me at +1 from last weigh-in (at which I was -4) this makes me not happy. There is a circumstance which might account for it, but still. Not happy.

Really trying with the motivation- though I didn't work out last night (the first time in a month I've missed a scheduled workout) as I was too busy with the new laptop. (It's so shiny!!) So tonight the Ellipse and I are going to spend some quality time together.


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