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Well, Dylan has been dropped off at Dr. Circuit City. When S. took him in Dylan did indeed boot- it just took 7 minutes. Yeah, 7, S. timed it.

They say- either trojan, hard drive, or something else. That's specific. But they're doing a diagnostic and will let us know. Probably by Monday. (on the plus side- if it's hardware, our warranty covers it, our warranty also covers reinstallation of Windows. It does not cover other software stuffs. So I'm really hoping it's hardware... Necessary stuff is backed up on USB drives.)

This means that from the time I leave work until the time I get back I will have ZERO computer access. If you need to get ahold of me you will have to call.
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Dylan, for those not in the know- is my home laptop computer. Dylan has decided that he no longer wishes to fully boot up in 'normal' mode. He will still boot up, eventually, in Safe Mode. It just takes for-freaking-ever!

I quizzed one of our techs here- and he suggested checking a couple places (msconfig, run a defrag in Safe Mode, etc). So we do those things- the msconfig did have a weird entry, we got rid of that, but it didn't help. Tried running the defrag, Dylan thought about it for awhile, started the defrag process, and then went to a black screen...

We have TrendMicro for antivirus, spyware, malware, greyware, etc. It updates every 12 hours or so. So I'm not too concerned about a virus. And we can't run a scan while in Safe Mode anyway... why is that? Anywho, I also checked (because hubby did a Windows Update a few days ago) but the update KB17013(puts the Windows Desktop Search on your computer) wasn't included at the time. So that wasn't the issue.

Hubby still thinks it might be a virus. I think it's the hard drive (it'll spin for a few, stuff happens, then it stops.... then spins up again and more stuff happens (i.e. when starting up it'll put the placeholder icons on the screen, and then slowly replace those with the 'real' icons).


(Oh, and we did get the extended warranty from Circuit City, so if it's the hard drive we shouldn't be out much. :) Although... the October payment on the Circuit City credit card - that we used to buy Dylan- saw it's final payment this month... so the month Dylan is officially paid for, he goes on strike. They raised our limit on the card this month too. I threatened Dylan saying that if he didn't straighten up and boot right I'd replace him... Maybe I would name that one Brandon. *thinks* )

(PS- this also explains why I wasn't on Yahoo Messenger last night to word war with my DIPPY peeps. Adding to the annoyance as I wanted to be there!)


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