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Normally, on mornings when the hubby has worked the night before, we miss each other by a few minutes. However, on the rare day he manages to get home just as I'm leaving. By 'just' I mean that I'm getting into my car, or have started it when his car pulls into the carport next to me.

There's just enough time for a quick kiss, an 'I love you,' and then I have to leave.

But it makes for such a nice start to the day. :)

In other random news... I am sad to report that there seems to be some unfortunate doggie racism occurring in my neighborhood. There are a few little white doggies- one lives next door, another in the adjoining building, and two across the street. Every single one of them takes severe exception to my poor Kyle dog. All he has to do is walk into their line of sight and they go nuts! Barking and growling at him. In further weirdness- the only one he responds to is the one who lives in the adjoining building, the other two pretty much get ignored by him. (oh, and for those who may not be aware, Kyle is a Black *mumblecoughmumble* dog. Black Lab, Chow, Border Collie mix? Maybe? Or should that be a Border Chow Retriever? Perro, no quiero Taco Bell (he has a sensitive tummy) . In any case, he's a medium sized black dog.)

However, Kyle also perpetuates this situation, he seems to have something against yellow dogs... Most especially the pretty Golden Retriever across the hall. I have tried talking to him about it... Hubby thinks Kyle is jealous because Aiden really is a much cuter dog. ;)

Luckily the cats are above it all. Most likely because we live on the third floor and they're not allowed outside.

Umm yeah, I better quit before this dissolves into further ridiculousness...
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Today was TEST DAY for hubby. The RN exam works thusly- you register with testing company (i.e. send them lots of money), they verify that you're allowed to take the test, and then send you an Authorization to Test. You then are allowed to select a test date.

The TEST DAY arrives and you show up at the testing facility half an hour early. Then you take the test. Now, there are a minimum of 75 questions to answer. The answers go into an algorithm and if, after 75 questions, it determines that you've passed- the test shuts down. Similarly- if it determines you're just too dumb and will never pass- it shuts off. If it can't decide- you get more questions. When it decides- it just shuts off. Note- it never actually tells you that you've done well or poorly.

So after 75 questions, Hubby's test shut off. He is of course convinced that means he completely bombed the test. I think the opposite. :) In three days or so we'll know.

The most important thing is that it's DONE!

Good news!

Jan. 31st, 2008 02:12 pm
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Hubby got the job!!! He interviewed this morning at a local hospital- and was offered a job on the spot! He starts next week. One of his former clinical instructors works weekends on this floor and told the hiring manager that if she didn't hire hubby she'd have to answer to him!

We are both so giddy about this! It's a great floor (though it will be challenging) because there will be patients with a variety of ailments (not like a cardiac step-down, or oncology floor which has patients with pretty much the same issues). This is actually good for when we move to Ireland. :)

The only down- is that his shift is 7pm-7am, starting at three nights a week. It'll be tough, but we'll make it work.

He got the job!

I'm here!

Jan. 11th, 2006 03:34 pm
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Just reading more than writing as it were.

Anyhow, here I be, celebrating turning 29 for the third time. I plan to use that until people start looking at me funny. Actually I think 31 will be pretty good. I'm looking forward to it. Overall I'm in a better place emotionally- just in general happier. Something I'm afraid is just going to go away, especially if I over-analyze it. So I'm going to resist that urge and enjoy the happy while it's here. :)

I was never a New Year's resolution kind of girl, probably because of how close my birthday is. Instead I try to make plans based on my birthday and not New Years. This year the Plan is more formed than usual, and involves many fewer pain meds and eating better mixed with more exercise. I know that for the next couple of months I can't take pain meds- rebound headaches need a recovery time. Discovered that yes, ibuprofen falls into this category- took some yesterday for 'female troubles' and have a slight headache today that wanders in and out. Not too bad, but enough to make me just want to avoid all pain meds. Which may be a problem if my wrists start to act up. Anyway,

Birthday! I got cards from my moms (birth and MIL) two days ago that I managed to resist opening until today. Not surprisingly the MIL sent me a Cashword scratch off, which was very cool, and it's her habit. Also got a card from Mr & Mrs Boss. Mom sent me a really pretty lavender sweater too. Will have to try when I get home.

Husband was very sweet, brought me a small bouquet of flowers in a vase last night- just so that I could bring them to work with me today. He also made me my favorite birthday cake- yellow cake with chocolate frosting. He included some cute decorations. Will have to take a picture when I get home (which will be funny since there will be two pieces taken from it...). He included 3 candles on one row and 1 in the next for 31. At lunch I got one present from him- Fiona Apple's latest DVD/CD- I've only heard a bit of it and it's rather different from her other two albums that I have. I'm curious to hear the rest of it. Also, I apparently I have more presents at home- but they're currently hidden and I have to find them. My hubby really is quite wonderful.

So now of course I wanna go home!


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