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So sleeping with the silly thing is working out okay. I do in general feel more rested, though I'm finding that I'm also stiffer when I wake up. Apparently being able to toss and turn kept me more limber. *laughs*

I have, however, developed a weird habit... I will wake up in the middle of the night, decide that it's almost time to get up, so I turn the CPAP off and remove the mask. So far I've done this a few times. The problem is, I don't always remember actually making the decision, and it's usually not time for me to get up. Like this morning. I must have woken up and decided to take it off- because hubby wasn't home so he didn't remove it from me, the machine was off and the mask where I always put it. Laying there, I remember thinking about how the alarm would be going off soon and I would have to get up.

Sasha heard me and started wandering the bed in search of attention. At which point I moved around to annoy her. Thus I looked at the clock - 3 am. Hmm. Not getting up for another 3 hours or so. I actually thought about not putting the mask on, luckily better sense prevailed and I did get the CPAP going again and went back to sleep.

What amuses me is that I'm not just tearing it off while I'm asleep. I actually wake up just enough to decide I don't want it on anymore, carefully take it off and put it on the nightstand (which is a little bit a stretch), and go back to sleep. Silly brain. Apparently it doesn't appreciate the improved air flow (and thus oxygen it receives).

And just for kicks:
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So last night was my sleep study. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and was nervous (this is typical of me). The worst part is always the getting there- and by that I really mean the act of going from my house to the new location. What if I can't find it? Will it be hard to find parking? And so on. Luckily I had actually been to the hospital before, so that part was pretty easy.

The information they sent me suggested that I bring my own pillow... Which I did. It was very odd to be sitting around the admissions area to the surgery center with my overnight bag and a pillow. I got some very strange looks, and this amused me. Then it was time to go up and a very nice lady showed me to my room. The sleep center was dimly lit, and very quiet. I didn't see anyone other than the woman who took me to my room and then the tech I worked with. Kinda creepy.

The room, as I was told it would be, was set up like a hotel room- complete with it's own bathroom/shower, tv, all that. I watched a video on sleep apnea, and then worked on my needlework project while waiting. The tech I was working with was funny. She was sure I was working on the needlework project for her. *grins* Turns out she's decorating one of the rooms in her house in the same colors as in my project- she even brought in the paint sample card to show me. *laughs*

Getting all wired up was very, very weird. And did make things difficult. But as everything was getting set up I did get to watch Project Runway for the first time ever, and part of Tabitha Takes Over. Anyone else see that last night? I want to know what happened! The commercials were fascinating- as I never see them anymore... (for those not in the know, hubby and I do not have cable, nor do we receive any local channels- the TV is really the monitor for the entertainment center and shows DVDs, VHS tapes, and PlayStation 2 games. We do however subscribe to Netflix.)

I was able to fall asleep, only to get woken up part way through the night so the CPAP nose thingie could be put on... As it turns out, I do indeed have pretty severe apnea. Go me! Now, falling asleep with this thing on my face? Much more difficult, but as I was already halfway there, I managed. I still woke up a couple of times, but that's just me.

This morning she woke me up- with the comment that she would have woken me an hour earlier but I had to go and hold my breath, so she had to watch me go through another sleep cycle... The tech also commented that she saw three or so spikes (prior to the CPAP) that indicated headache/migraine. This very much interested me. I will be getting a CPAP machine and I've been hoping that it would help with my migraines.

Now for insurance fun- there are two big hospitals in the area I and S. My insurance insisted that I go to I for the sleep study, fine with me. However, for the actual CPAP I have to go through S's medical equipment group... o_O ? If S is who I have to work with, then why didn't I go to their Sleep Center? (Hubby thinks it's because S's center might be more expensive)

Overall, I'm glad I went, it wasn't horrible, and hopefully will be of major help. Came home, had breakfast out with the hubby, napped for an hour ('cause yes, I was sleepy) and then came in to work at noon. So it's been a very weird day for me over all.

And since it's been days since I posted them- dragons! ;)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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