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So, the hubby and his mother both asked me to give them a list of things I want for Christmas... But I'm not sure what to put on it. So for fun I turn it over to you-

What do I want for Christmas?


Dec. 5th, 2006 04:45 pm
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Just as a reminder, I'm going to be sending out Christmas cards.

I posted here : http://jadecat.livejournal.com/219459.html begging for addresses. If you haven't replied (comments screened) with your address- please do so so I can send you stuff. If you prefer e-mail it's TheJadeCat at that gmail place. :) If you've already answered/e-mailed, never fear, I DO have your addresses recorded. :)
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All righty then folks, it's that time of year again. The season for flooding the post office! Yaay!

So, if you would like to receive something like a holiday card from yours truly, please comment with your name (even if you think I know it) and address.

If you'd rather e-mail, I have a gmail.com account the name of which is TheJadeCat. So yeah...

Comments are of course screened.
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Means Cookies!! Both the MIL and the Mom sent us home with cookies! From the MIL we have chocolate chip and sugar (in the traditional tree, star and I think that's all- shapes). From the Mom we have 'Mexican' wedding cakes (she altered the recipe) in regular and chocolate, lebcuchen (or some such spelling- I can pronounce it, not spell it), and sugar (in our usual shapes, including the Christmas Rooster, Lion, Bell, Star, Tree, Scottie Dog, Horses and others. :) ). So yeah... that whole diet thing... on pause. ;)

Okay, yeah, ahead of self. Friday I left work early and ran to the neighborhood Hallmark store. Had realized at lunch that the hubby had gotten me a card- so this means I had to get him one too. Also picked up a Christmas Woodstock to go with his Christmas Snoopy. That led to getting home early, napping, finishing present wrapping, watching Finding Neverland (kind of an 'eh' reaction) and some stitching.

Christmas Eve, Baby B )

Christmas Day! and Family and Cross Stitch )

Boxing Day and Puppies!! )

Then home and now back to work... le sigh. At least it's a short week. And I had a good weekend that had both baby cuddles and puppy cuddles (not to mention the cuddles I forced my Sasha and Leo to endure- separately).


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