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Whoa, two posts in as many days! Shocker!

Anywho, I don't remember when I first heard the phrase 'followed me around like a little puppy dog' but it has only been since we got Kyle that I truly understand it. At the new place we've abandoned the whole 'Leo's room is off limits to Kyle' rule, it just isn't necessary. Plus, it's where my computer is, and I spend a great deal of time at my computer while job hunting and writing. Every time I go to move my chair I have to first check to make sure that Kyle isn't too close to one of the wheels. I now know that phrase is quite literal as Kyle has to follow me *everywhere* including the bathroom. I do trip over him fairly often as he misjudges which direction I'm trying to move in.

There has also been some discussion with friends recently about whose dog Kyle is. Most dogs have one person in the family they prefer, growing up we had a German Shepherd who was quite clearly my older brother's dog. The assumption now is that Kyle is hubby's dog, looking at the fact that when we visit friends with dogs he's the first to play with them, and they allll go to him first (same rule applies for kitties and kids), then there's the whole 'Anne is a cat person' thing as illustrated by my login.

To answer the question I have a story. :) A few days ago the hubby and I came back from running errands. I carry the mail to the table and am looking through it while Hubby releases Kyle from his crate. He's talking to Kyle, telling him he's been a good boy, and so on. Kyle meanwhile completely ignores the offered hand and has to come greet me first, nudging my leg to get attention. Whenever there is tension in the household a certain black dog can be found hiding behind me. He even fits under my computer desk, if he curls up on my feet. The desk isn't that big... and while he's only 50lbs, that's not exactly tiny!

Hubs doesn't mind- he had a Leo cat. However, with me being home a LOT due to the unemployment thing I'm working on luring Leo to my side of the household. ;) Sasha has decided that she's my cat, but that dad has the better lap to try to get into. Recently when I've been in 'his' room Leo has been coming to the computer desk looking for affection, and I've been making sure that they get their afternoon treats. Soon I will have them all!!

All Moved

Jun. 7th, 2010 01:14 pm
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As of Saturday the hubby and I have officially moved to Ann Arbor. Yay! We took possession of the new apartment a week ago Thursday, moved that Saturday, but didn't finish up all the cleaning and stuff at the old apartment until this last Saturday. This of course means that now is the time of unpacking... Joy. I have to admit it IS kind of fun finding new places to put things. Then there are the books... We simply do not have enough shelf space for all our books- and this after having given away/selling to Schuler's something like 7 boxes of books. We'll just have to see about getting another bookcase. Darn. ;) Leo likes having the bookshelves in his room- they're at slightly different heights, so he gets to have fun going from one to another.

Long winding ramblings )

Still busy trying to get everything in order, not to mention finding a new job. But I did find the time to write this- at a MINI dealership. *grins* Felix the MINI needed some scheduled maintenance done, luckily he still falls under the 3 year/30,000 miles warranty. So far- I'm really liking this dealership/service folks. They've got WiFi, a nice waiting area, and the people are very polite. Hubby is here with me, and we enjoyed oogling all the MINIs on the lot. Some very pretty versions, making me think I need to get a roof decal for Felix. :)

I should be around more- maybe even posting more! Ooooh!
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Oddly appropriate given the weather this past week or so... This is the complete 'Snow Business' adding an end to the first part that was already out.

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Imagine Leo's surprise when I opened the front door, planning to take Kyle for a walk, and this really cute little lilac point Siamese mix strolled right on in. He walked past Kyle, and across the living room, not quite sauntering, but certainly not slinking along the floor. Leo was on the half wall right near the front door, and from the way he was looking around the post at the interloper, he couldn't quite believe his eyes. Then my big brave boy jumped down and hauled ass down the hallway and into his room.

The Lilac Interloper didn't notice. I put Kyle in his crate, wanting half a chance to catch the little guy. This was not the challenge I was expecting. As I walked closer to him he looked up, saw that my attention was on him, and strolled right over to me. I picked him up and he began to purr, while looking around. A combination of 'love what you've done with the place' and 'hmm, my bed can go there, and I think I'll pick that as a napping place, and...' We walked out into the hallway before he finished moving in.

Time to ponder, which apartment did he really belong to? I asked him that, and put him down. He walked right over to my door and rubbed his head on the doorjam. Ummm. No. Explained this, and then knocked on New Neighbor #1's apartment. She lives right across the hall and has a lovely plaque on her door stating "Beware of Dog, and Don't Trust The Cat Either." She did not answer, though Ozzie, her 6 month old German Shepherd/Alaskan Malmute cross monster barked a hello. My Kitteh Interloper was undisturbed.

This meant he lived with a dog. I are smart, I are. The other two apartments on my floor were unlikely homes. Neighbor-who-shares-a-wall seems to have hot and cold running girls and small dogs. I've never seen him with a cat. (He's a musician. ;) ). Neighbor across the hall has two dogs- she and I are friendly and just last night were chatting about a neighbor whose dog kept attacking her lovable Golden Retriever. The little Boston's owners had animal control called on them for it. Ya gotta love the intelligence of people who think there's absolutely NO problem with their dog attacking another dog just because their dog is small and the dog getting attacked is huge. Oh and that leashes are for other dogs, not theirs. The Golden is still mostly puppy, and is exceedingly friendly, to both people and other dogs going so far as to lie down (lay down? I can never remember) when approached by another dog, but even he objects to losing chunks of fur.

Whoops, off story, I have a lilac pointed interloper who needs to go home. Head down to the second floor. Neighbor-below-us has a little grey cat (very cute) and I know they just have the one. Across the hall from them have the Rent-skippers (there's an eviction notice on their door, but they left the day before it appeared). Next to them is New Neighbor #2. So I knock on her door. Dog barks excitedly. Lilac Interloper cares not at all.

Girl answers, oh no, he's not HER cat. Nope. He lives across the hall. I look, oh goodie, it's the same people who own the Boston. They also have Dexter, aka Kyle's Bested Friend For EVAH!!!1!! See this entry if you've forgotten/never knew Dexter and care to refresh your memory. :)

So new girl and I talk a bit more. She seems nice, but I dunno, there was a vibe, yanno? She tells me that she really doesn't like cats, so if I find one it's definitely NOT hers. Aha! This explains it, and puts her in the category of "there's something wrong with her." What can I say, I really don't understand people who so vehemently dislike cats.

However, girl mentions that Lilac Interloper and Dexter have already gotten into her apartment a couple times (much to the distress of her little doggie Boomer). Oh, I should point out she moved in yesterday... Also, Animal Control was back again today, and left a note for the occupants of the other apartment. They aren't home, and I'm left in a pickle, what to do with LI? He's cute and all, and hasn't... I checked his paws, which he's cool with, and discover that he's declawed. Now I'm really annoyed. They don't take any care to keep him inside AND they mutilated his feet (my opinion on declawing) taking away his ability to defend himself. But I can't keep him, even for a little bit. Very, very tempted to. Can't.

In the end I did something I'm not thrilled with, I went outside and put him on their balcony. If he should jump down he wouldn't hurt himself, but he's also not wandering the inside of the building, and possibly going into other people's apartments. Not my ideal choice, but there wasn't much I could do. New Neighbor #2 said she'd seen him out there before, so it wasn't a strange place for him.

Then I go home, and see Leo coming down the hall sideways, ALLLLL poofed out. And since he's a long-hair, that's pretty impressive. My Big Brave Boy... He calmed a bit when he was I was alone. I let Kyle out, and he's sniffing the floor like crazy, and then wanted to get out to the hallway. Once out there he couldn't control himself and was wiggling with the effort of smelling everything. Even after I walked him, the animals are totally wigged. Leo's pacing the bit of floor where LI walked, and Kyle is right behind him. When they're not staring suspiciously at the front door. Sasha just shrugged it off and headed to the bedroom. She's too old for their nonsense. ;)

Will have to keep an eye out for LI. He was awfully sweet. Even if he did freak out my boys.
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This made me laugh, so I share with you. :)

Another installment of 'Simon's Cat.'

I really needed that this morning, thank you Simon!

An update!

Jul. 14th, 2009 09:44 am
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I know, you're all in shock. ;)

Last night I was supposed to do something productive. All I actually managed to accomplish was walking Kyle twice (once after work, and once before bed) and those were on the short side. What stole my time was Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. This is bad. A hole evening eaten by one minute game increments. And I stayed up too late to boot. Especially since this is a weird work week and I'm working today instead of being home loafing. ;)

Okay, so I also wandered around other web places last night (unicreatures, other Facebook bits) but I didn't get much done that I wanted.

Writing was supposed to happen. Really. I'm exploring this new-to-me program that [livejournal.com profile] ilona_andrews wrote about. It's called Liquid Binder and it looks really cool. However, I appear to have teh dum because I can't quite figure it out. I'm having a hard time connecting bits to other bits. I keep telling myself to just take the time to mess around with it. Maybe I'll do that tonight. *grins* What's that about good intentions?

In animal news- because I know you're all dying to hear about my pets... Kyle is looking under cars again. Apparently he must check them all for cats. 'Cause you never know, twice now he's found cats under cars, maybe there are more! Or at least maybe his new Bestest Friend EVAH!!!!1! will be there. Personally, I'm hoping not because it would mean that Dexter is staying safely inside his apartment.

Leo lost his mind the other day. He was running pell mell around the apartment, bouncing off things, running along the top of the vertical blinds, all the while seriously disturbing Her Majesty Sasha, but got Kyle in on the fun. Apparently though Kyle thought they were playing tag and didn't understand why Leo wouldn't chase him. I asked Leo if it was a Triple I invasion (Invisible Interdemnsional Insects- Leo hunts them on a regular basis) and he ignored me. Asking him if had simply lost his furry little mind got me a yowl. I took that as a yes. I don't know if he eventually found it, or if he just wore himself out. I would be willing to bet that Sasha was involved with it's going missing in the first place. She's like that.

Oh, and just because an entry wouldn't be complete without them- dragons!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Okay, so last night I have this dream that while I'm out for a walk I find these kittens. There were 5-6 (the number kept changing) and they were all pretty young. I take them home (couldn't just leave them when they had clearly been abandoned!) and I think I was trying to do some sort of write up about them, or making a list by fur description and figuring out gender... I dunno.

Anyway, there's this little grey and white one that I end up temporarily naming Grey Weirdo, which was really funny because [livejournal.com profile] greyweirdo was there, helping me corral the now-exploring beasties. I love it when people I only know online show up in dreams... Like a few weeks ago when [livejournal.com profile] 1_eyed_angel was showing me around Boston (she did bring [livejournal.com profile] talonvaki with her).

I woke up and swore I could hear a kitty meowing. It was only 6 am, and my brain wasn't quite processing. Sasha was still at the end of the bed, over my ankle, sleeping, so clearly she wasn't meowing. Listening harder thinking it might be Leo, but it didn't quite sound like him. The now-awake baby birdies drowned out everything, and I went back to sleep.

Which led to waking up a few minutes late, and rushing to get Kyle walked before I got ready for work. On our way back I saw a cat cross the street ahead of us. Then while we were on the sidewalk in front of our building, I see a neighbor heading out with their golden. I have Kyle sit, preparing to wait for them to get further away. This increased the odds of Kyle not barking his fool head off.

However, I notice that Kyle isn't really paying ANY attention to the guy and golden. Instead he kept staring at this car. Then strolling out from underneath it came this gorgeous brown and cream Maine Coon patterned- but not Maine Coon size- cat! Strolled right up to Kyle and I, rubbing against my legs and letting Kyle snuffle him all over. Giving me proof that Kyle CAN be nice to cats that aren't his, so long as they don't run away from him.

While Kyle and cat are making friends, I see what appears to be a long-haired Siamese-looking kitty slink out from under a different car and dart back around the back of the building. This leaves me torn, I want to make sure the kitties are alright, but I have to get ready for work. Reluctantly I pulled Kyle from his new bestest friend EVAH!!!1! Only to have new bestest trying to follow us... He stopped when we started walking up to the front door.

Fast forward- to me walking out the door to go to work. I see kitty has returned to an under the car position. This worries me, because what if the car owner arrives and starts the car? Kitty could be hurt! But I have to go to work. A possible solution pops into my head- I have a hubby, a hubby who should be arriving home from work shortly-ish. Get to work, call the hubby and leave a rambling message.

Few minutes later hubby calls. Kitty was still under the car, but he lured him out. Hubby said he felt silly, but agreed that it would be bad for kitty to stay there. He got kitty to follow him up to our front door. He opened it just as someone else was about to push it open from the inside. It was a rather frantic girl looking for her cat! Hubby turned around- and cat was gone... He went to slink around the corner, but came when his owner called him. His name is Dexter, so hubs found out.

Dexter and his fellow feline managed to push a screen out and followed it down from the second floor. Another neighbor (Mason and Aiden dogs's Mom) went out back and saw the long-haired Siamese sitting under the balcony meowing his pathetic head off. So she went back in to let the girl know her cat was out- not realizing it was actually 'cats.'

All in all, makes for an entertaining start to the day. Though I worry about what will happen should these catty things continue, possibly escalating.
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funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more puppies

(the dog even looks a smidge like Kyle, and the cat could be a short haired version of HRH Sasha the Grey)
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Ever have one of those morning where you wake up mid-dream? If it's a good dream, it's annoying because Good Dream damnit! If it's a bad dream, and you can't go back to sleep because it's time to get up in the morning, it's still annoying because you can't get it out of your head!

Bad AM dream )

So that's been lingering with me this morning. Yay.

In other news... there really isn't any other news. Wait, to flip topics completely! Saturday (or was is Sunday?) saw BOTH Sasha and Leo sleeping on our bed *at the same time*!!!

Yes, this is noteworthy. See, Leo was sleeping on the bed, and I joined him for a minute while waiting for the bathroom to be free so I could shower. Then Sasha jumped up, glared at Leo - but didn't hiss!- then she climbed over my legs and curled up behind them. Thus I was surrounded by sleepy kitty vibes. There was no way I could resist them. So the three of us snoozed for while. When I finally got up to shower they stayed there! Even though they could see each other!

Of course the next day (which was Sunday, so it was Saturday when they snoozed in close proximity) Leo tormented Sasha like no other (there was hissing, growling, screaming, and running) so he had TWO times outs in his room... Yes, Leo gets time outs, reduces stress all around. :) When he comes out he's calmer and not retaliatory towards Sasha. That comes later...

Kyle, meanwhile, just hoped not to get caught in the crossfire. ;)

Kitty Pron

Jun. 20th, 2006 10:11 pm
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So, I got some film developed. You know what this means- Kitty Pictures!!

Pictures cut, cause I'm sweet )
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Or at least something along those lines...

Sunday night the Beau had to take some time to study for his physiology exam (which was Monday) and I decided to take that time to try to get some writing done. The words they were not a-flowin.' I tried to pick up the story from right after Ama's conversation with her Aunt Meery and it just felt so clunky. My initial idea was to get her out of the Library right quick. But then I figured that no, I should spend some time there since that's the place that spawned the idea in the first place!

The only bit of it that flowed well at all was when Ama ran into her sister and brother-by-marriage. The two of them had bits explaining something about the meal they were eating- and that was just fun. Really short scene so far- needs to be expanded. Part of me is just itching to get her out in the world and watch the fun. So maybe I'll just go ahead and start writing those bits and add the other stuff in later...

In other news... There's not much going on. Still trying to nail down the details for the wedding. It's unfortunate that the weekend is the only time the Beau and I can do things together (to even meet with people like caterers, etc.) and they fill up so quickly. I already have two Saturdays and a Sunday in August booked for family stuff. Speaking of which, I need to get a frame for the cross-stitch project I did for the Beau's sister...

Umm... the cats have been, well themselves. We have a new theory about Danger Boy! We've decided that His Nosiness is actually a representative from an alien race. They're interested in learning how humans work, ya see. They have watched for awhile and decided they needed more information and needed to be closer to people. However masquerading as a person could be a problem as they don't know enough. Then they saw cats- and it was good. They have several agents disguised as housecats, they come in, get into everything (curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back), watch us and learn about human behavior. This explains Leo's fascination with *everything* we do. We figure it also explains Sasha's dislike for Leo. She was the first spy and, well, went native, it was just too good being a cat. So they had to send Leo and she resents it. ;)

Yeah, I think we have too much time on our hands too.


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