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Mar. 24th, 2009 10:20 am
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Will ceases never wonder...

In any case, there are new peoples on my list! Hi new peoples! :) Since you've been kind enough to drop by, I suppose I should introduce the cast o' characters.

Cut for pictures )

So those are the cast members that actually live with me. In addition:

Step-Daughter M- hubby's daughter from a previous marriage. She's all grown up, married (to J), and has two wonderful kidlets. Baby B is 3 (and I suppose I should come up with a new nickname for her) and Lil J is 1.

Elder Sister M (my sis) and her hubby [ profile] dagoski. I haven't been able to talk her into starting an LJ yet. Still working on it. Sister is Very Smart(TM) and getting a PhD in biology- specializing in parasites. :) So yeah, we don't let her talk shop at dinner.

Elder Bro M, his wife B, and my only nephew- Baby E. Good peoples. Baby E is 2 now, so again, I suppose he'll need a new nickname. He is the cutest little boy ever, he just is. Sorry.

Elder Bro J (EB-M's twin), his wife M, both lawyers. Oooh. Good people, proud puppy parents.

So that's pretty much my immediate cast list. I'd list friends, but most of them are on LJ. ;) Any questions?
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Right then, first things first- Hello new friends!! Thanks for stopping by.

Secondly, I like to be helpful... sometimes... so what follows is a cast list, or sorts. I'm cutting it so I don't fill your friends list, and because there will be photos! oooohhhh...

The Characters in my Life )

Everybody take notes! *laughs*


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