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Stolen mercilessly from [ profile] srallen's post.

Neil Gaiman's bookshelves


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Of Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs, this is the second Alpha and Omega Novel.

In very short- LOVE IT!!

Anna and Charles are definitely my favorite UF couple. For one thing, they're NOT stupid with pride (in terms of dealing with each other). I have come to loathe couples that absolutely refuse to show any weakness to their supposed beloved. Couples who always have to put up a front with their supposed beloved. Sadly this includes just about every UF couple going. (Even Mercy and Adam have some of that, Kate and Curran have a lot of it, heck even Sookie and Bill have that to some degree. And it pisses me off.)

However, Anna and Charles are still getting to know each other- their relationship is far from boring and settled. They have misunderstandings- but amazingly enough- they TALK about them! Quite the concept, I realize. They each have some things to work out as their relationship has thrown both of them for a loop.

The book isn't solely about their relationship. Honest. ;) They are sent to Seattle to lead a conference of werewolves from Europe- since Bran wants to come out to the general public (much like the Fae did). Now the European wolves can't stop Bran, but since this has a huge effect on their lives, he's invited them to a conference before making the announcement. Many of the Alphas are not really keen on this idea, and of course, the conference must be upset. How that's done, and all the other ins and out, forms the main plot. The relationship stuff just makes me squee with glee. *laughs*

The twisting and turning, and situations Anna and Charles find themselves in are interesting, and I devoured this book in less than 24 hours. Including staying up way too late last night because I just couldn't put it down. This morning I began reading, and didn't realize how much time had gone by until the hubby mentioned that he was getting hungry, and did I want lunch any time soon. Oops. Now book is done and I want MORE Charles and Anna stories! They're fun! They're even at times funny!

Keeping in mind that lately I've been hard pressed to finish ANY books (which is really a rant in and of itself) the fact that I finished this so quickly says something I think. Not once did characters make stupid decisions solely so the author could push the plot.

In conclusion- Very enjoyable book, a fun read, the characters were interesting, I liked the plot and the way it played out. I want more (though sadly I don't see evidence that another book will be coming out any time real soon.).
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Wow, I so don't want it to be Sunday night already! The weekend was nice and relaxing, mostly, but I'm still not ready to have to go back to work tomorrow!

Yesterday hubby and I went to visit his family- the annual August Birthday get together, his sis and step-brother have birthdays very close together in August. It was fun to see everyone, though we were all disappointed that my step-daughter and family weren't able to make it.

Today hubby and I spent some time trying to find a new dog food for the Kyle... It's an ongoing problem. We solved most of his digestive issues by switching to a vegetarian food. However, now he's scratching a LOT, and shedding like nobody's business. This is a problem. We are vacuuming everyday- and there's STILL clumps of hair lying around. This is also a very new issue. I mean, yes, he used to shed before, but never this much! However, do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a dog food that doesn't have chicken in it?! It's a staple ingredient! We finally found California Natural- they have a salmon and sweet potato canned food and a herring and sweet potato kibble, so we're going to try that- see if it keeps the digestion problem at bay, AND helps control the shedding issue. I will be so happy once we find something he can eat on a regular basis, and be healthy!

This was the excitement for the day. Well, there was a migraine too, but I'm very tired of writing much about that problem!

Hmm, oh yes, watched "Buckaroo Banzai" which is quite funny. Though can be a little confusing at the same time. Haven't watched much else recently.

Books: finished Eclipse- haven't really started Breaking Dawn yet, I got distracted by Cry Wolf. I really, really like that book! I cannot wait until the second one comes out. Though that probably won't happen for a year. Bah. Patricia Briggs, the author, does a really good job, I think, writing about wounded women. Women who have been hurt- but aren't exactly victims. This can make reading it difficult (especially the end of Iron Kissed), but well worth it- in my eyes. I enjoy the way she handles the idea of werewolves, and what it means to be in a pack- it works for me. Though it does make me want to work on a shapeshifting story. *laughs* I could always pull out Jessica (my werejaguar story from two nanos ago) and work on editing/finishing it.

Oh, and see some pretty dragons.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Checking In

Aug. 2nd, 2008 07:51 pm
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After losing most of today to the migraine from Hell, I'm finally feeling human again. I have had pizza, and have a purring Sasha cat on my lap- so all is good.

For many migraine sufferer-type people spicey food is a trigger, or cheese is. For me, I need something with some extra kick when I'm in recovery mode. I don't know why exactly. Pizza worked.

As for the Sasha... In other Jadecat household weirdness, the laptops are generally placed on the coffee table. Hubby likes to kick back on the couch with his laptop. For me, I've found th best solution is to sit on the floor (on a cushion!) keeping the laptop on the coffee table. This is the best height I've found for proper ergonomics... or something. A few minutes ago one Sasha the Grey came ambling over, and crawled between my legs- under the coffee table. After poking and prodding said legs into acceptable position, she curled up and is now snoozing/purring.

Must be naptime in animal land- Kyle has sprawled out in his crate (his choice, the door is open) and Leo is doing his Pan Cat thing. If I hadn't napped most of the day- I might think about joining them. But no... I'm not tired! At the moment.

Soon it will be time for me to get off my tushie (though I may have to wait until Sasha gets up on her own accord, she can be sooooo lippy if I try to ove her before she's ready...) and go through the boxes of books in Leo's room. I went through three bookshelves last night and pulled about three boxes worth of books... So many things that I liked, but will probably not be interested in reading again. I'll let you all know when I'm done. ;)

and just for fun- dragons!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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