Five Years

Oct. 8th, 2010 10:36 am
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Five years ago today my best friend and I stood before our family and friends and became husband and wife. It was slightly chilly, and a bit overcast, but we still managed to get married outside in the garden of the Turner-Dodge house, right in front of the fountain (it's in the background of this icon).

They've been five of the best years of my life, full of love, laughter, and passion. We're neither one of us perfect people, but we're perfect for each other. I still don't always know where I'm going, but I take great comfort in knowing who will be right alongside me for the journey.
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A big thank you to every one who commented on my last post. :) I hope to be able to get back and reply to everyone soon. I've been gone since about noon last Wednesday, though I did try to catch up on what I missed while anniversarying.

As I mentioned, last Thursday was hubby's and my fourth wedding anniversary. We started the day with hour long massages at a local place. So wonderful and relaxing, a great way to start a relaxing celebratory day. Our anniversary itself we mostly stuck around home, but tried to tune out the rest of the world. :) (aside from my post. *laughs*) It was an excellent day.

Friday we dropped the pup off at a new-to-us kennel for boarding. They have four different outdoor fenced in yards, and do doggie daycare too. So while Kyle was there he got to play with different doggies, and overall had a blast! They also have cats in the office, and the front pasture has several llamas and a couple sheep.

Then it was off to Wilmington, OH so that we could attend the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We got a deal with a hotel that for some reason included 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Don't know what was up with that, but hey- ice cream! :) And also- jacuzzi tub. Tis a very lovely thing. Though I told the hubby that if we had one at home than our water bill would be really, really high.

The festival itself was larger than the one I usually go to in Holly, so I was hoping to see a lot more vendors. Oddly, there weren't really more vendors, they were just spread out more. Adding to that, the stores seemed smaller. However, a wonderful time wandering around was had. We weren't successful in our shopping (me looking for garb, and hubby looking to finish off his look and shopping for pants and boots to go with his doublet and shirt) except to get hubby some pants. We even saw Santa and Mrs. Claus. *grins* They weren't staffers, but a couple dressed in period-type santa outfits. And he definitely could pass for Santa! We saw a full armored joust, and The Swordsmen (listed as a must see), and all in all had a lot of fun. :)

We came home Sunday, and were pretty wiped out. I was very glad to have Monday to recuperate (normally I would work, but thanks to a conference Mr. & Mrs. Boss are attending I will be working Tuesday-Friday this week). We also picked up Kyle on Monday, according to the Kennel staff, he was a very good boy. He must have had a lot of fun there- he spent the whole afternoon and evening moving from one napping spot to another. Leo did have to give him a thorough check, and groom his head a bit. Kyle was too wiped out to protest much!

Speaking of the cats... We got one of those water fountains, and an automatic feeder for them since they were on their own while we were gone. The water fountain they weren't sure of at first, and the only way I could get Sasha to use it was to have it off. *facepalm* She did eventually drink from it while it was running, so we felt okay with that. The feeder..... oi. It has two food areas and these lids that open when the alloted time is up. Apparently Leo was impatient, and managed to pull both the bowls out from under the lid before the time was up... It still works right, but we're probably going to return it since it's useless for us. Leo Leo Leo... such a cute pain in the butt.

So now I'm back at work, and I've been working on this post since this morning. Something about being gone for 3.5 days made things pile up...

And on a random note, I finally saw series 4 of Doctor Who. Something about the way Donna said "Annnd spin." makes me laugh, a lot. Over the course of the weekend I would pop out with it and just giggle.
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My vacation started last Wednesday. It was hubby's and my 3rd wedding anniversary. :) However, he had to work the night before, and I had an appointment to get my CPAP that morning. So much of Wednesday was spent not celebrating, but sleeping, as I stayed up WAY too late the night before and ended up only getting about 4 hours of sleep. *laughs* We did go out to dinner to celebrate our actual anniversary- and that was very nice.

Thursday was slug day, we had debated going to Toledo and in the end I delayed. My head was bugging me big time, and I didn't think I would enjoy wandering with it. However, there was much time spent with my dearest, which was the point of the vacation... Being me, I had a little song I would break out into "We're on baycation... we're _____ " filling in the blank (...goin' to the zoo, ... staying at a hotel), and yes, it's baycation, just go with me. I did reserve a room for us at a hotel in Toledo, booked boarding for the Kyle-dog, and got directions from Google Maps on how to get to each point we wanted to visit, AND home).

Friday we took Kyle in, went out for breakfast, then got ourselves packed, left extra food for the cats, and headed out. Luckily we had only just gotten to the car when I realized that I had left the directions upstairs... Directions retrieved, and we were on our way!

The first stop was The Toledo Museum of Art". Lovely place, I've been there before, but not for like 6 years... (Whoa... I remember it was the December before hubby and I got together, so almost 7 years. Wow.) We headed in and spent the next several hours gazing at painting after painting, and some decorative pieces (tables, fireplace mantles, etc). There were works by Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Sargent, and on and on. My feet got tired of walking before my eyes got tired of looking! One very funny, to me, note. There is a section of the museum devoted to Sacred Art. In this area is The Cloister- it's a center courtyard with pillars forming the square. Each side represents a different style of arch used in the building of cloisters. At one point I happened to look across the square and saw a nun wandering around. I HAD to point this out to hubby, who was also amused. No nuns in the entire place until we were in the Cloister. Then a whole gaggle of them showed up. I was very amused, but it did make me feel a bit more irreverent. *grins* Then there were the groups of teens, talking very loudly... We tried to keep a gallery or so ahead of them. At the gift shop I was good- I only bought a couple postcards of my favorite pieces, and a pair of very pretty glass earrings.

Finally, aching feet won and we headed to the car to find our way to the hotel. The directions were good, but the signage... not so much. Especially trying to find parking... But we prevailed! Found an underground lot, parked the car and headed in. The place was somewhat disappointing initially. It wasn't terribly clean, and rather shabby, but it looked like they were doing some renovations. The elevator we took up to our room had a sticky floor, but at the time I was more amused than anything else. Being determined to be in a good mood can work! so we get to the room and upon inspection find out that the coffee maker doesn't have a carafe. However, we had 'splurged' on the junior executive suite that came with a jacuzzi big enough for two... So the room wasn't a total loss. ;)

Bright and early the next day we were off to The Toledo Zoo. Again, we found the zoo easily enough, but parking was another story.. See, we came in the 'back' side thanks to Google Maps, which actually worked to our advantage, once we got turned around and into the parking lot. *grins* There will be a picture post later- I took so many pictures at the zoo that the camera battery almost died! I won't post all of them though. *laughs* The weather was perfect for wandering around the zoo- not too hot, bit of a wind, but most of the animals were active.

It was just a lot of fun, and a wonderful way to celebrate hubby's and my anniversary. It was really nice to just get away for a little while. We both commented when we got home that it felt like we'd been gone much longer than just one day. A good vacation sign I think. Now however I have a cold... one that I've kindly shared with the hubby (or he shared with me?).

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