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A big thank you to every one who commented on my last post. :) I hope to be able to get back and reply to everyone soon. I've been gone since about noon last Wednesday, though I did try to catch up on what I missed while anniversarying.

As I mentioned, last Thursday was hubby's and my fourth wedding anniversary. We started the day with hour long massages at a local place. So wonderful and relaxing, a great way to start a relaxing celebratory day. Our anniversary itself we mostly stuck around home, but tried to tune out the rest of the world. :) (aside from my post. *laughs*) It was an excellent day.

Friday we dropped the pup off at a new-to-us kennel for boarding. They have four different outdoor fenced in yards, and do doggie daycare too. So while Kyle was there he got to play with different doggies, and overall had a blast! They also have cats in the office, and the front pasture has several llamas and a couple sheep.

Then it was off to Wilmington, OH so that we could attend the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We got a deal with a hotel that for some reason included 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Don't know what was up with that, but hey- ice cream! :) And also- jacuzzi tub. Tis a very lovely thing. Though I told the hubby that if we had one at home than our water bill would be really, really high.

The festival itself was larger than the one I usually go to in Holly, so I was hoping to see a lot more vendors. Oddly, there weren't really more vendors, they were just spread out more. Adding to that, the stores seemed smaller. However, a wonderful time wandering around was had. We weren't successful in our shopping (me looking for garb, and hubby looking to finish off his look and shopping for pants and boots to go with his doublet and shirt) except to get hubby some pants. We even saw Santa and Mrs. Claus. *grins* They weren't staffers, but a couple dressed in period-type santa outfits. And he definitely could pass for Santa! We saw a full armored joust, and The Swordsmen (listed as a must see), and all in all had a lot of fun. :)

We came home Sunday, and were pretty wiped out. I was very glad to have Monday to recuperate (normally I would work, but thanks to a conference Mr. & Mrs. Boss are attending I will be working Tuesday-Friday this week). We also picked up Kyle on Monday, according to the Kennel staff, he was a very good boy. He must have had a lot of fun there- he spent the whole afternoon and evening moving from one napping spot to another. Leo did have to give him a thorough check, and groom his head a bit. Kyle was too wiped out to protest much!

Speaking of the cats... We got one of those water fountains, and an automatic feeder for them since they were on their own while we were gone. The water fountain they weren't sure of at first, and the only way I could get Sasha to use it was to have it off. *facepalm* She did eventually drink from it while it was running, so we felt okay with that. The feeder..... oi. It has two food areas and these lids that open when the alloted time is up. Apparently Leo was impatient, and managed to pull both the bowls out from under the lid before the time was up... It still works right, but we're probably going to return it since it's useless for us. Leo Leo Leo... such a cute pain in the butt.

So now I'm back at work, and I've been working on this post since this morning. Something about being gone for 3.5 days made things pile up...

And on a random note, I finally saw series 4 of Doctor Who. Something about the way Donna said "Annnd spin." makes me laugh, a lot. Over the course of the weekend I would pop out with it and just giggle.
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Normally, on mornings when the hubby has worked the night before, we miss each other by a few minutes. However, on the rare day he manages to get home just as I'm leaving. By 'just' I mean that I'm getting into my car, or have started it when his car pulls into the carport next to me.

There's just enough time for a quick kiss, an 'I love you,' and then I have to leave.

But it makes for such a nice start to the day. :)

In other random news... I am sad to report that there seems to be some unfortunate doggie racism occurring in my neighborhood. There are a few little white doggies- one lives next door, another in the adjoining building, and two across the street. Every single one of them takes severe exception to my poor Kyle dog. All he has to do is walk into their line of sight and they go nuts! Barking and growling at him. In further weirdness- the only one he responds to is the one who lives in the adjoining building, the other two pretty much get ignored by him. (oh, and for those who may not be aware, Kyle is a Black *mumblecoughmumble* dog. Black Lab, Chow, Border Collie mix? Maybe? Or should that be a Border Chow Retriever? Perro, no quiero Taco Bell (he has a sensitive tummy) . In any case, he's a medium sized black dog.)

However, Kyle also perpetuates this situation, he seems to have something against yellow dogs... Most especially the pretty Golden Retriever across the hall. I have tried talking to him about it... Hubby thinks Kyle is jealous because Aiden really is a much cuter dog. ;)

Luckily the cats are above it all. Most likely because we live on the third floor and they're not allowed outside.

Umm yeah, I better quit before this dissolves into further ridiculousness...
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First it was a dolphin- NOW it's a baby elephant?!

"A pink baby elephant has been caught on camera in Botswana.

A wildlife cameraman took pictures of the calf when he spotted it among a herd of about 80 elephants in the Okavango Delta. "
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] greyweirdo for the link.

Otto the octopus wreaks havoc

Key notes: "Otto had been annoyed by the bright light shining into his aquarium"
"juggling the hermit crabs" and "re-arranges his tank to make it suit his own taste better - much to the distress of his fellow tank inhabitants."

*laughs* We could all be in trouble...

Umm, further daily reading leads to:

Octopus floods Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
The mollusk diassembles a valve at the top of her tank, flooding the place with some 200 gallons of seawater.

This one is a girl.

She shouldn't be introduced to Otto. What I want to know is why his aquarium named him, but hers didn't name her?
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The Weekend was good, mostly. ;) woke up Saturday, intending to hit the RH sale. Sadly there was a lot more snow on the ground than had been expected, AND I had a lovely migraine. :( However, rallied, and after a nap, felt almost human. The thing with me and migraines, that I do want to explain, because I don't think I ever have; most of the time I have a headache on some level, usually quite mild (and yes, I am seeing a doc about this). There are days that I don't have one- these are good days. :) When I get a really bad migraine and take meds- it's not the pain of the headache that prevents me from doing things, it's the mental/body weariness I feel once the meds have taken hold. Generally I manage to go out and do even with a headache, because if I didn't, I would never get to do anything. So know that if I do cancel something because of a migraine it's either really, really bad and I have no meds, or I know that I just won't have any energy after taking meds, but at least I won't be in pain. If I catch things soon enough I can manage to take meds and still go out and do, because my energy levels don't get so low. Just so you know.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Had a lovely Valentine's Day with the hubby. We were smart- instead of trying to actually eat AT Olive Garden- we called for take away. We had an excellent good meal (with easy cleanup!), in the comfort of our home, and didn't have to stand in their lobby for hours waiting for a table.

Sunday was kind of lazy. However, we are getting the new couch on Wednesday- and hubby works tonight and tomorrow. This meant that yesterday was the best day to get rid of the old couch, because both of us would be there. So we managed to get the couch out of the apartment without killing each other OR the door. :) Getting it downstairs was easy enough- as husband was good enough to make use of the assistance gravity provided. Plus, it really helps that we didn't care what the couch looked like when we were done. Since the sidewalks were snowy/icy, it was quite easy to just push it along. one of our neighbors was just coming home from somewhere, and he gave us a hand. :) Very nice guy with a cute, though not friendly, dog.

The living room was rearranged somewhat so we have seating for the next couple of days. We stole the cat's chairs for our use. ;) Hubby has a blue lazy boy type chair, and I have an eons old lazy boy type chair that's been Sasha's since I got her! (Hey Sis, if you're reading this, any idea how old that chair is?) The animals were all locked up for the duration of the moving, and were MOST confused to see the new arrangement. Sasha was Not Pleased! She told me so. She did get her exercise jumping from my lap to hubby's, since she could no longer just walk across us. Leo decided he just didn't care so much. Kyle adjusted quickly, deciding the pillows now on the ground were for his use...

Now we just need the new couch in! *laughs* While I like the two "easy chair" set up, I prefer a couch. Makes snuggling with my sweetie easier. :)

And lastly, dragons.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Apparently there was some sort of sports thing over the weekend... The only reason I know this is because of the special sale e-mail I got from a couple different cross-stitch stores.

The weekend was very good. :) Husband and I are both finally feeling better from our colds. I got up early-ish on Saturday to run some errands. Oh, I walked Kyle Saturday morning, and when I got back to our building the handle to the front door came off in my hand! Called the office to report this (luckily the building has two doors). As of this morning we still don't have a front door knob, one of my fellow tenants took the remaining bits off and left the hole there for us to pull the door open with. So much for safety locks...

After the grumping from the door, and running errands I was a bit tired. So, napped on the couch, and hubby napped in his chair. Three hours later... we were both wondering what happened. *laughs* Apparently we needed the sleep. Lost most of yesterday to sleep too. This explains why I wasn't able to sleep well last night. Even after going to bed late.

I had one of those nights where I had dreams that didn't so much end as morph into something else. All three (that I remember) were vaguely connected, but again, weird. The last one was rudely interrupted by my alarm clock. Right when something interesting was going to happen! ARGH! This is much better than last week when I again had three dreams in a row- but the first and the last were very bad, and the middle was just weird. The first one had me as a teen, at my parent's house, except my whole situation was different. My mom (who I'm pretty sure was played by [livejournal.com profile] tru2myart) and I were trying to come up with a plan to escape her abusive boyfriend/husband (who wasn't my dad). We did come up with a good plan, and were on our way- my hand on the door to get out to the car- when I woke up. *sighs* So I had to spend a couple minutes finishing what was a really nasty dream, making it come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Dreamland hasn't been great lately, I think being sick has something to do with it. Dreams always get weird when I don't feel well.

Back at work today, wondering where the weekend went. Not really looking forward to being at work. But whatcanyado?

Oh yeah, have writing group tonight! That'll be good. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone.

Not much else to report. The animals are all, well, the same old same old. Leo is Destructo Cat, Kyle is Pathetic Dog, and Sasha is Cranky Queen of the House. Although on more than one occasion over the weekend I did catch Leo grooming Kyle's face- and he debated going into Kyle's crate to cuddle him. He did eventually decide against it, but it was clear that he had considered it.
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Stealing from [livejournal.com profile] scouts_angel- this is just fun!

Watch CBS Videos Online


Jan. 8th, 2009 11:04 am
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But last night much was accomplished... Hubby and I worked on cleaning Leo's room. It had accumulated much 'stuff' and we're trying to get rid of extraneous things. This meant going through the wall o' closet and determining what we wanted to keep vs. get rid of. Then we could go through the stuff not in the closet and determine what of that we wanted to keep.

We got rid of a lot of stuff- nothing that would be terribly useful to anyone. So we ended up getting Leo's room pretty well cleaned up. I think he's mad at us though- we removed some of his sleeping spots. He still has plenty, don't worry. *grins* There was this area that had a Rubbermaid tote, with a box on top, and a blanket on the box. Leo loved to sleep there. Once we moved all of the above, he flopped down on the ground where the tote had been and looked at us pitifully. I, however, am hard-hearted and did not relent.

Tonight I tackle some other part of the house while the hubby is working. Unless they call him off again, in which case he'll be drafted into helping me again. I'm not always good about the day-to-day cleaning. But when I get it in my head to do a big clean- it gets done and the house looks great! Luckily these do come up every month or so, and the hubby is really good at the day-to-day cleaning. (Yes, I have a husband who cleans! WITHOUT my prompting him! *gasps*)

This morning I almost woke up late. Well, the alarm went off once, I hit snooze, and then never heard it again. Strangely enough, our little grey, fuzzy, alarm clock didn't go off either. It wasn't until I was sitting on the side of the bed doing some of my neck stretches that she came in and started talking to hubby and I. Luckily I got up just 5 minutes past when I normally would. I guess there is something to be said for consistent schedules!

Anyway.... we're expecting a package from UPS today. However, they have a habit of buzzing the buzzer, waiting ten seconds and walking away. Which doesn't really give a person time to answer and let them know someone's home. So husband put up a note in the window, to the effect of: "To UPS driver, someone from Apt 10 IS home. I do occasionally use the bathroom though, so please give me more than 10 seconds to respond. I promise to be downstairs within a minute, you can time me if you'd like." *laughs* He's wonderfully silly. Hopefully the UPS driver sees said note and is amused by it enough to stick around and deliver our package. :) It's signature required, so I don't think they would just leave it at the apt. complex office, they might though. I hope not, WANT IT! (early birthday present)

And am bored at work (so get to posting FL!). This is about the general state of Anne-land. Animals good, husband good, Anne tired. Anne is also working on weekend plans. Anne is wondering when she slipped into third person. Probably a good idea to end this post now...
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Could I have one? Friday night was fun though, so it can stay. :) Took Caracassonne over to [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty's house. Was much fun. Though earlier in the evening I took Kyle for a walk and managed to slip on the icy sidewalk. Ended up sitting cross-legged on the ground. Not exactly sure what happened- but I do recall having one of those moments of 'do I go with it, or try not to fall?' I decided to go with it, fighting to keep my footing probably would have ended with me hurting myself. ;) Like I said, I ended up sitting down, and Kyle trotted over with a 'Whatcha doin' sittin' on the ground, Mama?' look, and a healing lick to the face... As I was still in a 'it's FRIDAY!' good mood, I was able to laugh off the fall. Then like I said, went to [livejournal.com profile] zen_kitty's and had much fun, laughter, all good stuff.

Saturday- woke up with a slight headache, snuggled a sleep hubby for a few, then got up EARLY! *gasps* to get myself ready to go to [livejournal.com profile] losgunna's place (the getting ready involves dog walking, and so on). I talked to her briefly, and said I would leave between 12-12:30. I actually left just a few minutes after 12:30pm. I was making really good time on the road- I was looking at actually being on time! Then traffic slowed... signs appeared for roadwork- a lane closed 12-13 and 12-14... Great. When the cars were actually stopped for more than ten minutes, I called [livejournal.com profile] losgunna to let her know what was up. This triggered cars to start moving again, and then a helpful person on my right pointed at my back wheel to let me know I had a flat. The noise did kind of give it away. Luckily! There was a ramp right there and I was able to get over and off the road. The idea of putting the spare on was NOT enticing- the wind was quite cold. But there was a gas station right there, so I filled the tired, hoping I could make it to [livejournal.com profile] losgunna's and from there to the tire place she knew of. Did manage to get there, took the car over, and settled in. Unfortunately [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 wasn't able to join us. :(

Go to pick car up (they asked us to be back by 4:30) figuring that since we hadn't heard from them that it meant that it was an easy fix. Umm, no. They hadn't actually gotten to my car yet- which is understandable, they were really busy. So we waited (they closed at 5) and got the news a few minutes later- there was a big ole nail in the tire (they showed me). Fix not possible, need new tire. Oh, and I have after-market wheels, so they had exactly 1 tire they could use. $135 later, I was good to go. Oww. That done, we went to dinner, when it began sleeting a bit. This cut my trip short as I really didn't want to be driving in really awful weather. And actually the drive home wasn't all that bad, no freaked out drivers, just people being reasonably cautious (for the most part).

Sunday was migraine day. Didn't get much accomplished at all. Did get a nap on the couch with the Kyle-dog. He was funny, laying next to me, belly up. That was a happy thing. Finally felt better about 8 pm or so... *sighs* But didn't sleep well, and had trouble getting myself moving this morning. :(

So can I have my week-end back to re-do?
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As seen on [livejournal.com profile] scouts_angel's journal, but also on my local dog mailing list, who got it from the National Great Pyrenees Rescue List:

*K-9 Rescue Barbie*

This Christmas season; give the latest, hottest new Barbie -- K-9 Rescue Barbie. She comes with her own SUV, and various size dog crates inside. She has a cell phone that's barely working due to over use and underpayment.

Barbie herself is decked out in jeans, grungy athletic shoes, and a t- shirt that says "Dogs are Better Than Any Other Living Thing on Earth". She comes with a road atlas of every town and state in all of North America, and a GPS on the dashboard of the SUV. She also has a map of every McDonald's in the world.

Optional is the special Rescue Dog Barbie laptop computer with the names and addresses of every other dog rescue person on earth, in case she gets somewhere and a contact fails to show up.

Running buddy, "Lucky", the three-legged, blind Shih Tzu doll is available for an additional $ 49.95.

For $89.95, you can complete the set with "Pissed off husband at home, Ken," and the various foster dogs at $20 each.

Prices for accessories are:

Fake snow falling on Barbie's SUV: $12.95
Flat tire for Barbie's SUV: (see Barbie's Road Service")
Barbie's First Aid Kit: (human): $11.75, (canine): $69.50
Barbie's Speeding Ticket: $95 (Mississippi- -$195)
Barbie's coat-that-she- had-to-buy- in-Minnesota: $85
Barbie's Vet Bill for Lucky in Isla Mujeres, New Mexico: $63.45
Barbie's contact, Rhonda, who she had to give gas money to in Mesa Verde, Texas: $20.
Barbie's bill to get her contact, Luis, out of jail in Bakersfield, California: $500.
Barbie's bill to get Luis's dogs out of the pound in Bakersfield, California: $265.
Barbie's hotel/kennel bill in Laughlin, Nevada, while she waits for her contact: $532.
Barbie's overalls that she has to buy while in Minden, Nebraska, hunting down lost coonhounds: $49.95
Pizza for suspicious looking hitch-hiker with sick puppy: $15
Vet bill for hitch-hikers sick puppy in Des Moines, Iowa: $143.29
Barbie's doggie wheelchair for "Klause" the rescue dachshund in Leavenworth, Kansas: $143.
And Barbie's van detailing/fumigatio n from hauling parvo/kennel cough puppies: $187.
Barbie's resume to get new job when she gets home from run: $29.95

And let us not forget her sister doll - Cat Rescue Barbie, who comes with the same equipment, (substitute "cat" for "dog"), also:

Folding ladder in vehicle: $129.95
Have-a-heart trap: $29.95
Cans of tuna for baiting trap: $11.95
Long handled fishing net: $39.95
Case of Simple Clean: $259.95
Black light (to detect cat urine): $29.95
Tee shirt that says "The More I Know About Men, The More I Love My Cat": $19.95
Running buddy "Jeep" - 3-legged tailless cat named after vehicle that claimed her missing appendages: $89.95
Vet bill for Jeep $397.95
Friend Edith, 87-year-old feral colony feeder, who calls begging favors when her arthritis acts up and she can't get out. $59.95
Food for Edith's colony cats (after all, Edith is on Social Security) $139.95
Friend Margie, do-gooder with pristine home and one spoiled cat, whose idea of being a rescuer is to pick up strays and take them to Barbie for rehab, vetting, fostering, and placement. $89.95
Vet bills for Margie's rescues $892.95
Mother Sadie, who calls weekly to ask Barbie when she is going to get rid of all those smelly cats and give her some grandchildren already $ 89.95 (telephone extra)
Shrink who talks Barbie out of killing above-mentioned persons each week $500
Vet who makes house calls and doesn't blink at unannounced visits and odd-hour consultations: *priceless*
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from [livejournal.com profile] bluesgirly from this post

My dear friend Mary is in the business of dog rescue which is a profession I wouldn’t wish on anybody. First, she must witness crime after insane crime perpetrated on man’s best friend. Then, she has to listen to vile excuses and crack pot stories like the one I am about to tell you. She takes in the sorry and the injured, the abused and the starving dogs. She gets them all to the vet, does the nursing and the feeding and the loving until one day, a forever family shows up and it’s all worth it.

Which brings me to our newest outrage which is Lucky. Lucky, unluckily, found herself living with two vagabonds. This little dog lived with beatings and neglect and with owners who figured the solution to a rotten case of mange is to buy a plastic collar and leave it around her neck for a year. The itch that goes with a disorder like this is the human comfort equivalent of walking around with 3,000 mosquito bites. These hobos finally sold the poor thing to Mary for $1. Times are tough for perfect dogs right now and there is absolutely no way this dog is adoptable in her present condition. Thus, we are stuck.

Here is Lucky’s story :


If you can help out with a few dollars, provide a link to your blog, forward this an email or simply send a prayer Lucky's way - then you will win for helping. I have the best readers in the world, and I appreciate you all.


Nov. 4th, 2008 02:05 pm
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From [livejournal.com profile] losgunna

1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.

This is the silly baby monkey hubby and I saw at the Toledo Zoo. A moment later mama snatched him off the fence for safety reasons. No really, every time he did something risky- mom snagged him. *laughs* (okay, it could have been a shee baby, but what are the odds. ;) )

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My vacation started last Wednesday. It was hubby's and my 3rd wedding anniversary. :) However, he had to work the night before, and I had an appointment to get my CPAP that morning. So much of Wednesday was spent not celebrating, but sleeping, as I stayed up WAY too late the night before and ended up only getting about 4 hours of sleep. *laughs* We did go out to dinner to celebrate our actual anniversary- and that was very nice.

Thursday was slug day, we had debated going to Toledo and in the end I delayed. My head was bugging me big time, and I didn't think I would enjoy wandering with it. However, there was much time spent with my dearest, which was the point of the vacation... Being me, I had a little song I would break out into "We're on baycation... we're _____ " filling in the blank (...goin' to the zoo, ... staying at a hotel), and yes, it's baycation, just go with me. I did reserve a room for us at a hotel in Toledo, booked boarding for the Kyle-dog, and got directions from Google Maps on how to get to each point we wanted to visit, AND home).

Friday we took Kyle in, went out for breakfast, then got ourselves packed, left extra food for the cats, and headed out. Luckily we had only just gotten to the car when I realized that I had left the directions upstairs... Directions retrieved, and we were on our way!

The first stop was The Toledo Museum of Art". Lovely place, I've been there before, but not for like 6 years... (Whoa... I remember it was the December before hubby and I got together, so almost 7 years. Wow.) We headed in and spent the next several hours gazing at painting after painting, and some decorative pieces (tables, fireplace mantles, etc). There were works by Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Sargent, and on and on. My feet got tired of walking before my eyes got tired of looking! One very funny, to me, note. There is a section of the museum devoted to Sacred Art. In this area is The Cloister- it's a center courtyard with pillars forming the square. Each side represents a different style of arch used in the building of cloisters. At one point I happened to look across the square and saw a nun wandering around. I HAD to point this out to hubby, who was also amused. No nuns in the entire place until we were in the Cloister. Then a whole gaggle of them showed up. I was very amused, but it did make me feel a bit more irreverent. *grins* Then there were the groups of teens, talking very loudly... We tried to keep a gallery or so ahead of them. At the gift shop I was good- I only bought a couple postcards of my favorite pieces, and a pair of very pretty glass earrings.

Finally, aching feet won and we headed to the car to find our way to the hotel. The directions were good, but the signage... not so much. Especially trying to find parking... But we prevailed! Found an underground lot, parked the car and headed in. The place was somewhat disappointing initially. It wasn't terribly clean, and rather shabby, but it looked like they were doing some renovations. The elevator we took up to our room had a sticky floor, but at the time I was more amused than anything else. Being determined to be in a good mood can work! so we get to the room and upon inspection find out that the coffee maker doesn't have a carafe. However, we had 'splurged' on the junior executive suite that came with a jacuzzi big enough for two... So the room wasn't a total loss. ;)

Bright and early the next day we were off to The Toledo Zoo. Again, we found the zoo easily enough, but parking was another story.. See, we came in the 'back' side thanks to Google Maps, which actually worked to our advantage, once we got turned around and into the parking lot. *grins* There will be a picture post later- I took so many pictures at the zoo that the camera battery almost died! I won't post all of them though. *laughs* The weather was perfect for wandering around the zoo- not too hot, bit of a wind, but most of the animals were active.

It was just a lot of fun, and a wonderful way to celebrate hubby's and my anniversary. It was really nice to just get away for a little while. We both commented when we got home that it felt like we'd been gone much longer than just one day. A good vacation sign I think. Now however I have a cold... one that I've kindly shared with the hubby (or he shared with me?).

Too cool. 106-year-old voter chooses Obama

Look, a dragon:
Adopt one today!
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Was very busy... But fun. It was Shop Hop time! Basically, 7 cross stitch stores around lower Michigan participate in the event. Shoppers visit each store and get their 'passports' stamped, at the last store they turn their passports in and get a chance at a grand prize- each store has in store drawings too.

The travelers on this adventure were [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77, [livejournal.com profile] losgunna, [livejournal.com profile] crwilley, and your correspondent. Saturday morning, way, way too early (I really don't like seeing 5:30 am on a Saturday...) we headed off! The mission- five cross stitch stores starting in Plainwell and ending in Tecumseh. Oh, and a stop at Sweetwater's Donut Mill. :)

We got to Plainwell in good time, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 driving, and [livejournal.com profile] crwilley for getting all the Google maps! The store was nice- a good place to start. I ended up getting several patterns that were marked down to $1. :) This was good. Well, for them. ;) I wouldn't mind going back there. Next was Kalamazoo... Yeah, not some place I would go back to. Just... no. But we saw four women who had been at the Plainwell store... Then it was time to go to Jackson, with a brief stop for lunch and donuts!! Fabulous, yummy donuts.

Hmm, I'm thinking about this, and am missing a store location. *laughs* I can remember four of the five we went to. Huh. Jackson was the one with the scary owners- right? K-zoo was the non-clean one. Tecumeh was the nifty one where I got the Nancy's Needle design... Where was the one with the cookies? (the first place with cookies)

Anyway. It was fun, but made for a long day. We returned to Ann Arbor, [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 and [livejournal.com profile] crwilley went home, and [livejournal.com profile] losgunna and I crashed at her parents place. We also contacted Mrs. M. who lives nearby and had a stitch-n-bitch. :) This of course meant we stayed up later than we had intended. But it was for a good cause. ;)

Middle of the night the migraine hit. :( A shower in the morning helped, and the breakfast we had at the shiny new IHOP went a long way towards recovery- but per usual- it was the Zomig that did the trick. There were only two stores left, but one was in Grand Blanc. We made good time, and found that this store was mostly a fiber store- lots of things, but nearly no patterns. Except for the needlework stamped patterns, and I'm not really interested in those. The last store was in Royal Oak, a cute little shop- but I think at that point I was just all shopped out. I was ready to head for home and see my hubby and the furry ones. It was there when I went to turn in my passport that we realized that one of the stores had missed stamping it! Luckily they noted that I had bee there with [livejournal.com profile] losgunna and were cool with it. I was willing to show them my sales receipt too! *laughs*

We parted with [livejournal.com profile] losgunna there, and headed back so I could get my car and [livejournal.com profile] sarbah77 and [livejournal.com profile] crwilley could go home. My drive was good, quick though as I was in something of a hurry...

Got home, walked the Kyle, for which he was most grateful. Then crawled in bed with the snoozing hubby for an hour. Leo joined us and HAD to bathe my arm... according to hubby it was because he missed me. Aww. Then he had to go to work. :( But I spent the evening just doing lots of nothing. Was good. This morning was another migraine. *laughs* Almost seems like a hangover- save for the not having had the drinking fun the night before... Oh well. I went home for lunch and took a 25 minute nap with the hubby. That really helped, though I didn't want to get up afterward... tonight we're heading somewhere for dinner, and then lots of nothing. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Plus I have to show off all the nifty stuff I got...

Oh, and just to pimp for views...
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
And NEW autumn dragon eggses: ETA- nevermind, apparently TJ took them away...
so I bred for a black:Adopt one today!
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I've been trying to find this show for quite some time- I saw it on TV years ago, and loved it.

For [livejournal.com profile] beldar

John Cleese + Lemurs = Funny Educational! (this is part 1)

More of it back here... )
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*snickers* Can monkeys/apes GET headaches? Beware drunk elephants.

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Is a bad idea.

This is just too cool. To give you an idea of the story- a group of Bikers formed a group called Rescue Ink- and they work to help animals, checking on bad situations, and letting owners know what steps they need to take (and that they'll be checking in on them...). :)

There's a slideshow that goes with the article... I think This is my favorite picture...

Captioned: Desi Calderon, who goes by Des, is known as "the Cat Man." He had been carrying the rescued cat everywhere for the past week and a half. "This little guy has to eat every few hours," he said."
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Video from Britain's Got Talent that made me laugh...

I like the end myself. *laughs*

Checking In

Aug. 2nd, 2008 07:51 pm
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After losing most of today to the migraine from Hell, I'm finally feeling human again. I have had pizza, and have a purring Sasha cat on my lap- so all is good.

For many migraine sufferer-type people spicey food is a trigger, or cheese is. For me, I need something with some extra kick when I'm in recovery mode. I don't know why exactly. Pizza worked.

As for the Sasha... In other Jadecat household weirdness, the laptops are generally placed on the coffee table. Hubby likes to kick back on the couch with his laptop. For me, I've found th best solution is to sit on the floor (on a cushion!) keeping the laptop on the coffee table. This is the best height I've found for proper ergonomics... or something. A few minutes ago one Sasha the Grey came ambling over, and crawled between my legs- under the coffee table. After poking and prodding said legs into acceptable position, she curled up and is now snoozing/purring.

Must be naptime in animal land- Kyle has sprawled out in his crate (his choice, the door is open) and Leo is doing his Pan Cat thing. If I hadn't napped most of the day- I might think about joining them. But no... I'm not tired! At the moment.

Soon it will be time for me to get off my tushie (though I may have to wait until Sasha gets up on her own accord, she can be sooooo lippy if I try to ove her before she's ready...) and go through the boxes of books in Leo's room. I went through three bookshelves last night and pulled about three boxes worth of books... So many things that I liked, but will probably not be interested in reading again. I'll let you all know when I'm done. ;)

and just for fun- dragons!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Jul. 31st, 2008 09:06 am
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Ya'll knew I was a sap, right?

A slightly longer Christian the Lion clip.


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