Jan. 7th, 2012 11:17 am
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IS HOME!! We found him last night, the house ate him... And then gave him back. He was in the basement the entire time. Now, my husband and I both looked down there, and since we just moved into the house in October, we don't have all that much stuff down there! It is clear that Leo got into the basement ceiling ((It's not finished) and managed to get between the three rooms that are down there, and closed from each other via doors.

Why this very noisy cat wasn't calling up a storm when it was time to eat is just beyond me. Where we sit in the living room we could had easily heard him had he wanted to come up.

The fun part- there's a cat door in the door to the basement. It came with the house, and the husband and I joked that it was one of the ways we knew that the house was meant for us. Neither cat has figured out how to use it... So while Leo was 'stuck' in the basement, he really could have gotten out at any time.

I'm just so glad that he's safe and sound. Of course, we did discover this after spending two hours in the cold with the dog putting up signs and trying to find him... (last time he got out it was Kyle that found him.) So now today we get to go out and about and pull those signs down.

(oh, and since he's been out of the basement he's been exceeeeedingly vocal about everything!)
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