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Just finished watching "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on Netflix Instant Viewing. I started it awhile ago, and got interrupted before finishing it. At the point of interruption I was left unsure about whether or not I even liked the movie.

Ah but first, for those not in the know, this is a movie about a journalist who has been hired by a very wealthy older man who is looking for his niece's murderer. The title character is a young woman who works as a researcher and is initially hired to research this journalist. That's the simple version, there are many other bits involved, making it convoluted- but a fuller story.

In a way I am left with some of the same internal disquiet that I had after watching "Let the Right One In." But the more I think about it, the more I liked it. This taking into account the fact that there was one scene that I could not watch and had to fast forward through... If you're triggery about rape scenarios I would recommend NOT watching this movie.

What I've boiled it all down to, really, is the idea that the women in the story have refused to be victims and are taking control of their own lives. Lisbeth, the title character, is complex. The viewer learns about her past in bits and pieces, and the present version makes sense based on the past. She holds almost everything inside, but so much plays across her face. She's amazingly smart, and capable. A character you would like to take care of, to help her heal, but she would never let you. She's no one's "fixer upper."

Now I'm worried about what the American version of this movie will do to the story. There are some situations that I just don't think would fly for Americans on the big screen- some could perhaps work as implications.
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