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One of the "fun" things in having a dog, and no yard, is the multiple times a day dog walk. Generally the most exciting things seen on said walks are other dogs, and at the new place there are many more bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.

But they're not the point of my breaking radio silence today. Today I was walking Kyle and saw that one of the buildings was having some roofing work done. This building faced the pool, with the grassy area that surrounds it.

Walking across the grass towards the ladder was a guy who strongly, STRONGLY reminded me of Christian Kane (both on the TV show Angel -initially a Wolfram & Hart lawyer, and also on Leverage). They way he looked at the end of Angel and the first season of Leverage (I haven't seen anything beyond the first few episodes).

For those who do not know this means this guy was maybe my height- 5'6", with near shoulder length wavy dark blonde hair, and tan. He lost his shirt at some point, which allowed me to note that much like Mr. Kane, he was built. He may have heard of the term 'body fat' but he was definitely lacking in personal experience with it. Muscles on the other hand? Oh yeah.

Wowza. *fans self*

Since I am a happily married woman, I did not stop and stare, there was no drooling. Honest! I just noted the resemblance to Mr. Kane, admired his very fine physique and kept walking. Kyle on the other hand really wanted to say hi to him... Oh, and from him there was that "oh hey look, another person, I should acknowledge this person's existence" sort of smile nod of greeting.
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