Aug. 18th, 2010

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Whoa, two posts in as many days! Shocker!

Anywho, I don't remember when I first heard the phrase 'followed me around like a little puppy dog' but it has only been since we got Kyle that I truly understand it. At the new place we've abandoned the whole 'Leo's room is off limits to Kyle' rule, it just isn't necessary. Plus, it's where my computer is, and I spend a great deal of time at my computer while job hunting and writing. Every time I go to move my chair I have to first check to make sure that Kyle isn't too close to one of the wheels. I now know that phrase is quite literal as Kyle has to follow me *everywhere* including the bathroom. I do trip over him fairly often as he misjudges which direction I'm trying to move in.

There has also been some discussion with friends recently about whose dog Kyle is. Most dogs have one person in the family they prefer, growing up we had a German Shepherd who was quite clearly my older brother's dog. The assumption now is that Kyle is hubby's dog, looking at the fact that when we visit friends with dogs he's the first to play with them, and they allll go to him first (same rule applies for kitties and kids), then there's the whole 'Anne is a cat person' thing as illustrated by my login.

To answer the question I have a story. :) A few days ago the hubby and I came back from running errands. I carry the mail to the table and am looking through it while Hubby releases Kyle from his crate. He's talking to Kyle, telling him he's been a good boy, and so on. Kyle meanwhile completely ignores the offered hand and has to come greet me first, nudging my leg to get attention. Whenever there is tension in the household a certain black dog can be found hiding behind me. He even fits under my computer desk, if he curls up on my feet. The desk isn't that big... and while he's only 50lbs, that's not exactly tiny!

Hubs doesn't mind- he had a Leo cat. However, with me being home a LOT due to the unemployment thing I'm working on luring Leo to my side of the household. ;) Sasha has decided that she's my cat, but that dad has the better lap to try to get into. Recently when I've been in 'his' room Leo has been coming to the computer desk looking for affection, and I've been making sure that they get their afternoon treats. Soon I will have them all!!


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