Jun. 7th, 2010

All Moved

Jun. 7th, 2010 01:14 pm
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As of Saturday the hubby and I have officially moved to Ann Arbor. Yay! We took possession of the new apartment a week ago Thursday, moved that Saturday, but didn't finish up all the cleaning and stuff at the old apartment until this last Saturday. This of course means that now is the time of unpacking... Joy. I have to admit it IS kind of fun finding new places to put things. Then there are the books... We simply do not have enough shelf space for all our books- and this after having given away/selling to Schuler's something like 7 boxes of books. We'll just have to see about getting another bookcase. Darn. ;) Leo likes having the bookshelves in his room- they're at slightly different heights, so he gets to have fun going from one to another.

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Still busy trying to get everything in order, not to mention finding a new job. But I did find the time to write this- at a MINI dealership. *grins* Felix the MINI needed some scheduled maintenance done, luckily he still falls under the 3 year/30,000 miles warranty. So far- I'm really liking this dealership/service folks. They've got WiFi, a nice waiting area, and the people are very polite. Hubby is here with me, and we enjoyed oogling all the MINIs on the lot. Some very pretty versions, making me think I need to get a roof decal for Felix. :)

I should be around more- maybe even posting more! Ooooh!


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