Mar. 17th, 2010

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I haven't really updated in forever! Sorry about that. I keep thinking of things to post, and then never quite get them typed up. Going all the way back to January. Sad huh?

Few randoms:

Last October I bought one of those cat water fountain things. Sasha has this thing for fresh water- she would actually sit on the counter in the bathroom and cry for one of us to go in there and turn the water on for her. I'm not sure what's worse, that she did that, or that we would get up and go turn the water on... Anyway. So we got the re-circulating water fountain. At first neither wanted anything to do with it. Thrilled me, let me tell you... Finally after several days Sasha began to regularly drink out of it. I'm still not sure if Leo does, I think he's still thinking of it as more toy less 'hydration station.' (this involves tapping at the water in the bowl and the waterfall repeatedly with a front paw.) That's fine, he'll drink out of the dog's water bowl...

I've managed to do something unpleasant to my back. This is directly related to my getting a wild hair up my butt about really cleaning the apartment. Now, it never gets too bad, we don't allow filth to accumulate, and I've recently come down with a need leave no dirty dishes in the sink when I go to bed. But the place needed a cleaning / rearranging overhaul. (which was really kind of fun) Included was the 'wall o' closet' (an entire wall in Leo's room is closet... it's fabulous). This involved moving boxes of books around, as well as boxes of other stuff. Then there was the moving of furniture to vacuum... and somewhere in there my back got cranky. Sadly, sitting here at work is only making it angrier! Stupid back. I had been doing so well with using the Wii Fit too.

Yesterday- saw Alice in Wonderland with the husband. Loved it! The acting was good, the look was amazing. I laughed, I squeed. The feminist in me was pleased as well. Johnny Depp was fabulous, as usual. I was just thinking of who else I wanted to mention- but they were all so good I would have to mention everyone. I can't think of a performance that left me wanting. Story was pretty good too. (thought I should mention that last bit).

Writing is well... going. I'm working on revising some of my Nano novel. I've gotten some really good feedback from my writing group (Thanks!!) and that's helping. I've had a new story press the 'Oooh Shiny!' button, so I'm making a few notes so I can get the gist down before going back to finish the Nano stuff. The new idea is also UF- but has a strong lack of vampires and werewolves. Does have a sarcastic multi-racial main character though. And Detroit.

There's more, but I think that'll do for the moment...
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Yeah. I have just discovered 'personas' for Firefox. I excitedly mention this to the hubs, who already knew. :p I had Alice in Wonderland, and opened this up to post about it. The plan was then to say that I had Alice because I hadn't found a Snow Leopard one.

I found one. Just goes to show, or something.

And that was all I really had to say at the moment. (Though now I realize that of all the animal icons I have, I don't have a Snow Leopard. They're my big cat... I really should remedy this. I have also learned - I think I have this right - they are the largest of the cats that can still purr. Lions, Tigers- don't purr.)


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